• Stop deportation of stateless United States residents
    I am a stateless person seeking entry into the United States to ensure that I can be present for the reopening and rehearing of my asylum case. I was born in the former U.S.S.R. and have resided in the United States for about 16 years after entering on December 12, 1995 on a B1/B2 visa as citizen of ex Soviet Union. In February 1996, I applied for asylum on basis of ethnicity (Armenian) and religion (Christianity) during the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia caused in part by anti-Armenian sentiment by muslim populated Azerbaijan along with significant persecution and discrimination towards Armenians, Russians and openly practice gay population in Muslim populated Turkmenistan (part of former Soviet Republic). I never brought the issue of being gay during my asylum hearing in 1996 as I was not aware about gay situation in US and was scared to open myself, was afraid of being humiliated or worth hated. My applications for asylum and withholding of removal were denied on October 17, 1996. I was granted voluntary departure and told to leave by November 18, 1996. I could not leave United States due to circumstances beyond my control as I found myself stateless without country.    I tried to get travel documents on numerous occasions from former republics of U.S.S.R. including Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan but received denials each time. The Consulate of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles in written denied my request for travel document and citizenship and I.C.E. in Los Angeles has the copy of that letter.  The Department of Homeland Security later released me under Order of Supervision in 2003 ( I continued reporting for supervision through my last report in October 2011) after their efforts to secure travel documents for me also failed.  When U.S.S.R. dissolved, I considered a citizen be neither Russia or other former republics of Soviet block due to their newly adopted citizenship law after gaining independency from Soviet Union. The UNHCR, learning of my situation, identified me as a person of concern to them because of my stateless status.   I applied for and received visitor permit to enter American Samoa and entered on December 29, 2011 for a New Year holiday vacation. I believed that I could travel to American Samoa without being considered departing the United States after being told by immigration authorities in Los Angeles that it was not a problem getting to American Samoa as long as I could obtain travel permission from American Samoa Government since American Samoa considered a territory not a state, which I did. During my visit to American Samoa I also traveled for one day to Western Samoa. I had no idea that Western Samoa was independent state until I arrived there, I thought that Eastern and Western Samoa was part of United States territory of American Samoa. I was denied trying to board my flight from American Samoa to Los Angeles via Honolulu on January 2, 2012. This is when I first was made aware that I could not return.   During my trip, my pro bono attorney, Ms. Lauren Gibson, Esq. was contacted by Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Chief Counsel that they wanted to initiate a motion to reopen my asylum case. I would be able to bring new evidence, especially in light of the fact that I am gay without country and face severe persecution if ever able to be forced to return to any country of the former U.S.S.R.   The UNHCR and U.S. Department of Homeland Security identified me as part of a vulnerable population because I am stateless. I must return to the United States so I am present for my reopened immigration court proceedings. I must make sure I have a chance to give new evidence about why I must receive asylum.   As a stateless with no papers to enter another country as refugee or asylum seeker I am like a bird with nowhere to rest on the ground, but which can't spend his whole life in the sky. Only the oceans, the skies over my head. I cannot legally enter another state where I face the same illegalities which I face in the deporting state. United States was my home for 16 years, my life, my education, my carrier where I  strongly established ties to the community in Houston, TX where I lived before and in Los Angeles, CA where I lived before my short vacation trip to the U.S. territory in South Pacific.   My asylum claim was viewed as important enough to reopen by ICE. They initiated the desire to reopen my case. It would be counter to the opinion of a Department of Homeland Security agency to allow me to receive humanitarian parole so I can be present for my case.   American Samoa has no immigration or refugee system. I am stuck in limbo unless I can return to the United States and present my case before the immigration courts.
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    Created by Mikhail Sebastian
  • Finish the second class citizens (legal residents)
    There is a lot of residents in the US that are affect for the politics of the Republican party and they can not pay back on them. Most of them are older than 18 years old, so if they are in their country can vote, but because they are out of their country they can not vote, in this way their voice is not expressed. I think some of them will believe that if they get the US citizenship they are being traitors to their countries, so relief them from this feeling and allow the US LEGAL RESIDENTS right to vote, not to become elected but to vote.
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    Created by ROBERTO RAMIREZ
  • Sign Petition – Reunite Tens of Thousands of American Children Taken From Their Deported Parents
    Dear Mr. President Barack Obama: In 2011, over 46,000 mothers and fathers of at least one U.S. citizen child were part of massive ICE deportations. Many of these children (unable to be claimed by their parents while held in ICE detention centers) were put into county foster care custody and scattered throughout the nation - as abandoned and neglected. The United States needs to reunite these families and end these blunt violations of perhaps the oldest and most fundamental of human rights: a parent's right to raise and care for their own child. Please issue a Presidential Executive Order to locate these children so they can be reunited with their parents. America must do the right thing. No one has the right to separate a child from the parent they love. Nobody!
