• Strike down assumed legality of granting personhood to corporations.
    Court Reporter Davis, placed The U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Waite's "pre-testimony statement" about “personhood” in the written Statement of Facts, with the statement, “The defendant Corporations are persons within the intent of the clause of section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States,<snip>. In effect, corporate personhood was not decided by the case "of Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad. The reporter had inadvertently included comments made by the Chief Justice outside the decision's scope. no one corrected the record and soon judges were referencing those comments as "precedent that corporations are people. We need a law which redresses this erroneous reporting of the court;s findings in that case.
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    Created by John Barbour
  • Repeal Lebanon Rescue Enterprise Acct, Require Resident Approval
    Lebanon Rescue had it's account changed to an Enterprise account last year. This change meant Rescue does not require resident approval for spending and budgets as is is done for ALL other town departments. Immediately after the change, the department committed the town to tens of thousands on new equipment purchases and also never clearly explained the financing of the new ambulance purchase. This was even after being pressed by the Budget Committee and Residents during the last the Town Meeting. The point is residents had NO SAY in this extra spending or ANY of the spending. The purpose of this petition is to change the department account back to a standard account as it always was, once again requiring residents approval of the departments budget and it's spending as is done for all other departments via annual referendum vote.
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    Created by Glen Stadig
    Petitions the president to force infrastructure rebuilding through the National Infrastructure Protection Plan
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    Created by Douglas Mitchell
  • Stop The Light Bulb Ban
    There are better ways to save money on energy without taking away our choice of light bulbs. Support H.R. 91 Better Use of Light Bulbs Act or "BULB Act". Stop the ban on incandescent light bulbs that favors more expensive, mercury toxin-filled, health damaging fluorescent bulbs. H.R.6, that imposes the ban, has no health exemption for people who suffer clinically verified physical distress from fluorescent.
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    Created by Trishah Woolley
  • Fire Congress
    They simply are not doing their job, so they should be fired. But the only ones in authority to do that are the people: us.
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    Created by Chris Cannon
    America's huge deficits are not only financial; we have enormous backlogs of unattended infrastructure that hold back modern transportation, energy production, water and power distribution, and a host of other work that is essential for American businesses and workers to succeed in world competition; Ever since the Bush/Cheney economic policy - borrow and spend, radically reduce essential revenues even during their trillion-dollar unprovoked military aggression - produced the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, the private sector has fallen far behind the demand for living-wage jobs; Millions of people need and want jobs, but are out of work now and many have been out of work for years even as recent graduates are entering the job market and finding little prospect for hope;
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    Created by Elaine Phelps
  • Congress is comprised of citizens
    Members of Congress allow themselves to enact laws that make congress a privileged class. This should not be constitutional. We should amend the constitution to insure that congress does not enhance the standing of it's members excluding the citizenry, nor damage the standing of the citizenry while making themselves immune to that damage.
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    Created by Ron Flannery
  • DoD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Funding
    This funding is intended to conduct medical research on illnesses associated to the Gulf War. Our House of Representatives sent a bill to Senate that allowed 10 million dollars for research and treatment for our veterans. Please act now to get our Senators to pass this funding for our veterans' health issues caused by the war in Iraq.
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    Created by David LaShell
    Currently the FDA is mostly funded by application fees submitted by big pharmaceutical corporations for approval of their newest drugs. Its top tier officials are also former execs from these same companies. The FDA operates autonomously with no accountability to any branch of government, yet they're responsible for our public health. Time for reform!
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    Created by Terry Stokes
  • Public financing of national elections needed.
    The Citizens United case has crushed true democracy. Public financing of political campaigns is needed to stop corporations from buying their personal congressional representatives in both the House and the Senate
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    Created by WILLIAM R. CRIGLER
  • Cuts in Medicaid Mean Life or Death for Me
    Federal and State governments are turning to Medicaid for cuts in the very cost-saving community living programs and these cuts would force people with disabilities and the elderly into more expensive institutions.
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    Created by Linda Williams
  • Let's take our country back by taking all the money out of politics.
    Our politicians have been in the pocket of corporations and large contributors being unduly influenced by them when they are elected to serve the people. By having only publicly funded elections and making all lobbying with money or gifts illegal, we can influence what our elected officials do in congress and they can listen to us and be influenced by We the People and not their dollar contributors.
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    Created by Let's take our country back by taking all the money out of politics.