• Tell Congress: Release the CIA Torture Report
    After 9/11, the CIA detained and tortured — including beating, chaining to the ceiling, locking in coffins, and waterboarding detainees to the brink of death — over 100 Muslim men in “black site” prisons around the world. That period is a stain on human history. While Congress authorized a full investigation, the resulting full, unredacted 7,000-page CIA Torture Report has yet to be released to the public. Until we know the truth, there is no way to achieve full justice for survivors and victims of CIA torture and detention. Worse, there is also no way to make sure it will never happen again. Will you urge your members of Congress to release the unredacted CIA Torture Report to the public now?
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  • Speaker Pelosi: Please Start A Discharge Petition For H.R. 4363, For A Vote
    Americans living overseas are subject to a separate and substantially more punitive tax code than stateside Americans. This is grossly unfair. Furthermore, the United States government has demonstrated little to no concern about the well-being of its overseas diaspora. As a result, many false narratives from many sources have surfaced that mischaracterize the real situation on the ground. H.R. 4363 should layout what is really going on and set the record straight. It is vitally important Congress act on this legislation to safeguard the lives of millions of Americans abroad from financial ruin.
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  • Save the People of Iran
    Iran has become a hostile country for over 80 million people. Iranians are being treated unjustly. They are being beaten, tortured, arrested and killed by government officials for protesting and fighting for their human rights.
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  • Tell Congress to vote NO on funding more nuclear weapons!
    Hawks in Congress are working overtime to pour billions of dollars into apocalyptically dangerous weapons like the unnecessary nuclear sea-launched cruise missile (SLCM-N) and the outdated B83 megaton bomb. This backward thinking only accelerates a nuclear arms race to the bottom that could end the world as we know it — and with the war raging in Ukraine, that thinking is the exact opposite of what we need to promote peace. Thankfully, it’s not a done deal. Negotiations are still underway in Congress around the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a must-pass bill that sets the spending priorities for over three-quarters of a TRILLION dollars. We’re doing everything we can to draw a line in the sand that sends a loud and clear message: No more nukes. This is a fight we can win — and we need you with us. Sign our petition right now to tell Congress to vote NO on funding more nuclear weapons!
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  • Don’t leave Afghan until everyone in jeopardy is evacuated!
    To Save 10,000s of lives. Demonstrate to the world that the US doesn’t abandon its citizens or allies.
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  • Tell Joe Biden to nationalize the South Dakota National Guard and send them back to South Dakota
    Gov. Kristi Noem used private funds to send the South Dakota National Guard to the border. That makes them military for hire: mercenaries. Further, welcoming people fleeing persecution at the point of a gun isn't the America I want to live in. Joe Biden is the commander-in-chief of every state's National Guard. His authority supersedes any governors'. Biden can nationalize the South Dakota National Guard, bring them back from their border deployment, and end the mercenary precedent set by Gov. Noem. In 1954, Eisenhower nationalized the Arkansas National Guard during the "Little Rock Nine" Crisis. In 1963, JFK nationalized the Alabama National Guard during the "standoff at the school door" crisis. Biden can do the same with your support.
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  • End the racist Department of Justice China Initiative
    This type of racist witch hunt is diametrically opposed to US values and interests: It is unjust, plain and simple, because it targets people based on their ethnicity rather than any evidence of criminal behavior. It validates and exacerbates racist attitudes toward Asian Americans. It undermines the spirit of openness and collegiality that has made US S&T research and development the envy of the world. President Biden: You cannot say you oppose racism toward AAPI people while your Justice Department carries out a national campaign of racial profiling and harassment of AAPI people!
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  • Tell Procter & Gamble to end workers abuses on palm oil plantations
    A 16-year-old girl working on palm oil plantations in Indonesia told the Associated Press that her boss took her to a remote part of the estate and suddenly grabbed her arm and started pawing her breasts, throwing her to the jungle floor. Then he held the ax to her throat, spit on her, and raped her. “He threatened to kill me,” she said softly. “He threatened to kill my whole family.” This story is just one of many -- women working on palm oil plantations are enduring horrific working conditions: From free labor to exposure to toxic pesticides to rape. And Procter & Gamble, like many other beauty brands, have blood on their hands as they source from producers that operate like modern-day slavery. Rainforest Action Network (RAN) investigations found that labor abuses regularly occur even on plantations that supply mills bearing the green palm stamp for sustainable palm oil. Procter & Gamble is one of the world’s biggest palm oil users, and despite year after year of its palm oil suppliers being exposed for labor abuses, it has failed to ensure palm oil workers are protected. We ask P&G to: 1) Enforce and monitor the worker protection standards for all its palm oil suppliers 2) Apply full transparency and proof that workers rights are being respected instead of relying on inadequate; certification schemes and allowing offenders to hide from public scrutiny If we expose a global giant like Procter & Gamble and make them shift big time, it will send ripple effects through the industry and all the others might follow suit.
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  • Delay appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice
    We should not have a defeated President naming a Justice for life in the last few months of his term. McConnell blocked Obama’s Garland appointment in Obama’s last YEAR.
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  • Trump's Treason
    We need to prevent President Trump from aligning our country with Russia which has some kind of plan for America. Trump is Putin's stooge as Russia helped get him elected in 2016. Also, it has been reported that Trump doesn't want to hear anyone say negative things about Putin: Trump would throw a fit. We can't risk anymore degradation of our country in favor of Russia and the Taliban.
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  • Ban the LGBTQ+ Panic Defense
    Hi! I'm Madeline i recently wrote an appeal to get the lgbtq+ panic defense banned What's the lgbtq+ panic defense? “The LGBTQ+ panic defense strategy (also called the ‘gay panic defense’ or ‘trans panic defense’) is a legal strategy that asks a jury to find that a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity/expression is to blame for a defendant’s violent reaction, including murder. It is not a free-standing defense to criminal liability, but rather a legal tactic used to bolster other defenses. When a perpetrator uses an LGBTQ+ panic defense, they are claiming that a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity not only explains — but excuses — a loss of self-control and the subsequent assault. By fully or partially acquitting the perpetrators of crimes against LGBTQ+ victims, this defense implies that LGBTQ+ lives are worth less than others.”So i assume you're pretty horrified something like this exists, well you can do something abt it. You could sign my petition!
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