• News Media: Use "Unauthorized Immigrants" In Place of "Illegal Immigrants."
    News outlets have used and abused terms like "illegal aliens," "illegal immigrants" or "illegals" in news stories about immigrants in this country who do not have the proper authorization to live and work in this country. Such use has not only fueled violent anti-immigrant sentiments but has de-humanized and criminalized people whose only "crime" is to seek a better life, contribute to American society and keep their families together.
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    Created by Rene Astudillo
  • Testing
    This is just a test
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Stop 'secure communities program'
    Secure communities is a federal program that deports people who are stopped for minor traffic offenses, tears families apart, undermines community policing and terrifies immigrant communities. This program was supposed to protect us from terrorists not hardworking people with dark skin.
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    Created by Gail Golden
  • Official English
    The objective is to make English the official language of the United States. English unifies us, a Tower of Babel separates us. When everyone shares a common language, they better understand each others meaning. As S. I. Hayakawa said, "You guys are both saying the same thing. The only reason you're arguing is because you're using different words".
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    Created by Spartican
  • Recapture Unused Visa Numbers to Reunite Immigrant Families
    A bill to recapture all unused/wasted Green Cards. Department of State is currently having ridiculous wait for those families (US Citizens or Residents) who made petition to reunite families legally to this country. Unfortunately, Republican and Democratic lawmakers are opposed to do anything about it. Most cases the Wait in between 5-12 years. The current legal Immigration system does not work.
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    Created by Luciano Retondaro
  • Allow Undocumented Immigrants with U.S. Born Children to Drive
    There are reportedly 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Many millions of them have U.S. born children and an undocumented immigrant without a social security number cannot get a Driver's License. This creates a lot of hardship and an unfair situation to their U.S. born children.
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    Created by Jorge Carbajosa
    ANYONE who drives in American must be given a driver's license and have proof of insurance. That protects us all. Immigration status be damned! If a person is gainfully employed and producing for our country and paying his or her bills, they are supporting the economy of this country and must be allowed to be here and have the right to become citizens. There are no arguments against this, unless you are a racist or ignorant - which is both.
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • Ask Governor Cuomo to rescind (In)Secure Communities
    The so-called Secure Communities program is an immigration enforcement tool between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and New York State. It requires police to fingerprint all persons processed and to send the prints to ICE. This leads to an increase in the deportation of non-criminal immigrants and tears families apart. It undermines trust in the police and makes us less safe. Gov. Cuomo should rescind the agreement.
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    Created by Ute Ritz-Deutch
    I hereby write to inform the united state,president of the united state,house of representative,members of the congress the united state senators,Gorvnor jerry brown of california the house of assembley and california state senators all legislative arms of the united state,secretary of state and secretary of home land security,Hillary clinton and jannet napolitano,Senior officers of the department of state and home land security This is to inform you taht a couple of time i have filed application for united state passport,and by october 5th 2010 i paid 135 dollars to LAGOS acs AT THE CONSULATE GENERALS OFFICE IN LAGOS NIGERIA sUBMITTED ALONGSIDE MY PASSPORT APPLICATION WAS PROOF OF MY US CITIZENSHIP BASED ON HOW MUCH RELATIONSHIP I HAVE WITH THIS COUNTY,I DESERVED TO BE TREATED HUMANITARIANLY,I HAVE SUBMITTED TO LAGOS ACS MY SEARCH CERTIFICATE AND A VOTERS CARD MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO LA SIERRA UNIVERSITY WHICH CLASS BEGIN BY APRIL 4TH tH
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