• Help Warren Buffett raise taxes on the super rich.
    As billionaire investor Warren Buffett noted: "Our leaders have asked for 'shared sacrifice.' But when they did the asking, they spared me...and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks."
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    Created by Jo Ann Brown
  • Save the Trees on the Rosenberry Drive Levee, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, blindly following a scientifically unsupportable policy, is calling for the City of Coeur d’Alene to remove hundreds of mature trees from the dike that follows the lake and riverfront around City Park and North Idaho College. We're calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider the policy and allow the city to keep its trees.
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    Created by Terry Harris
  • Tell the Virginia Board of Health to Support Women's Health Care
    Thanks to legislation passed by anti-choice lawmakers, the Virginia Board of Health is currently drafting regulations that would limit women's access to reproductive health care. These regulations force health clinics to meet burdensome and unnecessary regulations. The result? Some health centers may be forced to close, limiting the continued availability of safe, legal, first-trimester abortion throughout the state. Virginia's women's health centers provide vital health care services like STD screenings, cancer screenings and family planning services, in addition to providing legal and safe abortions. Burdening their operations with unnecessary regulations would restrict access to these essential services and detrimentally affect young, low-income, uninsured, and minority women by furth reducing their health care options. Tell Virginia regulators you don’t support medically unecessary and burdensome regulations that would restrict women’s access to comprehensive health care services.
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    Created by Brian Devine
  • Congressman Towns: Continue to Vote to End These Wars and Bring the Troops Home Now!
    Let Congressman Towns know you want him to continue to vote for peace and to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. • More than $421 billion wasted on the war on Afghanistan—over $12 billion/month! • The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost US taxpayers over a trillion dollars since 2001. We need to cut the military budget and use the money to put people back to work! We need to stop spending money on war and start spending it jobs, schools, daycare, libraries, mass transit, housing healthcare, seniors.
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    Created by Fort Greene Peace
  • Get Corporate Money OUT of Political Campaigns!
    Big money taints our politics because WE allow it to buy elections. As long as money is equated with free speech, everyday Americans will not have the voice in their government that the founders intended us to have. We MUST amend the Constitution to clarify what "freedom of speech" really means to us, and to reclaim our elections. Reclaim America!
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    Created by Terry Miles
  • Call for resignation of Speaker John Boehner
    Speaker John Boehner's historic denial of a joint session of Congress to the president piles outrage upon outrage. To politically embarrass a sitting president for purely partisan political reasons is unbecoming any legislator, let alone one in Mr. Boehner's position. Boehner's inability to reason with and manage an already oppositional Republican caucus has led to a virtual shut-down of efforts to restore our economy and put 30,000,000 unemployed Americans back to work. Please sign this petition to demand Speaker Boehner's resignation. -- And please SHARE-SHARE-SHARE with as many people as you can!
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    Created by Bill Weiss
  • Don't let the Banksters get away with it!!!
    E-mail our Attorney General George Jepsen and tell him to stand with CCAG, Eric Schniederman (AG forNew York ), Beau Biden (AG for Deleware), dozens of members of congress and hundreds of citizen organizations throughout the country and oppose any deal that lets the banks and bankers off the hook. It is imperative that progressive Attorney Generals like George Jepsen raise their voices at this key time.
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    Created by Bryan Sabin
  • Student Loan Reform
    Student loan Reform would first automatically grant a two year retroactive payment freeze extension on all existing student loans. All interest would be eliminated on all student loans permanently. Giving students and their families time to find work and relief from fees that border on usury. With unemployment and low pay it is key to help graduates now. Continuing new and fair student loan reforms would be a huge benefit to the economy overall.
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    Created by michael couture
  • Farm workers are marching to Sacramento. Join them virtually.
    Farm workers started a 13 day, 200 mile march to Sacramento on August 23. Their goal? To press for enactment of the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act and the right to be paid overtime after 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week just like any other worker. The "Fair Treatment For Farm Workers Now" will end on Sept. 4th, Labor Day weekend, at the State Capitol. If you're in California, please consider joining workers for one of the days of the march. If you can't join the march in person, please join virtually by signing their petition by clicking the grey "submit form" button to the right. Two months ago, Gov Brown vetoed the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act, a bill that would have made it easier for farm workers to join a union and speak up for their rights. More than 1,000 farm workers visited the Capitol during the 12 days Governor Brown deliberated on the bill. Risking their jobs to attend, they held vigils, fasted and rallied for change. They told the Governor how the laws in the books are not the laws in the fields. They talked about having no bathroom breaks, no overtime pay, no respect and the lack of enforcement of heat regulations. And they were right-- two more workers may have died of heat related illness this year alone. Farm workers can't afford to wait any more, not when their lives are at risk. So they are using their marching feet to try and convince Gov. Jerry Brown to sign their new bills when they reach his desk. In Governor Brown's veto of the "Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act," he says he is "not yet convinced." For farm workers, "not yet" means farm workers don't get water and shade. "Not yet" means farm workers continue to die of heat illness. "Not yet" means farm workers do not have basic justice implemented by the Agricultural Labor Relations Act. “Not yet” means hundreds of farm workers who last year voted for union representation have waited more than a year for the Agricultural Labor Relations Board to take the simple act of certifying the elections. Enough with "not yet." The time is now. Join the virtual march by signing the petition to get farm workers the fair treatment they deserve.
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    Created by Jocelyn Sherman
    The Democratic Republic of CONGO and the Great Lakes region suffer more pain and atrocities added to the human massacres and economic looting endured until now! The president Barack Obama, the Senate, the House have a chance to prevent the BALKANIZATION OF THE CONGO for happening in the Great Lakes region. We are calling on the President, the Senate and the House to stand for the territorial integrity of the Congo and to stop the terrible balkanization to the Congo.
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    Created by Pascal Basidi Bamba
    Stacy Bromberg has won enough titles and played enough WDF events to qualify for the World Cup Team. But the WDF feels that because she played in a now defunct division of the PDC she is ineligible to play and defend her World Cup Title. If this happened in the United States we could sue them, but because they are the ruling body of International Darts they can make arbitrary decisions that have no basis in reality. She has participated in 100% of the WDF tournaments held here in the United States, but players from other countries that have no WDF events are not bared from any lack of participation.
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    Created by Harriet Knight Schutsch
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    This is just a test
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    Created by Sam Tregar