• Health Care for the Everyone
    This petition has to do with getting rid of insurance companies handling health care. It is time that we join the rest of the developed world in providing health care for all individuals who are citizens or legal tax paying residents of this country with adequate health care that will be covered by any hospital or doctor. It is time that we look at health care as we do police protection and public education. It should be funded by taxes instead of premiums to insurance companies. Everyone should have opportunities for the same kind of care. Doctors and hospitals should not have the right to refuse to care for you because of how your health care is covered. There would no longer be an issue of remaining in your job because of the health care benefits that are provided. You would not lose coverage because you lost your job.
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    Created by phyllis ginsburg
  • Open up jobs now
    A cost-free program to open up good jobs - no subsidy required from the government - by allowing people who would retire except for the lack of health insurance to buy into Medicare, paying a fair price similar to what they would pay for COBRA insurance, but without the 18-month limitation. The only requirement is that they retire from their current job. No "shovel-ready" requirement - this could be done right now and some good jobs would become available almost immediately.
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    Created by Marcia Lemberger
    We need to provide a livable wage to the people in this state. Big corporations are making record profits and hoarding all of it except for a select few. Having a tiered minimum wage will stimulate the economy and help level out the playing field for small businesses.
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    Created by Martin
    Rick Perry allowed Cameron Todd Willingham to be executed for a supposed arson fire that killed his children, when Perry's own experts concluded "there was no arson involved" A commission formed by Perry came to this conclusion at which point Perry fired three of the commissioners and replaced them with his own cronies. A New Yorker article and a documentary, Incendiary: The Willingham Case, go into great detail about this
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    Created by Robert Trebor
  • Pave our dirt road
    My street has been a dirt road for years and it has put a lot of extreme wear and tear on our vehicles the kids can't ride their bikes safely because of the dirt that has been washed away by the rain that leaves the road full of pot holes
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    Created by Daniele johnson
  • Boycott Apple until they bring back the jobs!
    Bill Maher, on Apple: "... if they made everything here in the United States, they'd still make 50% profit, which is like what cocaine dealers make." Apple was just named the most valuable company in the nation, and is wealthier than the United States government. I'm calling for a nationwide boycott of their entire corporation until they show their support for our country by restoring their manufacturing jobs to the US. They can easily afford it, it'd be fantastic PR, and it would help our country in a way that's desperately needed.
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    Created by Noel
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests”. Patrick Henry Congress votes for their own raises, gets free healthcare and retirement while the rest of the country struggles financially. retirement
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    Created by Pat Cole
  • Publicly Funded Elections
    With the undue influence of corporations in our elections as a result of the Citizens United Decision, our only means of regaining our democracy is to have a Constitutional Amendment for publicy funded elections on a national, state and local basis. This can only be accomplished by a grass roots movement, the people who must initiate an Amendment, the House and Senate, are already safely entrenched in their situation with money from corporations, etc.
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    Created by Steve Georgeff
  • Stop cutting into Medicaid for the Handicap
    It is about saving the services for thousands of mentally and physically challenged individuals. Most cannot speak for themselves and need our voices to speak for them. If the cuts continue these people will end up out on the streets homeless. Speak out and helps us bring attention to a more and more desparate situation here in Indiana and other states!!
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    Created by Jackie Maschino
  • congress: wake up!
    It is within our US Congress's power to correct the injustice to the American people. The poor and middle classes bear the brunt of an unequal and unfair tax burden, while the very rich are left untouched to acquire ever more wealth.
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    Created by shirley sullivan
  • Petition to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir
    This petition asks the Governor of Pennsylvania to protect the watershed that feeds the Ambridge Reservoir from poisoning by gas well fracking in the Marcellus and Utica shale.
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    Created by Randolph Shannon
  • Public Campaign Financing Now
    With the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United, corporations are allowed to put in unlimited amounts of funds into a candidate's campaign. This is a threat to democracy as it drowns out free speech rights and voices of individuals and distorts the electoral process. Also, instant runoff voting allows for more proportional representation by other than the primary two political parties.
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    Created by James Lindsay