• Social Security and Medicare are NOT welfare!
    I'm tired of our government and the press using the word "entitlement" when referring to Social Security and Medicare and/or even talking about reducing or eliminating payments. These programs are paid by workers and employers and not funded by the Wefare Program, which is commonly referred to as an entitlement.
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    Created by Fernando
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2012
    Save our country and ourselves and our progeny!
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    Created by Ranall Simonton
  • DEMAND FROM DEMOCRACYNOW!: Why are you ignoring Cynthia McKinney?
    Join us to DEMAND AN EXPLANATION FROM DEMOCRACY NOW ABOUT THEIR IGNORING OF CYNTHIA MCKINNEY'S FIRST HAND REPORTS OF LIBYA. Former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney is one of the many progressives of color who is rendered invisible not only by mainstream media, but now by the "progressive media" programs like Democracy Now! Join me in asking Amy Goodman for an explanation.
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    Created by Rhone Fraser
  • Salmon Deserve Saving
    Salmon on both coast and in all the great rivers are being decimated by toxins and poor water management. Dam removals promised to help alleviate their plight are being delayed and even cancelled despite EPA and court orders.
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    Created by Paul & Marcia Abram
  • Pasar El Faro Punta Tuna en Maunabo al Municipio
    La Guardia Costanera ha puesto a disposición de agencias o entidades sin fines de lucro la adquisición del Faro Punta Tuna para preservarlo. El Centro Cultural apoya la iniciativa de que el Faro debe pasar a manos del Pueblo de Maunabo, por eso solicitamos el endoso de toda la comunidad para que se pueda lograr el traspaso al Municipio. Stop the privatization and acquisition of the historic Punta Tuna Lighthouse in Maunabo, Puerto Rico. The citizens have long enjoyed this historic and beautiful landmark and all are welcome to admire its beauty for free. The Cultural Center of Maunabo is seeking to pass ownership of the lighthouse to the local municipality, thus ensuring its continues accessability. Please support this by signing the petition.
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    Created by Delia for Nelson Papo Vazquez
  • Save Lives
    Protecting soldiers and their family from radiation poisoning
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    Created by Deborah Hinton
  • Congressional Term Limits
    Our current Congress is dysfunctional in serving its constituents - America's voters. The source of this dysfunction is "Power which tends to corrupt and absolute power which corrupts absolutely". Power grows with longevity in Congress, where some members are more concerned with self interests, as opposed to the interests of voters who put them there. A change in course is needed to elect Senators and Representatives that respond to voters' needs, not those of special interests and big money.
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    Created by Anthony Dziedzic
  • Don't raise the age; lift the cap!
    Don't raise the age of social security qualification. Lift the cap that allows people who make over $107.000 to stop paying into the fund. This will make Social Security viable for at least 75 years.
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    Created by Sue Morganroth
  • Stop the Radical Republican Plan for Redistricting in Maine
    National Republicans have a radical plan to move 360,000 Maine people from one Congressional District to another and they’re getting their allies in Maine to try and push it through the legislature. Their plan would put 10,000 more Republicans into the Second District to turn it into a Republican Congressional seat and a vote for a Republican presidential candidate. Not only that--139 communities would lose their current representative in Congress, including Lewiston-Auburn, Bath and Rockland and Chellie Pingree’s hometown would be moved out of her Congressional District.
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    Created by Stacy Dostie
  • Help the Long-Term Unemployed (the 99ers)
    There are now more than 2 million people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits. There are millions more set to join them over the next year. These are people who are unemployed through no fault of their own. And we know - based on the numbers - that there are not enough jobs for these people. Without extension of unemployment benefits to help those who have exhausted their benefits, these people will undoubtedly lose everything. Their entire life savings, their homes, their medical insurance - everything. Not only is helping the long-term unemployed the decent and moral thing to do, it makes economic sense. Mark Zandi of Moody's estimated that each dollar spent on extending unemployment benefits generates $1.61 in economic growth. Extending unemployment benefits is among the most stimulative measures available. We urge Congress to immediately pass legislation that will extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed.
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    Created by Taryn Hart
  • Stop 'secure communities program'
    Secure communities is a federal program that deports people who are stopped for minor traffic offenses, tears families apart, undermines community policing and terrifies immigrant communities. This program was supposed to protect us from terrorists not hardworking people with dark skin.
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    Created by Gail Golden
  • Social Security Trust Fund
    Congress and the President are poised to make changes to the Social Security Trust Fund. Congress owes the Social Security Trust fund 2.6 Trillion dollars. We are asking them to leave Social Security alone until every penny owed the "Trust" Fund has been repaid. These monies were paid into the Trust by hardworking and trusting workers and employers. who were underd the impression that the funds they were paying into Social Security would be there when they reached retirement. Had these funds not been re-appropriated by Congress , Social Security would be solvent today.
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    Created by Obelia M. Parker