• Student Loan Reform
    Student loan Reform would first automatically grant a two year retroactive payment freeze extension on all existing student loans. All interest would be eliminated on all student loans permanently. Giving students and their families time to find work and relief from fees that border on usury. With unemployment and low pay it is key to help graduates now. Continuing new and fair student loan reforms would be a huge benefit to the economy overall.
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  • Farm workers are marching to Sacramento. Join them virtually.
    Farm workers started a 13 day, 200 mile march to Sacramento on August 23. Their goal? To press for enactment of the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act and the right to be paid overtime after 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week just like any other worker. The "Fair Treatment For Farm Workers Now" will end on Sept. 4th, Labor Day weekend, at the State Capitol. If you're in California, please consider joining workers for one of the days of the march. If you can't join the march in person, please join virtually by signing their petition by clicking the grey "submit form" button to the right. Two months ago, Gov Brown vetoed the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act, a bill that would have made it easier for farm workers to join a union and speak up for their rights. More than 1,000 farm workers visited the Capitol during the 12 days Governor Brown deliberated on the bill. Risking their jobs to attend, they held vigils, fasted and rallied for change. They told the Governor how the laws in the books are not the laws in the fields. They talked about having no bathroom breaks, no overtime pay, no respect and the lack of enforcement of heat regulations. And they were right-- two more workers may have died of heat related illness this year alone. Farm workers can't afford to wait any more, not when their lives are at risk. So they are using their marching feet to try and convince Gov. Jerry Brown to sign their new bills when they reach his desk. In Governor Brown's veto of the "Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act," he says he is "not yet convinced." For farm workers, "not yet" means farm workers don't get water and shade. "Not yet" means farm workers continue to die of heat illness. "Not yet" means farm workers do not have basic justice implemented by the Agricultural Labor Relations Act. “Not yet” means hundreds of farm workers who last year voted for union representation have waited more than a year for the Agricultural Labor Relations Board to take the simple act of certifying the elections. Enough with "not yet." The time is now. Join the virtual march by signing the petition to get farm workers the fair treatment they deserve.
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    The Democratic Republic of CONGO and the Great Lakes region suffer more pain and atrocities added to the human massacres and economic looting endured until now! The president Barack Obama, the Senate, the House have a chance to prevent the BALKANIZATION OF THE CONGO for happening in the Great Lakes region. We are calling on the President, the Senate and the House to stand for the territorial integrity of the Congo and to stop the terrible balkanization to the Congo.
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    Stacy Bromberg has won enough titles and played enough WDF events to qualify for the World Cup Team. But the WDF feels that because she played in a now defunct division of the PDC she is ineligible to play and defend her World Cup Title. If this happened in the United States we could sue them, but because they are the ruling body of International Darts they can make arbitrary decisions that have no basis in reality. She has participated in 100% of the WDF tournaments held here in the United States, but players from other countries that have no WDF events are not bared from any lack of participation.
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  • Testing
    This is just a test
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  • End the 30 Billion in US Aid to Israel
    "No Taxation for Israeli Occupation." American taxpayers call for an end to the 30 billion in aid to Israel allotted for 2009-2018. We oppose the use of our tax dollars to fund an apartheid state that denies Palestinians their human and civil rights.
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  • NO MORE STOLEN LIVES ! Keep "Cold Cases" Alive & bring Justice to Parents of Murdered Children !
    SF HEALING CIRCLE FOR THE SOUL SUPPORT GROUP, GRIEVING FAMILIES & FRIENDS OF STOLEN LIVES, and all Conscious Justice Allies are joining SF Resident Paulette Brown, Senior Advocate of the SF Healing Circle & Mother of her only son Aubrey Abrakasa Jr, 17, murdered on 8-14-06, (High school senior and basketball coach at Bernal Height Recreational Center), to Demand Widespread, Ongoing Venues for advertising wanted posters & Memorial Posters of our Loved Ones. Keep "Cold Cases" Alive ! Speak up and Report Murderers !
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    We believe this is the perfect opportunity to ask Congress for $3 trillion dollars to rebuild this country's crumbling infrastructure, using eco-friendly materials and adding Wi-Fi where possible. This will also put millions of people to work who need jobs, and this in turn will boost the economy. It's a win-win-win all the way around. Now this is the time for President Obama to ignore the Republican/Tea Party of "NO" and to ask for everything he needs to rebuild this country to become a stronger beacon of hope for America and the world.
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    Created by Marion Young
  • Tax Wall Street for Main Street
    Reckless Wall Street gambling cost Americans trillions in lost jobs and wealth and cost states billions in lost revenue. A Wall Street Financial Speculation Fee (FSF) would help take it back and put Wall Street to work rebuilding Main Street with revenue to create jobs and support critical public infrastructure like rebuilding crumbling bridges, schools, roads and transit systems..
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  • Corporations are NOT people
    The recent Supreme Court decisions culminating in Citizens United have given corporate interests unprecedented leverage in controlling the political arena. These corporate interests have corrupted the political process and threaten to turn the United States into an oligarchy. It's time for a Constitutional amendment to return the power of the people TO the people.
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  • Meet President Obama, Increasing U.S. Revenue without Taxes
    You can help create a means to balance our U.S. Budget and Reduce our U.S. Debt without cuts to programs for the poor, elderly, or disabled, or seeking New Taxes from the Middle Class.
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    Created by David E. Perko
  • Affordable Health Care for Everyone
    We could have single payer health care in our country. Every person with a social security number could be billed one dollar for each year of your age, me I'm 59 so I would pay that every month instead of the $127 that I pay plus the five thousand or so that my employer pays each year. It would be less expensive for medicare people as they pay right around a $100 a month.
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    Created by Inez Locken