• COVID-19 Universal Emergency (CUE)
    We need to reclaim our humanity, together, right now, once and for all in the history of our species! Universalist Emergency across the planet is being applied. The USA has the means and ability to show the planet how we begin the new world - we do not need another war against each other to come together against full economic collapse or even extinction. As our world is changing, the most creative thinkers on the planet are immediately influenced by this planetary crisis. It is now a revelation what humanity must do to handle the tidal wave of events to come and forever in the future. 10 years of this should help the whole species on every continent will have its’ first chance to design the world we all wanted as children and for our children. Allowing for these horrific world conditions to resonate psychologically, is horrific but with compassion through our very tight communication-information infrastructures of 2020, the economic relationships we have now, do not require us to repeat the history of the 1930's. I personally work in the corporate trade-show ballroom audio-video industry in Manhattan, NY, USA and all my part time scheduled work has been cancelled due to COVID19 terror. However, many people in my field have helped me draft this petition. We are the solution to this confusion: COVID-19 UNIVERSAL EMERGENCY [NOW] !
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  • Sign Our Letter to Vice President Biden: We Have Some Plans for That
    Inclusion We first urge you to approach the problems that face our country using an intersectional equity lens. Challenges compounded by race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability are present at every level from health care to housing to climate change to education. Addressing these needs must be at the center, not the sidelines, of our government’s policy goals. We also point to Senator Warren’s—and Secretary Castro’s—practice of bringing activists with direct knowledge of and experience with these needs to the table. We ask that you not only follow that example and use these on-the-ground experts to help shape your policies, but also that you appoint them to key roles in your administration. Personnel is policy. Corruption Senator Warren framed her campaign around dismantling the corrupt channels that perpetuate structural inequity and prevent any meaningful reform. Your plan to establish the Commission on Federal Ethics aligns with Senator Warren’s proposed U.S. Office of Public Integrity, which would oversee efforts to restore transparency to our government. We ask that you go further: support a ban on professional lobbying by any former president, vice president, cabinet secretary, federal judge, or member of Congress. We ask also that you make passage of a constitutional amendment to limit campaign contributions—nullifying Citizens United—a top priority. We must have trust in our government, and that begins with ensuring our officials and elections cannot be bought. Immigration We applaud your commitment to a moratorium on deportations during your first 100 days as president, but further action is needed to eliminate the cruelty and abuse perpetrated in the name of immigration enforcement. We need comprehensive reform of our immigration justice system, and we must start with decriminalizing immigration. To prevent future abuses, we urge you to commit to the establishment of professional, independent Article I immigration courts, and to provide access to counsel in all immigration courts. You have condemned the horrific actions of the Trump administration at the border. We urge you to adopt Senator Warren’s plan for a Department of Justice task force to investigate and prosecute all reported crimes committed against detained immigrants. Student Loan Debt The rising cost of tuition across the country means that many students are crushed by student loan debt—and it’s impacting our entire economy. Black students are particularly affected: they are more likely to have federal student loans and owe more than their original debt 12 years after finishing college. We are supportive of public service, but strongly believe that across-the-board college loan debt reduction is the best approach, especially for those with increased barriers (poor and working-class students, students with family obligations, and working students). We ask you to adopt Senator Warren's approach and cancel student loan debt through executive action, immediately enabling 95% of student loan debt holders to pursue their dreams. Universal Child Care Universal child care is an investment in working parents. It provides millions of children with access to quality care and early learning. It also creates millions of well-paying jobs for child care workers and early education teachers, many of whom are women of color. Research shows that every dollar spent on quality early education saves seven dollars in the long run. We encourage you to adopt Senator Warren’s plan, which mandates that universal child care be free to any family that earns less than 200% of the federal poverty line. Crucially, the plan also establishes a partnership between the federal government and local providers to offer a network of early childhood options—including child care and preschool centers—to every family. Equality for Americans with Disabilities You have a strong history advocating for Americans with disabilities through your work on the ADA, the