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    Created by JILL MCCARTNEY
  • Build DC Solar--Don't Let Green Power Die
    The future of solar power in DC is on the chopping block. The fledgling solar community and green businesses in Washington need your help. PEPCO is getting their renewable credits (SRECs) from outside of DC instead of from clean energy on the grid right here in DC--including more solar panels. The impact has been devastating--threatening to shutter green businesses, kill jobs and make it too expensive to put solar on more rooftops in DC. But a good bill currently under consideration in the DC Council will change that--requiring PEPCO to use homegrown renewable power at no additional cost to taxpayers. The bill would make it possible for solar to become more affordable too. Unfortunately the bill has been stalled for more than a month without any action while these green businesses contemplate cutbacks. We urge the DC City Council to pass the Distributed Generation Amendment Act of 2011 to help put more solar on the rooftops of our nation's capital. Please sign the petition and they will be delivered to all of the members of the DC City Council. Please SIGN the petition and tell your friends. Post it to Facebook after you sign too.
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    Created by Anya Schoolman
  • Ohioans need the right to remove John Kasich from office
    In November 2010 John Kasich was elected governor with less than 50% of the vote. In December he told Ohioans they could either get on his bus or get run over by it. Turns out he wasn't kidding. Today, hundreds of thousands of dedicated public employees, including first responders and teachers, have been run over by Kasich's bus. Hard-working, middle class Ohioans have been stripped of their collective bargaining rights thanks to the passage of Senate Bill 5, just so Kasich can preserve tax cuts for the richest Ohioans. Public employees aren't the only people Kasich has run over. He and the Republican legislature are trying to make it harder for the poor, minorities, students and the elderly to vote. His budget undermines public education, makes college more expensive for working and middle class families, and picks the pockets of libraries and local communities. In Wisconsin, where a radical, anti-union, anti-middle class governor is following Kasich's lead, people have the right to recall dangerous state officials. Unfortunately, Ohioans don't have the right to run Kasich out of office because state law does not permit recall of the governor and other state officials. The time has come to change the law! Sign the petition in support of Representatives Mike Foley and Bob Hagan's legislation to give Ohio the right to recall radical extremists like John Kasich. Let's give Ohioans the right to put Kasich back on his bus and drive him out of Columbus.
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    Created by Mike Foley
  • Floridians Deserve The Right To Recall
    Florida law currently allows for the recall of local elected officials, but there is no provision to allow for the recall of state officials, unlike 18 other states. Engaged citizens deserve the tools to hold their public servants accountable without having to wait for the next election! (Note: This petition is an expression of political support for the recall legislation and not an official document for recall purposes. It also allows us to keep you informed on future recall news.)
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    Created by Rick Kriseman
  • Stop Pennsylvania's billion-dollar cut to education
    Sign our petition to stop massive cuts to funding for elementary, secondary, and higher education in Pennsylvania. This petition is sponsored by Penn ACTION (http://pennaction.org) and Education Voters PA (http://educationvoterspa.org).
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    Created by Marc Stier
  • State Legislators: Give up your government-funded health care until you restore health care for t...
    The budget passed by the Arizona legislature and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer slashes Medicaid funding by $510 million, cutting off health care for more than 160,000 people--while also giving corporations more than $538 million in tax breaks. If Arizona Republicans are going to cut off health care for poor families, they should give up their own taxpayer-funded health insurance.
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    Created by Arizona Progress ACTION
  • Test thyself, olé!
    before thou wreckest thyself, guy. Indubitably.
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  • Ensure pay for our military personnel regardless of a government shut down.
    As two parties from with in the government fail to reach a conclusion on new policy for what ever the reason, it should be understood that a "Government Shut Down" shall not affect the paychecks that our military personnel depend on.
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    Created by Christopher Richert
  • Replace Obama with a Democrat or kiss my vote goodbye!
    President Obama has spurned his mandate and cemented the worst of the Bush legacy, filling his administration with corporate insiders, making backroom deals with industry special interests, and readily conceding every battle to the far right. Right-wing, corporatist "Democrats" like Mr. Obama will continue to take our vote for granted and ignore America’s needs UNLESS we make it crystal clear that we WILL abandon them in 2012 (a Bush-Lite Democrat who lulls the country to sleep while savaging the middle class and curtailing our civil liberties is NOT the “lesser” of two evils).
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    Created by James ODonnell
    The Speaker of the Florida House, Dean Cannon, admonished Representative Scott Randolph for using the word "uterus" on the House floor, as if "uterus" is a dirty word. This is especially outrageous considering that this year alone, the Florida House has proposed 18 anti-choice bills. Speaker Cannon wants to restrict what women can do with their bodies, but he doesn't want to talk about it. We're asking for your help. Sign this petition to let Speaker Cannon know that "uterus" is not a dirty word.
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    Created by Scott Randolph
  • Austerity
    Elected representatives should demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice along with the people they represent by foregoing their taxpayer provided health care insurance and by also foregoing their taxpayer provided pension benefits. Let them be true free market worshipers.
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    Created by Bill Durst
  • I want transit options from Lewiston-Auburn to Portland, Maine
    Portland Maine has the jobs. Lewiston-Auburn has the workforce and reasonable real estate prices. How can these 2 economic hubs be connected? A reliable, accessible transit solution is needed, but our lawmakers question the need for it. This is your chance to let them know that the need is real, the need is now.
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    Created by Jane West