• Investigate Russian Bountygate
    If true, Donald Trump is complicit in the murder of member of the US Armed Forces. He must be made to testify on oath as to the counterintelligence he received that led him to believe the reports of the bounties are untrue. He must defend his position, or be held accountable for their deaths.
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    Created by Mike Heeley
  • Global Debt Cancellation, not Reduction and not Suspension
    Removing the pandemic from every country must be the priority of all nations. It is not possible to both pay debts and direct the necessary resources to defeat this pandemic, COVID-19.
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    Created by Enku Kebede-Francis
  • Demand your mail-in ballot
    Everything and everyone on Earth will be effected by the next Presidential election. If TRump steals the 2020 Election the entire planet is doomed. If Biden wins, we all (planet, species, humans) have a chance of survival and making things right for our kids and grandchildren.
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    Created by Amy Pincus Merwin
  • Remove Navy Secretary Thomas Modley
    It is important that we have leaders who take responsibility for their actions and inaction and not incompetent people like Thomas Modley who blame others for his own embarrassing, reckless, and tone deaf behavior
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    Created by Paul Durrell
  • Invoke The 25th Amendment: President Trump believes he is still on a reality TV show.
    President Trump's recent comments comparing his Presidential briefings on the deadly coronavirus pandemic with a reality show named "The Bachelor" is clear indication that he does not have a grasp of the reality of his surroundings or the seriousness of the current state of The Union. He appears to believe that he is still on a reality television show.
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    Created by Michael Davies
  • Demand Secretary Mnuchin suspend sanctions on Iran for 120 days
    The coronavirus doesn’t see borders. It doesn’t discriminate who it targets. If this tragic moment teaches us anything, it is that we are all connected — and in fighting this pandemic, we must all come together to survive. There are at least 18,000 people infected with COVID-19 in Iran and over 1,100 have already passed away – there’s good reason to think those numbers could be higher given the rate of the virus’ spread and the Iranian government’s tight censorship. As a community that cares about progressive foreign policy, we must reach across borders to push for sanctions on Iran to be suspended for at least 120 days. Steve Mnuchin, as Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, has the authority to suspend devastating sanctions on Iran that are impeding Iranian people’s ability to respond in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic.
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Dis-bar Attorney General William Barr
    Attorney General William Barr has falsely presented the findings of the Mueller Report to the American public, Mr. Barr has traveled to various other countries acting as an emissary for Donald Trump, President of the United States, and he has become involved in decreasing Federal sentencing guidelines for Roger Stone. We believe Mr. Barr is acting on behalf of the personal interests of President Trump and against the interests of the citizens of the United States who in this instance is his client.
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    Created by Linda Warzecha
  • Cancel the billions to Israel
    My moral and humane beliefs. My church and many other churches support BDS as do I
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    Created by Arlene Lundquest
  • Investigate Senator Ron Johnson for interfering in 2020 election
    Election interference is unacceptable. This needs to end. Furthermore, 75% of Americans demanded a fair Impeachment Trial and I, along with many other Wisconsin Constituents wrote and/or called Ron Johnson DAILY to demand he vote according to the will of Wisconsin...and he not only never responded nor acknowledged ANY of these demands, he voted in his own interest instead. Ron Johnson needs to resign and be investigated for ethics violations.
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    Created by Kathleen Ritter
  • Disbar Cippollone
    Without some consequence, this perversion of justice, the Constitution, and the separation of powers, will never be able to be rectified and our democracy and system of justice will be compromised possibly irrevocably.
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    Created by Elizabeth Davis
  • Stop the deportation of veterans and their families who have served honorable in the military.
    Any person who honorable serves this country were promised citizenship upon completion of their service. A person's family also serves when you serve in the military and should be given citizenship for their sacrifice.
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    Created by Mark Reich
  • Cancel 2020 State of the Union (SOU) Speech
    The decision of our U.S. Senate to not hold Trump accountable for his criminal activities will embolden him and Russia and will place our nation at risk. If allowed to speak from the only Chamber of our government that is holding him accountable, it will send a message to the world that our democracy has fallen. The world is watching us and we cannot be viewed as weak at this most critical time. We must press forward with taming our rogue President and the Republicans who conspire with him to destroy our nation.
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    Created by Cheri Tyner