• Testing R
    R is a great letter.
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Maine Needs A Citizen Recall Process
    Maine does not have any political process for citizens to recall elected officials, unlike 18 other states. The Maine state constitution provides for impeachment, a legal process, but its never been used to remove a civil officer. If elected officials are not doing the job they were elected to do, why should they stay in office?
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    Created by Cynthia Dill
  • Cameras in slaughter-houses
    Every day it happens in slaughter-houses, machines or workers don’t work properly. That causes unnecessarily pain and suffering for the dying animals. To make sure and prove, that slaughter-companies and workers obey the law, have cameras installed in each killing sector. The films should be controlled every day by different veterninarians. The prove should be kept in archives.
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    Created by Martina Patterson
  • Cable News: Give Us the True Unbiased Information We Need for a Healthy Democracy.
    Journalism plays a vital role in Democracy. Any leader will make bad decisions if unable to access good information. In a Democracy, the people lead. The news has a responsibility to the people first, not their profit margin.
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    Created by Sherry
  • Motorcycle Lane Only
    Everyday as I drive our busy freeways I pray for the safety of motorcyclist. When I read about how many have died or been injured I wonder why we don't have MOTORCYCLE ONLY LANE. Splitting lanes with cars & trucks is extremely dangerous. Please sign Petition for MOTORCYCLE ONLY LANE.
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    Created by Estella Roethler
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    To limit the terms of Congress and have them receive the same benefits and healthcare as the Citizens of the US.
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    Created by Ralph E. Graetz
  • Rescue Dogs and Democracy
    Last year, Missouri citizens who are tired of our state's reputation of "Puppy Mill Capital of America" circulated a petition to place a proposition on the November ballot that would set humane standards for the treatment of dogs and puppies in dog breeding facilities. They collected twice the required amount of signatures, and Proposition B was placed on the ballot. It passed statewide with 51.6% of the vote. Republican legislators immediately began the work of repealing the measure, claiming that it was the beginning of an attack on the freedoms of farmers, that urban voters didn't understand the proposisiton, and that, even though it was passed by a majority of voters, it was defeated in the majority of counties. The state house and senate passed the repeal. The repeal bill (SB113) now heads to the governor for his signature. This is a blatant attempt to overturn the will of the voters as expressed in a free and fair election. We MUST convince Governor Nixon to veto this repeal, to reinstate democracy, and to give dogs the protection from puppy mill cruelty they deserve.
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    Created by Doc Holliday
  • Apple: Help Parents -- make iTunes rentals last for 30 hours!
    Every parent has been there: You finally get everyone to bed and have time for yourselves. You want nothing more than to relax and watch a movie. But an hour in, you're crashing. You'll finish it the next night, right? Not if Apple can help it. Apple: simply allow rentals to last for 30 hours (instead of 24) and millions of parents will love you for it.
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    Created by justin r.
  • Testing non-ASCII
    Hello Júlio Várgàç.
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Tell AQ: Get out of your PJ's
    Since moving on to an in-home office, AQ's fashion and comportment habits have declined considerably. Tell AQ: Respect yourself, put on your pants, and don't forget to brush your teeth occasionally!
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    Created by Elijah Zarlin