NEEDLESS, HARMFUL IMMIGRATION Each year about one million LEGAL immigrants come and over 600,000 of them take American jobs. W-H-Y do we need immigration? Enough of this "create jobs" bullshit - we will create 600,000 jobs for 2012 if we STOP immigration immediately and completely.
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    Created by Paula C.
  • Enough Is Enough! Stop Immigration raids!
    We cannot be hyprocritial about making the hardest working group in our nation our scapegoats for things gone wrong in our country. We depend so much on these people to do our hard work in the fields, inside and outstide our homes. They bring food to our tables, take care of our kids, do our yards and believe it our not contribute to our social security coffers without receiving anything back in return. We are better than that as a country. We are a nation founded by immigrants. President Obama doesn't deserve the support of our immigration relatives who are citizens because he did not keep the promise of overhauling the immigration law and allowed ICE to conduct record number of raids and deportations, yet he can start winning this potentially decisive voting block by signing a presidential policy change and approve DREAM Act.
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    Created by Nick J. Serna
  • Tell DHS: Reinstate Former TVU Students
    Tri-Valley University (TVU), Pleasanton, CA, was shut down by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on January 18, 2011, and the TVU President, Susan Su, was taken into custody for fraud against the students and the U.S. government. However, in the aftermath, over 1500 foreign students, mainly from India, lost their F-1 visa status and deportation proceedings were initiated against many students. TVU was a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school, and students relied upon this designation in selecting this school. DHS gave these students the option to either return home or file to reinstate their F-1 visa status. Approximately one thousand students filed for reinstatement, re-enrolled at new schools, are diligently pursuing their studies, and have paid thousands of dollars in tuition fees. So many of them have used their parents’ life savings to start the process all over again of pursuing their graduate studies. Despite assurances from US officials, including Secretary Hillary Clinton, that students who played no role in the immigration fraud would be treated fairly and expeditiously, DHS recently issued Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs) reinstatement to a large number of these students, based on criteria that are known by DHS to be impossible to meet. The applications for reinstatement submitted by the students appear to have been arbitrarily evaluated and unreasonably slated for denial en masse. These notices were even issued to students who enrolled for Spring 2011 and thus never even attended TVU before it was shut down. Several students are young women and men who are the first in their families to seek higher education in another country. Denial of reinstatement will not only impact the rest of the students’ careers but it will also directly impact their families, and thereby affect thousands.
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    Created by Matt Hildreth
  • Stop deportations! Keep families together!
    This country is a country of immigrants. We need comprehensive immigration reform WITH a pathway to citizenship. Mass deportations that separate families and detentions in private prisons for the sole purpose of profit are inhumane. I encourage Obama to keep his campaign promise to push for immigration reform.
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    Created by connie cavara
  • STOP East Coast Universities From Barring Immigrants
    Being a college educated natural born American married to a college educated immigrant resident in this country for 7 years I have learned firsthand that the college and university system on the east coast put ridiculous requirements on English skills from students from non-English speaking countries. The TOEFL test for English proficiency is a barrier to immigrants improving themselves and making the better citizens. It is so difficult that most American high school graduates could not pass it, yet natural born Americans are not subject to this barrier to enter college. My wife, a college graduate from Brazil and very functional English speaker has not been able to pass it and is locked out of every college and trade school in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In California and western US, there is no such barrier or exam required to enroll in state and private colleges and Universities. Why is it that the so-called “liberal” east coast employs draconian restrictions on foreign students? Allow students to take the classes and pass or fail on their own merits and capabilities. These Jim Crow literacy tests serve no purpose in the majority of degree programs and serve only to harm the larger society by stopping excellent students and motivated individuals from bettering themselves.
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    Created by Brian Findlay
  • Shame on Gov. Bentley for Implementing a Racist Immigration Law
    In the last election, Republicans took control of the Alabama House, Senate, and Governorship for the first time since reconstruction. Now, they've gone absolutely crazy with their power. One of their latest laws has lead to teachers asking school children for their immigration papers and forced entire Alabama communities to live in fear.
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    Created by Matt Hildreth
    In most every state, there are people not eligible for a social security number who are not allowed to obtain a driver's license. Many of them must drive to work, or for some other reason, without a license and without insurance. In case of an accident, they do not have insurance or the funds to pay for the damage caused. To protect all Americans, driver's licenses and insurance must be available to all that apply and, of course, pass the driver's exam.
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • Remove Phil Kent from the GA Immigration Enforcement Board
    Governor Nathan Deal (R-GA) has appointed the nativist leader of the hate group Americans for Immigration Control (AIC) to his Immigration Enforcement Review Board. AIC has been for over a decade listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Kent himself is responsible for using intense racist imagery to convey his terrible beliefs. For more information about Phil Kent, please visit the SPLC at http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2011/09/02/georgia-governor-appoints-nativist-hate-group-leader-to-immigration-board/
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    Created by Steve Golden
  • End deportations
    We are calling for a moratorium on deportations until there is rational, family sensitive immigration reform.
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    Created by Jean Hughes, OP
  • News Media: Use "Unauthorized Immigrants" In Place of "Illegal Immigrants."
    News outlets have used and abused terms like "illegal aliens," "illegal immigrants" or "illegals" in news stories about immigrants in this country who do not have the proper authorization to live and work in this country. Such use has not only fueled violent anti-immigrant sentiments but has de-humanized and criminalized people whose only "crime" is to seek a better life, contribute to American society and keep their families together.
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    Created by Rene Astudillo
  • Testing
    This is just a test
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Stop 'secure communities program'
    Secure communities is a federal program that deports people who are stopped for minor traffic offenses, tears families apart, undermines community policing and terrifies immigrant communities. This program was supposed to protect us from terrorists not hardworking people with dark skin.
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    Created by Gail Golden