• Governor Haley public employee pensions
    I calling on you to not vote against public employee pension.
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    Created by Ann Davis
  • Let the Sun Shine
    In Iowa it is illegal to visit a CAFO and take photographs or videos of the animals and the conditions in which they live. I want this reversed.
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    Created by Mark Kane
  • Support Iowa Companion Animals through SSB3159
    This bill is HUGE in eliminating puppy mills and their aftermath. Once a USDA breeder in the state of Iowa either gives up or loses their license, they currently have no obligation to do anything for or with their remaining animals. County law enforcement currently has little ability to enforce any processes that would prevent neglect due to concerns about costs to the county. This bill would remove cost as a factor in law enforcement involvement, requiring any state or USDA licensed commercial breeder to file evidence of financial responsibility in the form of a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit issued by a financial institution. These funds would be used to cover the costs associated with the rescue of the animals, should that become necessary. The same rights were given to agriculture animals through SF478 in the Iowa Senate just last year.
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    Created by Melinda Mills
  • San Francisco Condominium Conversion Reform
    Tenant-In-Common (TIC) home ownership is relatively unknown outside of San Francisco, even in the surrounding cities. TICs exist here because of our unique housing market which reflects local legislation, policies and actions taken by our Board of Supervisors. San Francisco TIC owners have watched their home values plummet. However, they are not able to obtain historically low fixed rate mortgages or take advantage of mortgage relief programs because they own TICs. Instead, young families and first-time homeowners pay millions of extra dollars annually in the form of higher interest rates to their existing lenders and worry about rising interest rates because they have no other option than adjustable, higher rate mortgages. Converting their homes to condominiums would provide relief. The lack of lenders and unfavorable loan terms make selling TICs difficult and while tenant advocates have expressed concern that converting TICs to condos bypasses rent-control, many TIC owners are restricted from renting out their properties at all due TIC mortgage and/or agreement clauses. San Francisco holds an annual lottery to select 200 TIC units which will be allowed to convert to condos. Concerned about eroding rental stock, the Board of Supervisors placed strict controls on building eligibility for the lottery, banning buildings with certain types of evictions. These controls have been successful, contributing to an 86% reduction of "no fault" evictions over the last 10 years. Even with the eligibility controls, the number of lottery entries has increased annually, progressively decreasing the odds of winning. This year 2,391 TIC units met the strict standards and entered the lottery. First time entrants will likely wait 12 years or longer before winning. Ask the Board of Supervisors to act now and help existing TIC owners keep their homes affordable.
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    Created by Kathy Mitchell
  • Keep AMEB Series 7 Violin!
    After consultation with over 70 Brisbane String teachers at an Australian Strings Association (AUSTA) Professional Development Day, members expressed a desire to retain the Series 7 Grade books for VIOLIN, Grades 5, 6 and 7. Many teachers feel that the challenges presented in the Series 7 books for grades 5 to 7 are more realistic than those evident in the Series 8 books. We would therefore like to petition the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) to retain the pieces from Series 7 in the VIOLIN “New Syllabus” from 2013.
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    Created by AUSTA QLD
  • Rhode Island needs jobs!
    Jobs is the #1 issue above all others!
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    Created by Ellen Bedard
  • Dismantle Occupy Eureka
    The County Courthouse has become a magnet for people who are making a mess on the sidewalks and on the streets.
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    Created by Re--Occupy Eureka
  • Regulate Marijuana
    Regulate Marijuana as Alcohol. Remove it from the Schedule 1 controlled substance list. Anyone whom is an adult has the innate human right to ingest in their own bodies whatever they see fit. Aside from the morality of the issue legalizing marijuana and stopping the aimless drug wars would save the country billions every year. Medicinally marijuana has proven to be effective in the treatmeant of neuropathic pain among other things. This all amount to an intrusion of privacy into the individual lives and freedoms of the citizens. Anyone over 21 with an ID should be allowed to purchase marijuana. The case for the legalization of all drugs should be made as well. If you understand supply and demand you under stand that where there is a demand there will be a supply. Whether it be heroine sold at A licensed pharmacy that could at least be checked for purity and properly dosed, or it be meth made in a lab in the mobile home by untrained individuals dumping who knows what kind of chemicals in the mixture any of which could be potentially fatal. An addict will get his fix; Legalized Heroine or street corner drug deals. It matters not. The thing is folks, this is America, and as odd as it sounds you have the right to be an addict assuming you harm only yourself. I complete overhaul of drug policy is needed along with a new style of rehabilitation. The prisons need to be cleared of these non violent marijuana offenders and our tax money need be spent elsewhere.
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    Created by Landon Lockhart
  • Blue ribbon and George Veditz on special license plate
    We, Deaf West Virginians support Karen Kingrey's idea to create new decal on the special license plate. We prefer blue ribbon and George Veditz instead of symbol of ear with slash. We want to honor George Veditz, former President of NAD who preserved our sign language which is most noblest God-given gift and blue ribbon represents Deaf culture, language, community, and history.
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    Created by Ruby Losh
  • no mbta fare hikes/dervice cuts
    The MBTA wants to raise fares. It's been a time of record unemployment, people have been forced out of homes, many have gone bankrupt. Few outside the MBTA Union workers have received 3.5% cost of living increases and pay little toward their health insurance + minor co-pays for health services. The MBTA Board has to go back to the drawing Board for a better solution. Getting more off the backs of seniors + disabled peopkle isn't right.
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    Created by Lorraine Lavoie
  • "Governor Fallin: Let your people of this great state be heard on issues we value."
    The Oklahoma legislature is facing an agenda packed with urgent issues. Governor Mary Fallin has the opportunity to stand behind the people of Oklahoma on these issues by letting our voices be heard as well. As an Oklahoman, I am calling on our Governor to support our ideas, needs, and wants as if, she herself, was an average citizen.
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    Created by Joan M. Menton
  • no Fare hikes or cut backs for mass transit,
    MBTA union employees were getting a 3.5% while Social Security recipients got none. We had about a four hundred dollar increase this year. MBTA unions pay little towards their health insurance co-pay + other medical costs. Seems unfare to raise fares on our backs.
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    Created by Lorraine Lavoie