• Repealing Alabama's Immigration Law
    As a citizenry, we need to appeal this law. It is bad law since it is being challenged in the national courts. It has affected many lives adversely. Children are being pulled out of schools they feel comfortable in and are learning in. Jobs and employers are feeling the effect because businesses are suffering with jobs they can't fill. And lastly, the economy is taking a hit since the money is not there from citizens who are living in fear. Fear which has caused them to leave their employment. Thus businesses who rely on this money now no longer have this money and find it tougher to be successful. Even American born citizens who leave the house without any identification, are risking being arrested and are subject to deportation if they do not fit the profile of looking American. We need an immigration solution but this is not it. Thank you for your attention
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    Created by Michael F. Paul
  • Stop the deportation of American children!
    American citizens who are children of undocumented are poised either to be separated from their parents or to be technically deported from US. This does not reflect the American values. There are many undocumented families who live in US for more than 10 years and have strong ties to this country who are parents to American children. America does not want to deport those families that are contributing to the country and are paying taxes. Tell the Government to legalize parents of American citizens who lives in US for 10 years or more and have paid back taxes If this propose is enacted, it will provide more protection to the family unity and to the American citizens. This is not a backdoor amnesty. This is above all, a way to protect the American children! God bless America.
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    Created by Renato Pereira
  • Daniela Pelaez
    This A student is being threatened to be deported after being in the USA for over 14 years. She should have the right to stay in the USA and finish her studies and make the country that she loves (the USA) her own
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    Created by Yvone Cousse
  • STOP Daniela Pelaez from deportation
    Hi, my name is Emily Sell and Daniela Pelaez is one of my very close friends. Daniela is valedictorian of her graduating class. She is a Questbridge Scholar, in the International Baccalaureate Program, has the highest ACT scores in her class, and has a 6.7 GPA. Her brother has served in the US military for 2 years, and she has already been separated from her mother. She is truly an amazing individual and never ceases to inspire me with her passion, determination, and positivity. To be without Daniela in our lives and the country's lives is a loss of one of the most brilliant individuals I have ever met. PLEASE sign this petition and help Daniela and her family to stay in the United States. PLEASE email Congressman Rivera at this link: https://rivera.house.gov/contact-me/email-me Put your zip code as 33015-7222 so the message goes through!!!
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    Created by Emily Sell
  • Support Kansas AG: Request Kris Kobach to Resign
    Support for the Kansas Agricultural and Livestock Community, who through hard work and thoughtful research, have designed a fair, legal, and compassionate solution to the Kansas labor shortages. Request that in the best interest of Kansas, that legislators and public officials strongly encourage Kris Kobach to resign as Kansas Secretary of State.
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    Created by Desima Heft
  • Pass the DREAM Act This Year!
    We ask to support the urgent need to pass the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) which would create a pathway to citizenship for thousands of young students who were brought to the United States years ago as children.
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    Created by Fr. David Vargas
  • Save Georgia- Repeal HB87
    As a Georgia native I was taught by this state's public school system. Among many things, I learned that everyone has rights, regardless of one's color, class or creed. It is wrong to legislate against hard-working people and their families because of misguided economic concerns or xenophobia. Georgia is better than that. We are better than that.
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    Created by samreid09@gmail.com
  • Keep Families Together
    All we want is to have the same rights as married couples. Please help us end discrimination by signing the petition advocating for non US residents who are domestic partners of an American citizen and a parent of an American born child to remain in America.
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    Created by Erin Cross
  • Keep Families Together
    It's about allowing non US Passport holders who are domestic partners of Americans and the parent of an American born child to remain in America for the sake of their children and the family unit.
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    Created by Erin Cross
  • Keep 5 million immigrant children out of poverty
    In attempts to slash spending, Congress is ready to change the eligibility of families for the child tax credit, and block immigrant families from continuing to take part. Nearly half of all families who take part in this credit earn less than $25,000 a year, and the average annual credit for each family is about $1,800 — the difference between rent and eviction, healthcare and bankruptcy, and food and starvation for millions of families. For many it means the difference of living in poverty or not. Mr. Kyl and Mr. Camp, please, do not balance the budget on the back of 5 million immigrant children.
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    Created by Reform Immigration FOR America
    Arizonas SB1070 law brought some of the harsh realities of the pressing need for immigration reform in the United States. With the intensity of the upcoming elections, we need to make sure this issue remains alive and vital, not put on the backburner. Are we a nation? Are we willing to be the kind of nation, a society that looks to help and uplift? To solve problems in a humane and fair way?
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    Created by MzMainyc
  • President Obama: Stop Inhumane Detention and Deportation
    The Obama Administration has deported just under 400,000 people annually, nearly twice the number of immigrants deported on an annual basis by George W. Bush. Meanwhile, the President's Administration has failed to issue binding standards to improve inhumane deportation practices that separate families and regulations to address egregious conditions in immigration detention facilities, despite having promised that these regulations would be forthcoming. In fact, the President has gone full steam ahead in implementing and executing some of the most troubling legacies of his predecessor, including programs that have been decried by police departments across the country for forcing local police to engage in enforcement of federal immigration law, engendering distrust between police and the communities they serve and creating a public safety issue as mixed status families become less and less likely to approach state actors for help. President Obama has the power to make substantial changes to our system at any time. It's past time that he do so.
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    Created by Erica Williams