• Testing R
    This is a test of the letter R. It is only a test.
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Testing R
    R is a great letter.
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Gov. John Kaisch must be removed from office
    John Kaisch has consistently displayed his reckless policies that are destroying families all across the State of Ohio. He must be stopped immediately. So, therefore, we are initiating a petition to have him recalled.
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    Created by Dr. Mark Haynes
  • Support MJ Legalization in Maine
    Rep. Diane Russell has introduced legislation to fully legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. This petition supports the legislation and encourages legislators to vote in favor of responsibly ending the prohibition.
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    Created by Rep. Diane Russell Picture
  • Amend the Constitution of Ohio
    Should the voters have the ability to recall elected state officials?
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    Created by DL Thomas
  • Lebanon Selectmen - Record You're Meetings!
    Presently Selectmen meet at workshops and do not keep minutes and the minutes from evening minutes may be vague and or lacking. This petition is to require recording of ALL Town boards and to have the audio and or video recordings placed online so residents may listen and or view to them on-demand. Recording is done by a great majority of towns and to implement this simple process is very inexpensive. It could also serve to protect the town in the case of a he said she said situation. It will provide much greater transparency and access for residents. Selectmen should take the quickest path to implement for example start audio recording while awaiting a more complex video solution.
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    Created by Glen Stadig
  • Stop House Cuts-Tax the Rich
    The House has a radical agenda to reduce spending in vital programs, reduce jobs while keeping the Bush Tax cuts for the rich in Place. It is time to tell our government exactly where our priorities are
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    Created by Leigha Cohen
    I hereby write to inform the united state,president of the united state,house of representative,members of the congress the united state senators,Gorvnor jerry brown of california the house of assembley and california state senators all legislative arms of the united state,secretary of state and secretary of home land security,Hillary clinton and jannet napolitano,Senior officers of the department of state and home land security This is to inform you taht a couple of time i have filed application for united state passport,and by october 5th 2010 i paid 135 dollars to LAGOS acs AT THE CONSULATE GENERALS OFFICE IN LAGOS NIGERIA sUBMITTED ALONGSIDE MY PASSPORT APPLICATION WAS PROOF OF MY US CITIZENSHIP BASED ON HOW MUCH RELATIONSHIP I HAVE WITH THIS COUNTY,I DESERVED TO BE TREATED HUMANITARIANLY,I HAVE SUBMITTED TO LAGOS ACS MY SEARCH CERTIFICATE AND A VOTERS CARD MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO LA SIERRA UNIVERSITY WHICH CLASS BEGIN BY APRIL 4TH tH
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  • Maine Needs A Citizen Recall Process
    Maine does not have any political process for citizens to recall elected officials, unlike 18 other states. The Maine state constitution provides for impeachment, a legal process, but its never been used to remove a civil officer. If elected officials are not doing the job they were elected to do, why should they stay in office?
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    Created by Cynthia Dill
  • Cameras in slaughter-houses
    Every day it happens in slaughter-houses, machines or workers don’t work properly. That causes unnecessarily pain and suffering for the dying animals. To make sure and prove, that slaughter-companies and workers obey the law, have cameras installed in each killing sector. The films should be controlled every day by different veterninarians. The prove should be kept in archives.
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    Created by Martina Patterson
  • Federal Budget Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
    Proposed: The Constitution should be amended to require Congress to have the next year's Federal Budget on the President's desk for signing by midnight on the 10th working day prior to the end of the current fiscal year. Further, the amendment should stipulate that if Congress fails to deliver this budget on time as required, no member of Congress is allowed to stand for re-election at the expiration of his/her term. This would hold for both federal budgets of a Representative's term and all 6 budgets of a Senator's term.
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    Created by Tim Krupa
  • Prop. 13 Rollback in California
    In the late 70's conservative groups bankrolled "Prop. 13" that reduced property taxes, and mandated that any tax increases in Ca. required a 2/3 vote in the legislature. Since then the result has been devastating for schools and social programs in the state. There is now a $26 B. deficit in the state. A change to the concept of "majority rule" of 50% vote is needed.
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    Created by Stan Jones