The owner's of The Dawg House restaurant located at 440 highway 36 in Highlands Nj, are in jeopardy of losing there livley hood to Quick Chek Corporation. There landlord frauded the owners Dina and Scott Wolfe and they are in a legal battle to save there restaurant. Quick Chek Corporation is defending the landlord with there powerful attorney's in helping to kick the restaurant owners out and breaking there lease. Please help this family in fighting this corporate company and support the small buisness owners.
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    Created by dina wolfe
  • Ryan response
    The Democratic Senate should propose an answer to the Ryan budget and force a vote or an actual filibuster. Make the Republican senators go on record as preferring a change in Medicare to an increase in taxes on the wealthy and removal of the tax breaks for Big Oil.
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    Created by Hank Asch
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Tell Eric Cantor that the GOP cannot hold the American People hostage.
    At this moment, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor has said that there will be no Federal relieve to the people of Joplin MO unless the GOP gets the budget cuts they want. This is extortion. He is literally holding the lives of people in need over the heads of Congress and the President. In my eyes, it is an act of terrorism. And, we do not negotiate with terrorists. We, The People, need to remind Mr. Cantor that the office he holds is not his, but ours and since we put him there, we demand that he uphold that office for the sake of the People, and not the oil companies or big business. Let's send him a strong message.
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    Created by Cheri Remily
  • Protect our Families: Outlaw Divorce
    With divorce rates sky-high, the social fabric disintegrating, and deviants clamoring for the right to marry, it's time to stand up for the historical institution of marriage. How can we restore dignity and respect and honor to this once-great institution? The answer is as simple as "Til death do us part". Stand up for marriage: outlaw divorce.
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    Created by Xandra Coe
  • Women in budget process
    There are no women making federal budget decisions. Why?
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    Created by Rebecca Gibson-Laemel
  • Pink whistles for charity
    Football referees in the State of Washington have been subjected to loss of revenue and suspensions due to their support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.
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    Created by Marc Silverstein
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    Just checking to make sure create is working.
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    Protecting animals from inhumane treatment. Please view the documentary EARTHLINGS to understand he need.
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • Ban Political Advertising from TV
    To actually acheive true campain finance reform we must ban political advertising from TV. Without the heavy costs of television advertising the average costs for local, state and national election campagnes will be far less. The influence of non fact based advertising by annonomous groups is not only destructive to the political landscape, it is very expensive to counter. By banning political advertising on TV we minimize corporate interference with what should be only a citizens decision, opening the political landscape up to average citizens, no long making it necessary to have a huge bank roll. This would be true "Campain Finance Reform".
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    Created by Michele K Struck
  • Deceptive Origin Labeling
    Many distributors sell foreign products that are intentionally created with names and tags that are designed to appear American made. Knowingly selling products with hidden true origin and blatantly sporting USA labeling sometimes even in red white and blue.
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    Created by Ed Briones
  • Imagine a world without violence.
    It's time to begin imagining ways to live more peaceably on the planet. Fund the schools instead of the wars. Teach non-violence as a way to stop funding the jail system. Teach respect for life for the already born. Pass laws that better protect women and children. Deadline? November 25, International Day to End Violence Against Women.
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    Created by Lena Bartula