• Cox Communications, Please add Current TV
    There are so many of us who enjoy having our communication services through Cox. However, we want to be able to watch Current TV which has a number of programs that we feel are important, educational, and entertaining. Please get on this as soon as possible.
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    Created by Donna Kuykendall Stebbins
  • Make Child Abuse Illegal
    In Montana a father who made his 5 year old clean up his own vomit was evaluated by a psycholgist as being fit to parent his child. He was given equal parenting time even with firm objection by the mother. A mother has little right to protect her child from such damaging offenses because such a horrific action is not illegal.
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    Created by Tanya Ochoa
  • Ban California Fracking
    This petition is designed to give Californians a voice so that they may stop destructive Hydraulic Fracturing in California. Los Alamos, California is under threat right now from energy companies who are looking to frack natural gas from the area. This could easily pollute vital water used by farmers and citizens of Los Alamos, making their water undrinkable and land uninhabitable. A bill has been sent to Congress calling for the most stringent fracking regulations of any US state. Fracking has been happening for many years unregulated, destroying land, water and peoples right to a quality of life. It is time we take a stand, please help me by signing this petition so that I may send it to our State Senators in order to get the current bill on regulating fracking in California passed. Thank You!
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    Created by Angela White
    In the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, taxpayers have been, unwittingly, thrown into another war, which serves to suck more money from our treasury and kill more innocent lives. We won't finance, morally or economically, this war for NATO. It is time for Congress, the White House and the Millitary Industrial Complex to stop this "proxy" war. Now!
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    Created by Tahira Ahmad
  • Mumia Abu Jamal
    We petition immediate presidential pardon of wrongfully convicted death row inmate Mumia Abu Jamal on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct including but not limited to witness coercion. Jamal was denied his legal right to self representation in defense of his murder trial for the death of officer Daniel Faulkner.
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    Created by Domevelo Muenda
  • Don't Tax Drilling, Ban It!
    Our state politicians have been debating imposing a severance, or extraction, tax on the natural gas companies operating in PA. Some proposals recommend putting some of the revenue collected into the general fund. Others recommend that it all go into paying to repair the damage drilling has done to our infrastructure and environment. The fact is that no amount of severance tax will come close to paying for the damage. We're calling on our politicians to stop talking about taxing drilling and start acting on ending it.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Tax Marcellus Drilling in Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania is the only state that does not tax drilling. Not only do the Marcellus Shale "frackers" pay no drilling tax, no other drilling is taxed either. Whether you oppose all drilling in the Marcellus Shale, support drilling with restrictions or hold another view, Pennsylvanians agree that drillers must pay their fair share in taxes.
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    Created by Michael Morrill
  • Government Reform Act of 2011
    This petition calls on Congress to reform their benefits ending the special consideration only they enjoy simply because they are members of Congress. They work for us and should be subject to the same rules and conditions we each face every day. Should they have to deal with the same things we do, they will be faced to take our problems and difficulties seriously.
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    Created by Michael Hurm
  • Job Hunters Need HR 589 Passed Now!
    HR 589 was introduced by Representative Barbara Lee in February, 2011. HR 589 would add a 14 week extension to unemployment benefits ( a new Tier). 99ers, many of whom are older workers, were left out of the last extension, leaving them to fend for themselves for over a year. With no jobs and no benefits, not everyone survives.
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    Created by Heather Couture
  • Free the Oak Ridge 13
    Background: These are 13 defendants, arrested on July 5, 2010, at the nuclear weapons facility, Y-12 National Security Complex, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the site for the Manhattan Project that built the bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US (the only nuclear weapons to have been used since their invention). A larger protest was held outside the restricted area, but 13 protestors chose to cross into the site to stand and peacefully protest the existence of a factory for the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction on US soil. These 13 were arrested on federal charges of trespass and 12 of the 13 stood trial on May 11, 2011 for this offense (the 13th defendant will be tried separately since he was too ill to stand trial). Defendant information: The 12 peace and anti-nuclear activists brought to trial included 4 nuns, 3 priests, three members of the Catholic Worker movement that helps the poor and homeless, and two parents of young children. In addition, several of the defendants were over 80-years-old and suffer from a variety of medical problems. Unfortunately, due to the workings of the jail system and its bureaucracy, several of those in jail awaiting sentencing have been denied medicines and/or otherwise been put at risk by failure to meet their medical needs.
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    Created by Mike Perlin
  • Full body scanners will soon be in Austin Airport within this year.
    The petition is about the new radiation scanners at airport that will soon be coming to Austin. I am bothered that I still seem to get liquids and leathermans that are located IN my bag (by accident) through carry-on scanners undetected. Even though TSA hasn't perfected those scanners to make us more safe, they are adding onto it with more expensive machinery, succumbing us to more radiation as well as a violating situation. I wish they would perfect one thing before moving onto a more complicated/expensive/invasive one. These new radiation scanners that spot everything under your clothing (producing a shiny nude image of everyone) are replacing old-fashioned magnetic scanners. Cancer risks correlate with the number of exposure to radiation, so no dose of radiation is too small to matter. The amount of radiation that you are exposed to is not as much as a doctor’s, BUT the cumulative effect of radiation may take a toll (especially if children 12+ are exposed to this routine at such a young age then continue through their adult years). If you chose to opt out of being scanned, you will instead have an intimate pat-down from a TSA agent – you end up being touched in places previously reserved for significant others or your Gynecologist/Urologist. When you experience this, you will realize how violating it truly is - I have and it's quite invasive.
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    Created by Carolyn O'Connor
  • Foreclosures as temporary housing following a natural disaster
    This storm season has seen an unusual amount of damage to families, property and family stability. This is especially true given the current recession, with many folks living on the edge of sustainability. We're asking that those Americans most affected by natural disasters be allowed to live in vacant and foreclosed properties, rent free, for up to 6 months. Those banks who were given TARP funds would be asked to donate a small portion of their inventory of vacant and foreclosed properties, and assume the nominal property management fees during this 6 month period. We're asking banks who have received TARP funds in the past to now contribute, in a very particular way, to rebuilding America.
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    Created by Anthony Newby