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    Created by Latino Policy Coalition
  • Drop The ICE Hold On Julio Rodriguez
    Julio remains in jail due to only one fact: He is undocumented. Julio is a DREAM Act eligible student, an organizer at the Youth Justice Coalition, creates venues at community spaces where youth could express themselves through music, and mentors high school students over attending college. Currently he is held in jail, without being able to even face the court, because of his fear of deportation. Tell ICE to drop his hold and let him return to doing the work he does in his community.
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    Created by Carolina Cabrera
  • International Era Visa Reform
    With very strict immigration laws, it is very difficult to obtain a visa to work and live in the US even for professionals and college graduates. In an age of international communication and commerce, we should arrange to trade visas with countries that Americans also wish to emigrate to. For example: If Britain (or any country) and the US were to increase the number of visa/green card applications accepted from one another's citizens by an equal number, both sides would benefit, and tens of thousands of people would see their dream of living or working in another country come true.
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    Created by Allen F Putzig
  • Give Workers Residency. It will help us ALL.
    When the hard-working families who have had to come here the only way they could have a path to residency and citizenship as they did in 1986, it will benefit us all. When my friends and the others have 9 good Social Security numbers, they'll pay trillions into the Social Security fund. They are young and hard-working and would gladly pay into it if they were paid above the table with checks. Also, when they have residency, they'll be able to get drivers' licenses so car insurance which helps everyone on the road. They won't have to risk jail to go to work or to go to an English class or drive children to school. They cannot get legal residency on their own. They're depending on us to ask Congress as we did in 1986. I've spent 54 years teaching, translating for those whose languages I speak, being friends with immigrants, and they contribute so much. They deserve a chance to live without fear. Having a sub-culture of fear just keeps people from reporting crime they see and helps no one. I know children with A's in high school who can't go to college for lack of papers, so they are cutting grass. We'd receive taxes if they went to college and had better jobs and legal residency. The present system helps no one. It's really just prejudice. There are undocumented workers with blond hair and blue eyes, and they are never stopped and asked for papers. Only those with darker skin are stopped. We're a better country than this. They are only here because they'd go hungry if they didn't come, and they work hard and well and intelligently. They've earned the right to come out of shadows. We all sing in church that everyone is a child of God, but we treat them like they are less than human. Now is the time that everyone living in the US should be able to work and drive and go to college. Obama promised this in 2008. Now's the time to make it come true. I've worked with immigrants 54 years and seen what they've given to this country. Now we can help them and ourselves.
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    Created by Fran B. Reed, MPH
  • Comprehensive Immigration & Amnesty Now
    the Comprehensive Immigration Law is a Must! Because we can't have real border & National security with 12 Million Persons living illegally & 6 Millions with temporary status pending to become residents. Because we can t sent back 12 Million illegals Because we can t have 12 million under class people with no right & no ID, Because those 12 Million illegal want to pay taxes, insurances have access to better rental or buy foreclosed homes & want to share the American Dream & be part of it by raising themselves up with America Because we can t have 12 million persons with no driver license, no papers, no insurance Because we can t have 12 million illegal under pay & enslaved because living in fear with no freedom & no right for 12 million illegal should not be part of the American way Because President Obama made a promise to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Law & Amnesty within his first 100 days & we are still waiting for his words to be kept
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    Created by Hughes Longelin
  • Janet Napolitano: Stop Deporting Labor Organizers
    Right now 32 civil rights and labor organizers in the South are facing deportation just because they stood up for their rights. This is not only morally wrong, but it also violates a new policy issued last year by the Obama Administration. Yet, immigration officials in charge of 5 Southern states, with a long history of civil rights abuses, are refusing to go along with the new policy. Their boss – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano -- has done nothing about it. You can help the Southern 32 and immigrants across the country who’ve stood up for civil, labor, and human rights by telling Janet Napolitano to stop deporting these leaders and make sure her agents are actually implementing agency policies.
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    Created by Matt Hildreth
  • No one is above the law
    Make sure everyone who commits a crime is afforded a trial! Just because you are not in this country legally does not mean you get to commit any crime you want, then when caught just deport yourself and avoid prosecution.
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    Created by Anthony Tisi
  • Justice Where Justice Is Due
    On 4/18 my husband was the victim of racism! And is now about to be deported back to his country. I'm not going to go into detail, but it was definately racial, and shouldn't be happening. He has paid for his so called "crime" and they are still trying to take him away from his family. Anybody that knows me or him know we do NOT deserve this, but now even I'm being treated as if I have NO RIGHTS as an American Citizen. Because in the end he'll survive and the only ones hurt are our two kids left without a father, without even understanding why.
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    Created by Ashley
  • Simplify The Path to Legal Immigration
    After 23 years in the United States, after paying taxes, after filing petition after petition for permanent resident status and visa, this individual must return to her birth country because the legal process failed to work. Much discussion is being held to create a pathway for those who are here illegally. What about those who have exhausted all legal attempts to achieve permanent resident status? Other industrialized countries have a more steamlined, straight forward path to residency. Why not the United States.
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    Created by D. E. Langdon
  • Government Contracts
    llegals are working on mostl construction sights. Please sign this petition to not award government contracts to contractors who employ illegal immigrants.
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    Created by Sharon Stone