• Fix Google Privacy
    The Federal Trade Commission is now accepting public comments on a proposed privacy settlement with Google. We want the FTC to establish a Comprehensive Privacy Program for Google and other Internet companies. The FTC settlement applies to all Google products and services, including Gmail and Google Buzz. It bans Google from misrepresenting its privacy policies in the future, requires independent privacy audits every two-years for the next 20 years, and requires that Google institute a comprehensive privacy program to safeguard its users data and personal information. The deadline for public comments is Monday, May 2.
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    Created by Marc Rotenberg
  • Open your eyes! Say YES to The Tilted Kilt in Fountain Square.
    Businessman Ted Mavrakis has come under social and political cross-hairs for his desire to lease prime real estate space to The Tilted Kilt restaurant chain. The opponents of this plan have voiced their opinion, and are now asking the government to act in a way that will disallow this lease to happen. With recent mall foreclosures, excessive commercial vacancies, and a civic government that is littered with ineffectiveness and unaccountability, I am, just as many others are, deeply bothered by this. I refuse to watch the government make yet another foolish decision that will be detrimental to the business community. I refuse to let the voices of the few, who happen to be screaming the loudest, have their way once again. Mrs. Mayor, with all due respect, please take an objective look and see what is happening to our “downtown” area. We are in dire need of economic growth. We are in dire need of businesses that will drive traffic to the downtown area. You need to allow The Tilted Kilt to obtain their liquor license. Allow Mr. Mavrakis to lease his space by doing so, and let those who don't want to patronize this establishment dine elsewhere. I am hoping to gather 4000 signatures in support of growth in the downtown area, in agreement that the local government needs to realign itself behind the fledgling business community, and in support of Mr. Mavrakis untarnished track record in this town.
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    Created by Eric Young
  • California: Make Education Funding Happen!
    California is considering more drastic cuts to education. This state is already one of the lowest when it comes funding. We can not afford to lose any more and take even deeper cuts.
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    Created by Dave Henderson
  • Save Benton Harbor from Emergency Financial Manager
    Appointment of Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) disenfranchises Benton Harbor voters by stripping power away from officials they elected. Appointment of EFM places an onerous burden on the already stressed finances of Benton Harbor by forcing the city to pay $12,000 a month for EFM. Appointment of EFM creates an anti-democracy situation that further weakens the basic tenets of our free society.
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    Created by chucktyler3
    America’s own worst enemy is its corpocracy, the Devil’s marriage between big business and our twin political parties. It is ruling and ruining America. Among advanced countries America has the greatest income inequality; highest unemployment; greatest insecurity over putting food on the table; lowest life expectancy at birth; and largest prison population (minus unaccountable corporate criminals). The corpocracy has also shrunk the middle class; catered to the wealthy elite; left millions of Americans without health insurance coverage; and has started endless, unwinnable, costly wars for profit and power that snuff out millions of lives, fuel terrorism against America, and sacrifice the general welfare. Our nation’s founders didn’t like corporations or political parties. Corporations were not mentioned in our Constitution. The America today is not what our founders envisioned, and they would be horrified if they were to return. The Constitution was meant to promote the general welfare of the American people, not corporate and political welfare. The corpocracy is extremely powerful and has powerful allies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The corpocracy’s opposition is weak and divided. The only way to end the corpocracy is to unite its opposition. There are many NGOs with millions of members opposed to the corpocracy, but they are not united.
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    Created by Gary Brumback
  • Please Support a DMS Soccer Program
    We're calling on Dunmore Residents to show support of a Middle School Soccer Program
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    Created by Kym Fetsko
  • Frack View! AKA ~Flaming Drinking water IS NOT SAFE!
    People are encountering unsafe drinking water as a result of the practice of fossil fuel extraction called "Hydrofracking". "Hydrofracking" is when a person pumps 250 chemicals into the ground water and then blows up the rock layers underground to get the gas. This releases natural gasses into the water which makes Toxic (unsafe) and Flaming (also unsafe) drinking water. We know this is not safe for the residents of any community. The Clean drinking water act is in place to protect us from exactly this kind of abuse and exploitation. Somehow gas and oil companies have bought themselves an exemption from this protection of all of our shared water , even with the evidence and the knowledge that they are corrupting our drinking water. See gasland the movie for more first hand eyewitness accounts Here is a link to questions and answers about fracking and hydrofracking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agEYLbUQAeI The exemption must be repealed. Our representatives must represent our interests and come together to protect Americans from this invasion by foreign or domestic resource exploitation or be replaced as incompetent or unable to represent our interests when faced with the fossil fuels industry and its coercive power.
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    Created by omshaiya
  • Corporate Criminal Liability
    This petition is about holding corporations CRIMINALLY liable as opposed to merely getting fined or paying off a lawsuit when they damage the health and finances of people and the environment but claim to have "not known" that their product could wreak such havoc when scientific or email evidence tells us otherwise.
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    Created by Elizabeth Barris
  • Don't Cut Taxes on Rich to Balance Budget
    Paul Ryan's budget proposal cuts programs that many people depend on while simultaneously cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations at a time when their taxes are already lower than they have been for the greater part of a century. This is quite simply taking from the poor to give to the rich and is unacceptable. The petition is not to request tax hikes or that programs not be cut, there are other petitions for those things. This petition is simply saying to all members of congress (Republican, Democrat, and Independent) that if they support a budget plan that cuts both taxes for the wealthy and programs for average Americans they will have forfeited our vote when they come up for reelection.
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    Created by Brandon Pollard
  • Hands Off Medicare!!
    Congress Plan to change Medicare to a voucher system is very scary to say the least!! Medicare now functions better & more efficiently than any employer health insurance that I had during 40 years in workforce. So, Congress keep hands off!!
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    Created by Marilyn Hankins
  • Allow Teen Voting on NYC Community Boards
    NYC Community Boards are advisory bodies which could benefit from the input of informed and engaged teens on youth related issues. At the present time, 16 and 17 year olds can participate as non-voting public members. Revision of the NYS Public Officers Law would allow them to become appointed, voting members, giving recognitiont to their contributions, and benefitting communities with enlightened youth contribution.
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    Created by Al Kurland
  • Pass HR589 Tier I Unemployment Extension for 99ers
    The long-term unemployed need help to survive now. We need to speak out with one voice to urge the President and Congress not to abandon those who have no income through no fault of their own. Foreclosure, homelessness, hunger, unmet medical needs and even suicide are our reality.
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    Created by RC deWinter