• Corporations are not People.
    To effect the changes needed to reclaim our democracy we need to defeat Corporate America’s attack on our freedoms, and the best place to start is by making sure corporations, or any other organizations, do not enjoy the rights of "natural people"; it is the key to all of the others. This is not a Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, or Independent question; it is about preserving the America our forefathers fought so hard to create, and the legacy we have been entrusted to pass on to our kids. Put simply, if a few corporate power brokers own our politicians, and anonymous dollars are more powerful than votes, the great masses of Americans, including you and I, lose their right to “Government by and for the People”. To effect change, we all have to focus on this core issue. The unbelievable power and influence of big banks and other large corporations, their ownership of the majority of our news outlets, and the massive abuses some engage in, is that core. Together, we can counteract this financial power base with the power of our voices, and return control of our government to “real people”. Rather than continuing to allow both isles of Congress and the Supreme Court to legitimize the “power of the dollar”, together we can force them to re-focus on our rights as “natural people”. With this single step, everything else we need in order to regain the American dream becomes possible, and it all begins by passing a Constitutional Amendment that simply says "Corporations are not People". So I created a petition to our House of Representatives & Senate, as well as President Obama, which says: "It is my belief that Corporations are not People, and that a Constitutional Amendment making that simple statement should be enacted." Please step up and help protect our freedoms by signing the petition, and forwarding it to as many of your friends as you can. With your help we can all win!
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    Created by Fred Schwacke
  • Protect Montana from the Dirtiest Fuel in the World
    Tar sands oil is the dirtiest fuel in the world, and its corrosive nature makes pipeline ruptures more likely. But Canadian oil company TransCanada is asking the State Department for a permit to pump it through our backyards. Here in Montana, we are already seeing impacts due to proposed road expansions to make way for trucks carrying “mega-loads” through wild, scenic and recreation river corridors and wild places -- roads that also disrupt daily life in nearby communities. Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to reject the permit for Keystone XL.
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    Created by Bob Clark
  • Lift Cuban Embargo
    We need to put pressure on the President, and congress, to lift the Embargo on Cuba, and begin to treat Cuba as a normal nation-state. The 'Cold War' is over, there is no threat to the United States from Cuba, nor are they a part of any anti-american movement. Yet, we continue to force their citizens to live in abject poverty, without any mandate from the United Nations, or any other international force, giving us the authority to do so. I have learned much about the Cuban society, through friends who have traveled there, and they have made many valueable contributions to art, music and literature, not to mention american professional athletics, despite the horrible state of affairs there, for which our embargo is chiefly to blame. The embargo expires in September of this year. We must act NOW, to ensure that the President hears our voice on this matter at the right time!
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    Created by Carl Cafagna
  • Senate Republicans: Protect the Universities
    The Michigan House Republicans recently approved an amendment to the House bill on education funding written by Rep. David Agema: the amendment proposes that the state subtract 5% from the state funding of any university that offers health insurance coverage for employees who live with another adult outside of marriage. At a time where the state allocation is already set to be cut by a fifth or more, the amendment violates the universities' budgetary autonomy, interferes with their academic freedom, and penalizes all unmarried couples, particularly those who are not allowed to marry in the first place. The bill still needs to be reconciled with the Senate version. Please petition the Michigan Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, to oppose this nasty piece of legislation.
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    Created by Stella Sunstein
  • Protect Our Land and Water from the Dirtiest Fuel in the World
    Tar sands oil isn’t like regular crude oil, and its corrosive nature makes pipeline ruptures more likely. But Canadian oil company TransCanada is asking the State Department for a permit to pump it through our backyards, and menacing landowners who get in their way. The proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline cuts a Texas aquifer that supplies water to 60 counties. Yet TransCanada has brushed aside concerns from local residents worried about their water, and threatened landowners that don’t want the pipeline crossing their land with eminent domain. Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that we will not allow a foreign oil company to dictate what we do with our land.
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    Created by Brittany Dawn McAllister
  • Protect South Dakota from the Dirtiest Fuel in the World
    Tar sands oil is the dirtiest fuel in the world, and its corrosive nature makes pipeline ruptures and other problems more likely. But Canadian oil pipeline company TransCanada is asking the US State Department for a permit to pump millions of gallons of this oil each day through South Dakota farms, ranches, grasslands and groundwater, and across rivers and streams. The proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline cuts through the Ogallala Aquifer, putting 80% of the region’s drinking water at risk of contamination. Moreover, TransCanada has gained a reputation for bullying landowners and understating risks. Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to reject the permit for Keystone XL.
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    Created by Pete Carrels
  • Support the California Dream Act (AB 130 & AB 131)
    Each year, an estimated 24,000 undocumented students graduate from high school in California. Many of these students, defying the odds that predicted their failure, achieved academic excellence and gained admission to the best public universities and colleges of our nation. However, their ineligibility for financial aid and inability to seek employment precludes them from affording the one opportunity to earn a college degree and fulfill a dream. Most of these students were brought to this country at a very young age by their parents and have been raised in the United States just as their U.S. citizen classmates. The CA Dream Act would reduce the financial burden that “AB 540” students face by allowing them the ability to apply and receive financial aid in California. These are the state’s most vulnerable students who have worked hard to exceed expectations, achieve higher than average grade point averages, and overcome many obstacles. These students are valedictorians, class presidents, and star athletes. Through their hard work and perseverance, these students have earned the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education, and their accomplishments should not be disregarded or their futures jeopardized because of their legal status. The legislature and governor should pass and sign the California Dream Act (AB 130 and AB 131).
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    Created by Assembly Member Gilbert Cedillo
  • Save Puerto Rico from the Green Gas Pipe Line
    This gas pipeline will be a menace to the population, animals, plants, archeological sites, water, aquifers, air, etc. We should care because whatever hurts the environment in one nation affects everybody in the whole world. Governor Fortuno should take into account the well being of the population as a whole instead of his and his friends own selfish interests. We request that the Army Corp of Engineers take action in this matter.
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    Created by Hector Lopez
  • Change Medicare Part D
    Finding a less expensive cost for Medicare prescription drugs
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    Created by Joe Forgy
  • corporations are NOT people
    End corporations(big monies)control of our elections.Reverse the injustice of the supreme court's ruling on "citizens united".It rightfully should have been called "corporations united".With this ruling corporations are given the right to pump unlimited amounts of money into our elections in order to get the politicians elected who will do their bidding(without letting citizens know who paid for the add.
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    Created by Joyce Fowler
  • President Obama stop persecuting online card players
    The atty general is waisting millions of taxpayer dollers to harass online poker players who play with small amounts of their own money in the privacy of their own homes.This petition would ask the President to order the justice department to treat the UIGEA (unlawful internet gambling enforcement act) the same as the DOMA (defence of marriage act),a law that is unconstitutional because it violates personal freedom.
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    Created by Fred Craig
  • Tax Fracking Now
    Almost all gas-producing states impose a severance tax of some kind on natural gas drilling, because once the resource is gone, it's gone--and hydrofracturing can leave behind serious damage just as the coal industry did. A "frack tax" will make sure that Pennsylvania has the resources to respond to these challenges.
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    Created by Central Susquehanna Citizens Coalition (CSCC)