• We Publicly Oppose Rick Perry
    Reasons to Oppose Rick Perry
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    Created by Expose Rick Perry Record
  • Postal Employee's we need you to sign our petition to help save the postal service
    The USPS is asking Congress to enact legislation to remove postal workers and retirees from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and federal retirement plans; allow management to layoff 120,000 employees, and effectively eliminate our right to collective bargaining. Darrell Issa's bill 2309 has made it out of committee awaiting a house vote we need your support to stop the republican's and tea party people from destroying our jobs
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    Created by Dyrike Shaw
  • Give Connecticut 17 year-olds the Right to Vote
    Under Connecticut state law, 17 year-olds may work, drive, legally consent to sexual relations, and even stand trial in adult criminal court for certain crimes. They contribute to state revenues through sales and employment taxes. They can serve in the armed forces. They are required to complete a course in civics education in order to graduate from high school. And, as of 2008, they have had the right to vote in primary elections (provided they turn 18 before the general election). Yet, despite these various responsibilities, Connecticut's 17 year-olds are barred from participating in general elections. Giving these youth the right to vote will breathe new life into stagnant public debates surrounding education reform, juvenile justice policy, environmental protection, and a host of other important issues that uniquely affect young people. Moreover, it will encourage Connecticut’s youth to take a more active role in civic life and help them to develop a long-term interest in government and politics. We therefore call on state lawmakers to amend the state constitution and lower Connecticut's voting age to 17 for general elections.
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    Created by Nicolas Riley
  • Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
    Stopping the construction of the dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline slated to bring oil sludge from Canada across the United States to the Gulf States for refining.
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    Created by Jay Schumann
  • Lead By Example
    Members of Congress should be entitled to the same health care and pension options available to the average American, and nothing more: Social Security, Medicare, 401K pension plans and the range of health care plans options the rest of us have to choose from.
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    Created by Beth Glascock
  • Tell Verizon "I want my service now"
    Forty-five thousand union workers were on strike for two weeks. During this time, hundreds of customers' telephone, computer, or TV service has been affected by outages or lack of manpower to provide new service. Now that the good union men and women are back to work, Verizon refuses to release this work and would rather have its employees standing around looking for something to do. We are here to provide the best service in the industry, and this highly trained union workforce is ready to service the customers every technical need. Demand your service from Verizon today.
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    Created by Pat Glover
  • Religious Community Says 'No' to Keystone XL Pipeline, 'Yes' to Climate Justice
    President Obama will decide soon whether to sign a permit for the Keystone XL, a controversial 1,700 mile pipeline that would carry dirty oil from the Canadian tar sands to refineries in Texas, trespassing on 6 American states. U.S. religious communities argue that "climate change kills the poor first" and leading climate scientists contend that tar sands oil development will substantially increase U.S. carbon emissions. Tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.
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    Created by Rose Marie Berger
    Stop protecting the Doctor's, Hospital Administrators, Medical Staff, CareGivers to the Mentally Ill. These Professions need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and non-actions when attending to the Mentally Ill. A Mentally Ill person does not have their total faculties to make appropriate decisions for themselves and when they are in the care of others - The OTHERS need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for the care of or lack of care of and not be protected by the system making the Victim be victimized twice; one by their illness the other by the system! "Follow-Up" Feature on WSVN-7, aired 1/5/2011 > http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/investigations/MI90716/ News Article by Sun-Sentinel News > http://southflorida.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-hk-baker-act-death-20101204,0,325097.story "Initial" Feature on WSVN-7 end of 2010. http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/investigations/MI90053/
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    Created by Patricia Taime
  • Compassion for Animals!!!
    We need to start treating animals like they matter. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Gandhi
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    Created by merrill
  • Recall John Kasich
    If we can get 400,000 signatures the citizens can take the first step to pushing this horrible governor out of office.
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    Created by Donna Miller
  • Term Limits for ALL politicians
    This petition will seek to limit every Senator and every Congressman to 2 term limits just as our President is.
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    Created by Nancy Groth
  • Implanted medical device safety
    The Institute of Medicine on 7/29/11 reported that the FDA process of clearing implanted medical devices for the U.S. market is fatally flawed and should be scrapped. Joint replacement is now the #1 expenditure of Medicare. The FDA charter must be updated from the 1976 OLD version to provide substantially greater safeguards for patients.
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    Created by Joleen Chambers