• Cameras in slaughter-houses
    Every day it happens in slaughter-houses, machines or workers don’t work properly. That causes unnecessarily pain and suffering for the dying animals. To make sure and prove, that slaughter-companies and workers obey the law, have cameras installed in each killing sector. The films should be controlled every day by different veterninarians. The prove should be kept in archives.
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    Created by Martina Patterson
  • Federal Budget Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
    Proposed: The Constitution should be amended to require Congress to have the next year's Federal Budget on the President's desk for signing by midnight on the 10th working day prior to the end of the current fiscal year. Further, the amendment should stipulate that if Congress fails to deliver this budget on time as required, no member of Congress is allowed to stand for re-election at the expiration of his/her term. This would hold for both federal budgets of a Representative's term and all 6 budgets of a Senator's term.
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    Created by Tim Krupa
  • Prop. 13 Rollback in California
    In the late 70's conservative groups bankrolled "Prop. 13" that reduced property taxes, and mandated that any tax increases in Ca. required a 2/3 vote in the legislature. Since then the result has been devastating for schools and social programs in the state. There is now a $26 B. deficit in the state. A change to the concept of "majority rule" of 50% vote is needed.
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    Created by Stan Jones
  • Ban the Mercury "Silver" Dental Filling
    Dental Amalgam Fillings contain 50% Mercury, a known neurotoxin. Continued use of the "silver" filling is toxic to humans and the environment, causing undiagnosed health problems to millions of people. Dental offices are one of the biggest sources of mercury pollution. Mercury Dental Products are not necessary and are a result of corporate interests. As Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Canada has done, we are calling on Congress for legislation to ban the dental mercury filling.
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    Created by Dori Rota
  • Save Social Security
    Unemployment is at an all time high for the nation. There is a large number of persons 50-75 who are still able to work but cannot find work. This is going to result in a larger than normal early applications for Social Security Benefits. As we know Social Security is already in financial trouble, so hire a senior to forestall the drain on Social Security Benefits.
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    Created by Shirley Shepard
  • End Corn Ethanol Subsidies
    Agricultural subsidies for corn predominantly go to large corporate farms. Ethanol from corn is creates tax credits to refineries to add to our gasoline. This combined, costs several billion dollars per year. The amount of fuel and chemicals that are required to grow corn, create a negative impact on our clean air.
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    Created by Manuel F Gonzalez
  • Cable News: Give Us the True Unbiased Information We Need for a Healthy Democracy.
    Journalism plays a vital role in Democracy. Any leader will make bad decisions if unable to access good information. In a Democracy, the people lead. The news has a responsibility to the people first, not their profit margin.
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    Created by Sherry
  • Stop Excluding Gays from Blood Drives
    Often, blood-banks or other organizations will have a specific question about sexual contact between two men, and answering such a question in the affirmative can make a possible donor ineligible for donation! This promotes negative stereotypes and stigma about gay people and venereal diseases or, worse, HIV/AIDS. This should not be relevant as long as it was protected!
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    Created by Rebecca Evans
    For-profit corporations and large "non-profit" organizations have co-opted our democracy, dominating our elections and our legislators, and controlling our "government by and for the people." Special interest groups, money, and bribery, now rule. Our legislators must have the moral courage to forego campaign finance funding and special interest lobbying, and turn once again to serving the people who live, die and vote for them. We must have public funding of all Federal and State elections, and must outlaw the legal bribery of "private campaign finance".
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    Created by HANK RODGERS
  • Public Funding of Elected Officials
    Enact public funding of legislator's campaigns by a 28th amendment to the Constitution. Citizens best interests will not be honestly represented until private funding is eliminated from public official's campaigns and non persons are permanently 'de-personated'. This must be done by enacting a 28th amendment to our Constitution otherwise, the issue will be fought repeatedly in Congress. Publicly funding all election campaigns during a presidential election cycle will cost less than $45 per registered voter, and less for off cycle elections - cheap for real representation. Sign the petition and tell our representatives we demand the end of the biggest conflict of interest on this planet - the flagrant purchase of our elected officials by those who stand to profit by that purchase.
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    Created by Norm Norton
  • Motorcycle Lane Only
    Everyday as I drive our busy freeways I pray for the safety of motorcyclist. When I read about how many have died or been injured I wonder why we don't have MOTORCYCLE ONLY LANE. Splitting lanes with cars & trucks is extremely dangerous. Please sign Petition for MOTORCYCLE ONLY LANE.
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    Created by Estella Roethler
  • Block AT&T takeover of T-mobile and consumer choice
    There is already not enough choice in the mobile phone market as evidenced by poor consumer satisfaction with their phone service and high prices. AT&T has done little to allay consumer complaints about their slow network and dropped calls. How can one believe that their takeover of T-mobile will result in better service for consumers when then can't keep their present house in order?
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    Created by Arun Jain