ADAAA, IDEA, and VAWA. It is critical that you collaborate with disability rights leaders and advocates moving forward to form a comprehensive disability rights plan. We ask that you use Senator Warren’s plan for Protecting the Rights and Equality of Americans With Disabilities as a model. This includes our ask that you to commit to combating discrimination in the labor market and workplace, ending the subminimum wage, fully funding the Office of Disability Employment Policy, improving SSI and SSDI programs, breaking down barriers to marriage, providing national paid family and medical leave, improving critical elements of the long-term services, and supporting coverage to enable the right to live in the community. We also urge you to protect the civil rights of all Americans with disabilities, including decriminalizing poverty, addressing language deprivation for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and enforcing the ADA everywhere that it is applicable. We urge you to work with the disability rights community to incorporate key priorities relating to employment, housing, opioid medications, disaster preparedness, healthcare, education, equity in criminal justice, deinstitutionalization, and other key civil rights issues into your platform. Wealth Tax These plans have a price tag. We believe in fiscal responsibility—every American should pay their fair share. We believe ultra-millionaires, who benefit most from our country’s infrastructure, should invest a little more in our country. Therefore, we ask you to adopt Senator Warren’s two cent wealth tax, which requires those Americans lucky enough to have vast fortunes to pay a two cent tax on every dollar of net worth above $50 million. Over 10 years, this tax will raise an estimated $3.75 trillion that we can reinvest in working families by supporting education, childcare, family leave, and more. --- We invite you to join us in signing this letter to Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden.
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  • Tell Congress: Ban Landmine Use!
    The Trump administration is ending existing U.S. prohibitions against the use of landmines. Landmines have been internationally banned through the Mine Ban Treaty, signed by 164 countries in 1997. And rightly so. Landmines are extremely dangerous weapons — they disproportionately kill civilians, and remain long, long after a conflict ends. Today, Congress has the opportunity to not just block Trump from using landmines, but to push the U.S. to join the Mine Ban Treaty as well. And that will ONLY happen if we get loud enough and make our members of Congress act. NOW.
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  • Boycott the Saudi Dictator's #G20
    The G20 is the annual gathering of representatives of the world's largest economies. It is shocking that the Saudi dictatorship is hosting the G20 summit this year. Saudi Arabia is using this year's G20 to hide its horrible record of war, repression, and climate destruction. No one should participate in the Saudi G20 or any other Saudi-led event until the Saudi dictatorship fully embraces the following demands: 1. Freedom at home: Saudi Arabia must free women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul, end all internal repression, and release all prisoners of conscience. 2. End the Yemen war: Saudi Arabia must stop killing Yemeni civilians, lift the blockade on Yemen, and endorse a full ceasefire. 3. Cease its global repression: Saudi Arabia must stop targeting global dissidents and allow a full investigation of Saudi crimes, including the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. 4. Stop creating Middle East instability: Saudi Arabia must stop pushing for war with Iran, end its war in Yemen, and stop opposing democracy movements in the Middle East. 5. Climate crisis: Saudi Arabia must stop driving the global climate crisis through its destructive fossil fuel exports. No one should participate in the Saudi G20 or any other Saudi-led event until the Saudi dictatorship endorses and implements these demands.
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  • Tell Congress: Pence must step down as head of the U.S. response to the coronavirus!
    As fear of a global pandemic continues to escalate, Trump has announced that he assembled a team to lead the U.S. response — with Mike Pence as head of the task force. Gregg Gonsalves, assistant professor of epidemiology at Yale University, responded on Twitter: “It’s like putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department, a bank robber in charge of the U.S. Mint.” We couldn’t agree more. People’s lives are literally at stake and too many have already been sacrificed due to Pence’s disbelief in science and inability to lead on public health as governor of Indiana. The cost is simply too high. Trump and his cronies are concerned that this crisis will negatively impact their popularity — and we’ve got a critical moment to capitalize on their craven understanding of politics in order to make the U.S. (and the entire world, really) safer in the face of the potential coronavirus pandemic. It is beyond irresponsible to place someone who distrusts basic science and public health research at the head of the U.S. response to a virus that is quickly spreading across borders and negatively impacting everything from global trade to local school schedules. Tell Congress: Our public health deserves better than Mike Pence.
