• Create New Revenue to Keep Social Security Solvent
    46 percent of all Americans pay a "payroll tax" on practically every dime they earn. The Congressional Budget Office found that those in the bottom 80 percent of the earnings ladder paid around 9 percent of their incomes in Social Security taxes; the top one percent paid just 1.6 percent of theirs. Higher wage earners took home more pay from the payroll tax cuts ($200 for low wage earners and $2,136 for high wage earners.) We're calling for higher wage earners to pay their fair share since they receive the same benefits.
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    Created by Jo Ann Brown
  • Support Sensible Taxes-Cuts Cause Chaos
    We have been captive too long to the concept that taxes are evil. A major cultural shift is needed to present taxes as the necessary and positive action that will put our country back on track. As the expression goes you do not get something for nothing. By everyone contributing their fair share is the only way all of us can truly be independent.
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    Created by Joan Kuenz
  • Move Chicago Beyond Coal
    For over 100 years Chicago residents have been breathing life-threatening pollution from Midwest Generation's Fisk and Crawford coal plants on the Southwest Side. Enough is enough. It's time for the City of Chicago and Midwest Generation to address this public health and environmental crisis. Midwest Generation, a subsidiary of California-based Edison International, burns Wyoming coal, employs non-Chicago residents, and sells Fisk and Crawford's power on the open market out of state. What do we get? We get life-threatening pollution and $120 million dollars in medical costs every year.1 Chicago is the only major metropolitan area with a coal plant operating within its city limits. Even more conservative states in the South have set retirement dates for their coal plants. If Chicago is truly going to be a "green" and healthy city it cannot wait any longer to protect its citizens from these ancient polluters. Sign this petition and tell Mayor Emanuel to protect our families and move Chicago to a clean energy future.
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    Created by Christine Nannicelli
  • Fire Acting OUSD Police Chief Barhin Bhatts & Sgt. Jonathan Bellusa
    FACTUAL HISTORY: On the heels of Oakland Unified School District Police Chief Peter Sarna being fired for drunkenness and outrageous racist comments regarding African Americans, Tony Smith, superintendent of OUSD, has shocked the Oakland community by replacing the disgraced chief with the murderer of Raheim Brown Jr., Sergeant Barhin Bhatt. On January 22, 2011, 20-year-old Raheim Brown Jr. was sitting in his car not far from Skyline High School when he was approached by Sgts. Barhin Bhatt and Jonathan Bellusa. In a short while, Raheim Brown Jr. would be dead, shot five times through the head and upper body. His female companion was pulled out of the car through the window and then beaten and arrested. She has testified to the fact that racist comments were made right before Brown was killed. Police alleged Brown was armed with a screwdriver but even if that is so, the young man was sitting in his car, never exited the vehicle and thus posed absolutely NO threat to the officers. This is at a minimum excessive force, but the community believes it is actually no less than murder because the officers were not in any danger and could have called for backup or used non-lethal means to detain Brown. To name Bhatt as the Acting Chief of the OUSD Police sends a chilling message to all those youths in our schools, especially non-white males, that they may end up dead too, as did Raheim Brown Jr., if they come in direct contact with OUSD police officers. On Wednesday, August 10th, community members attended Oakland school board meetings to demand the termination of Bhatts and Bellusa, but less than a week later, not only was Bhatts not fired; he was promoted into a position of prominence and power. COMMUNITY DEMAND: THE COMMUNITY DEMANDS THE TERMINATION OF BARHIN BHATTS AND JONATHAN BELLUSA AS WELL AS THEIR ARREST AND IMMEDIATE PROSECUTION BY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF ALAMEDA COUNTY FOR THE MURDER OF RAHEIM BROWN JR.
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    Created by Brian Wiles
  • Drop the Medicare In Home Rule Now
    The Medicare In Home Rule refuses wheelchairs or home chore assistance for people with degenerative neuromuscular disabilities until they have become completely paralyzed. It also refuses to provide wheelchairs if people leave their homes, except for doctor visits. This not only creates painful isolation, it costs taxpayers more because without household help and access to exercise and and social opportunities - both of which help alleviate pain - medical conditions worsen and nursing homes may become the only option. Many negative things result at that point, but included among them are: 1. More money spent by Medicare for conditions that could be avoided; 2. More taxes paid at the state level, because when people run out of money Medicaid becomes the primary payor.
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    Created by peggy coster
  • Stop speeding on Rittenhouse Street in Germantown
    The speed limit on Rittenhouse Street in Germantown is 25 MPH, people drive an average of 45 to 50 MPH. There are 4 churches and 2 daycare facilities within the 3 blocks from Germantown Avenue to Greene Street. There is no stop sign, speed bump or retribution for the hundreds of daily speeders. This is a residential area, we want to feel safe on our streets. Please help us to get a speed bump and a stop sign before someone really gets hurt.
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    Created by Cara Caputo
  • 9/11 First Responders
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided that the first responders (NYPD &NYFD) will not attend the 10th anniversary at Ground Zero. While they have not been invited for the past 9 nine years, they always showed up and were allowed to participate, not this year. There were no politicians running into the burning Towers to save lives that day, yet politicians have been invited. Tell Mayor Bloomberg that this needs to be changed and these heroes should be included.
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    Created by Virginia A Middleton
  • legalize home distillation
    Home distillation of alcohol for personal consumption should be legalized and regulated to the same effects as home brewing or wine making. This would create a new market for business investments, generate tax revenue for all levels of government, and stimulate a micro/craft movement similar to that which is enjoyed by brewers and wine makers . We are calling on our elected officials to help create new jobs by legalizing home distillation of spirits and alcohol.
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    Created by Michael Guittar
  • Equality for all Oklahomans!!!!! Stop the bigotry and lack of love and tolerance towards all LGBT
    We are no different than any other citizens. We work, pay taxes, and love just the same as other Oklahomans. It just so happens that we love people of the same gender. We deserve the equal rights to marry our loved ones. Most of all we should have support for the one's that their families disown because of ignorance and bigotry bestoyed upon them. We are always going to be around, and I for one am not moving to a state that is more loving and tolerant of gays. I plan to stay and fight!!!!
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    Created by Marc Holcomb
  • Responsibility with Rights Amendment
    Under Supreme Court rulings corporations, unions, PACS, and other associations are allowed to throw as much money in political campaigns as they like, corrupting our political processes. Politicians are in a race for these funds, and in the process they trample our rights. We need an amendment to the US constitution to limit the activities of such groups.
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    Created by John H. Fowler
  • Support expiration of Bush era tax cuts
    It will show that many, or even most, Americans would be glad to see the expiration of Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest and closing loopholes for wealthiest individuals and corporations for the good of our country, reducing our deficit, and funding important social programs, education.
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    Created by Susan Brown
  • Unfair Production Standards
    Your signature is to help protest the unfair harassment and production standards that the United Parcel Service is imposing on our bargaining unit members. Help us stop the war on workers with this simple step to organize and let our voices be heard. So please invite your friends and family to join us in this cause as well!
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