• Congress, pay you're fair share!
    It's about members of congress having heath care and life insurance at no cost to them. Also retirement after a short period of time. These are cost the American people have to pay out of pocket every pay check up to retirement and then pay for health insurance until they die!
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    Created by James G. Jones
  • testing create
    this is just a test
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • We are no longer a democracy
    The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court turned our country into an oligarchy. This decision must be overturned
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    Created by Lucie McKee
  • Corporations Are NOT People
    Corporations have been using Constitutional protections designed for citizens to gain power in our elections and to make them unanswerable to citizens, workers or even the government. Only a Constitutional amendment can stop this.
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    Created by Paul Metcalf
  • Corporate Citizenship?
    This is about reversing Citizens United.
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    Created by Randolph A. Gaul
  • Fishman's Framework for Tax Reform: The tax reform plan that saves our middle class!
    This tax reform plan saves our middle class by lowering taxes for individuals and corporations, yet raises almost a trillion dollars more per year than our current tax system. The additional revenue creates and fully funds National Health Care, solves Social Security's long term funding problem, and allows all academically qualified students the opportunity to attend college free of charge. www.serioustaxreform.com
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    Created by Mark Fishman
  • Election Reform
    We need to eliminate the corruption of our political system by giving the power of the government back to the people and away from individual, corporate, and special interest influence and/or purchase of our legislative and executive branches of the federal government. States should be allowed to set up their own systems of funding elections.
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    Created by theEman
  • Stop Hatred in Media Against Islam/Muslims
    24/7, our American media[TV/Radio/internet/Papers/etc] & some radically-extremist politicians in our USA, are promoting Hatred[99 % with Lies] against Americans[Muslims. Recall that more than 95% of Blacks were Muslims when brought as slaves. Mr President was born as Muslim & his Father's family today is 100% Muslim]
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    Created by Arshad Ali Khan
  • Strip corporations of the Constitutional freedoms intended for living human beings.
    Ever since 1886, thanks to a headnote in a Supreme Court ruling--not the ruling itself--corporations have enjoyed the legal status of persons under the Constitution and therefore all the basic freedoms intended for living human beings, including freedom of speech. Since freedom of speech has been interpreted to mean the right to make donations to political campaigns, a "right" vastly amplified by the recent Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the result has been catastrophic to the democratic process. The intention of this petition is to trigger a Constitutional amendment that would roll back the power of corporations and reinstate authentic democracy: government by the people
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    Created by William W. Holland
  • Save Peace Corps' from Budget Cuts
    Recently in April, Congress passed a full-year spending bill after much contentious negotiation and many short-term Continuing Resolutions. Unfortunately, as part of the spending bill, Peace Corps received a substantial cut translating into a $25 million cut in the Peace Corps operating budget compared to the previous year's appropriation. The total agency budget for the year is now $375 million as compared to $400 million for FY10.
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    Created by Robin
  • Mayor Gray: Make Our Streets Safe
    Every year automobile drivers kill tens of thousands of people in the USA, and injure millions more. Enough is enough. We are asking for increased digital enforcement of such frequent illegal and dangerous habits as speeding and running red lights in areas where we live, work, shop, and recreate.
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    Created by Erik Kugler
  • Congress: Reinstate Glass-Steagall now
    [for more info, visit Glass-SteagallNow.com] In response to the failure of thousands of banks across the country, Congress enacted the Banking Act of 1933, commonly known as Glass-Steagall, during the height of the Great Depression. This statute safeguarded the American economy for decades by legally separating commercial and investment banking. Such a common sense system provided greater security to banking deposits in commercial banks. Additionally, investment banks were only able to leverage their own funds, limiting the systemic risks of the American citizenry. For decades, Glass-Steagall was a cornerstone of the U.S. financial system, until the Gramm Leach Bliley Act unwisely completely ended this important financial regulation in 1999. With the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act over a decade ago, the U.S. economy was exposed to an intolerable level of risk, and the recent financial crisis was certainly exacerbated by the removal of these safeguards. We must limit the potential for future economic collapses by returning to a more prudent banking system in which banks must once again choose between investment activities or commercial lending.
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    Created by John Miller