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  • #WTPP
    We need a presidential candidate running who will end the atrocities of citizens of the United States being stripped of their human and civil rights.
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    If he is allowed to be honored at the State of the Union as he walks in and is announced, and then gives the speech, as President, as if he has not been impeached by the House of Representatives, or as if nothing has happened, it would make a mockery of the event! He and the Senate have already made a mockery of our Constitution and our Democracy! Call The Speaker, Nancy Pelosi to say No State of the Union! 206-508-4051
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  • Stop Abusing Animals by throwing them out windows in China amid the CoronaVirus Epidemic!
    Animals are creatures with emotions, feelings, thoughts, and an innate spark of human life which most people do not observe. According to the laws of permaculture and preserving this planet, they must be treated with respect and love. Any acts of cruelty or intentional loss of life must be considered a crime punishable by law. https://pappsy.com/amid-coronavirus-panic-pet-owners-throw-away-cats-and-dogs-from-highrise-buildings-in-china/?fbclid=IwAR0llXX4q5BsZR7NLiVEhncaMN6_j1G0SYzB8vgAG3bJ8hDOPh_AFWnpARI
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  • No to Christian Support for the "Deal of the Century"
    Trump's "Deal of the Century" is a direct attack on the rights of the Palestinian people, one that would not be possible without Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the largest Israel lobby in the US. CUFI has spent over a decade laying the groundwork for these policies. With unyielding support for U.S. military funding to Israel, anti-BDS legislation, and settlement expansion, CUFI has been moving towards this moment since its inception. It is no surprise that CUFI's founder, John Hagee, a frequent guest to the White House over the past 4 years, attended Trump's announcement. With over 8 million members and consistent presence on Capital Hill, CUFI is intimately involved in strengthening conservative backing for Israel. Trump’s shameful attempts at suppressing Palestinian freedom would not be possible without them. We cannot allow CUFI’s influence to go unchallenged! Join me now in taking back our Christian Voice!
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  • John Bolton must take the stand
    John Bolton has made shocking new allegations about President Trump’s conduct in office. Now, he must take the stand to tell the Senate and the American people about what he knows. In his new manuscript, Bolton asserts that President Trump said he planned to delay security funding to Ukraine until an investigation into the Bidens was launched. He also reveals new details about how senior cabinet officials -- including Attorney General Barr and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney -- were involved in the scandal. This is a major clue as to why John Bolton was one of several witnesses that the White House blocked from cooperating with the House’s impeachment inquiry. The information he might reveal in his testimony could completely undermine Trump’s defense. And it’s possible that Bolton -- who allegedly once equated the Ukraine scandal to a “drug deal” -- would be a big crack in the dam, leading to more and more administration officials coming forward to tell the truth and avoid going down with Trump. Bolton has already stated that he’s “prepared to testify” in the impeachment trial. If the Senate blocks a credible, high-level witness like Bolton from taking the stand -- this trial will NEVER give the American people real answers or justice. Add your name to tell your senators: we deserve to hear what John Bolton has to say. Call on him to testify as part of Trump’s impeachment investigation.
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  • Help stop Fox News Fake Propaganda that’s dividing the United States
    The truth matters. Accurate and fact base news empowers all Americans. These conspiracy theories are Russian Conspiracy theories intended to tear our nation apart. Help us unit our country with by sponsoring fact based news.
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  • National Strike to Impeach Trump
    The very integrity of the United States and the Presidency are at stake. Our core values are being challenged and wrong is wrong. Period.
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