• Foreign Interference in Federal Elections
    Because the Republicans are arguing in the impeachment proceedings that actions taken by persons outside of the United States to influence Federal elections are not a crime and therefore are not impeachable offenses under the Constitution.
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    Created by John Kontrabecki
  • No war with Iran
    I'm sick and tired of having our military personnel killed and/or maimed because some elected official, i.e. the sitting president, got an impulse to send our military personnel into an unauthorized war. I'm tired of paying for endless wars. We should only go to war if and when our Country is attacked and Congress authorizes such a military action.
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    Created by Myrna Swart
  • Stop another War by cancelling Trump's Twitter account
    We are now on the verge of a major war in the Middle East due to Trump's assassination of Iran's top military leader and further goading and threatening tweets. A war would kill countless Americans and people around the world.
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    Created by Melinda Armistead
  • Massachusetts: Stop Profiting From the Yemen War
    The state of Massachusetts is profiting from Saudi Arabia's brutal war in Yemen. How? The Massachusetts pension fund invests in companies that sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. Four of the biggest companies selling arms to the Saudi dictatorship are Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin. And Saudi Arabia has used these weapons to kill thousands of civilians in Yemen. Right now, the Massachusetts state legislature is considering a bill that would divest the state of Massachusetts pension fund from arms companies that sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. That legislation is Massachusetts House Bill 2349, introduced by MA State Rep. Denise Provost. The bill already has 20 sponsors. There are many ways to grow the Massachusetts state pension fund. We don't need to profit off of industries of death and destruction in order to take care of retired state employees who have devoted their careers to public service. FULL TEXT OF BILL H.2349: "Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, within 60 days of the effective date of this act, the Pension Reserves Investment Management Board established in section 23 of chapter 32 of the General Laws shall divest from the Pension Reserves Investment Trust Fund all stocks, securities and other obligations of any company selling weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, unless the company announces, within 30 days of the effective date of this act that it will not renew or enter into contracts for weapon sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." SOURCE: "Bill H.2349, An Act relative to pension divestment from companies selling weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," Viewed Nov. 11, 2019, https://malegislature.gov/Bills/191/H2349
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    Created by Sunjeev Bery Picture
  • Hey @Uber: Kick the Saudi Dictator Off Your Board of Directors
    Saudi Arabia is ruled by a brutal dictatorship that is destroying the planet with its massive oil exports. This dictatorship has invested $3.5 billion in Uber, and a representative of the dictator sits on the Uber board of directors. In a new interview with "Axios on HBO," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi called the murder of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi "a mistake" and compared it to Uber mistakes with self-driving cars. Khashoggi's death wasn't a "mistake" -- it was a murder. The person responsible for that murder is Saudi dictator Mohammed bin Salman, one of Uber's biggest shareholders through his Saudi Public Investment Fund. In his interview, Uber's CEO suggested that he did not know that the CIA had concluded that Saudi Arabia's dictator was directly involved in Khashoggi's murder. Facing public backlash, the Uber CEO later backtracked from his comments to Axios, issuing a written statement: "I said something in the moment that I do not believe. When it comes to Jamal Khashoggi, his murder was reprehensible and should not be forgotten or excused." But Uber's ties to the Saudi dictatorship go beyond the Uber CEO's on-air defense of the murder of Khashoggi. Saudi Arabia's dictatorship has placed Yasir Al-Rumayyan on the Uber board of directors. Al-Rumayyan is the managing director of the Saudi dictatorship's Public Investment Fund. Uber must remove the Saudi dictatorship from the Uber board and end the dictatorship's investments in the company. In addition to murdering Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi dictatorship has slaughtered thousands of civilians in Yemen, imprisoned women's rights activists, and jailed countless nonviolent human rights reformers. 1. "Governance, Uber Board of Directors," https://investor.uber.com/governance/default.aspx#bod 2. "Uber CEO calls Saudi murder of Khashoggi 'a mistake,' scrambles to backtrack," Axios, November 11, 2019, https://www.axios.com/uber-ceo-saudi-arabia-jamal-khashoggi-mistake-92865f2a-d97c-4d6a-b171-5e7c0a69e77a.html 3. "Uber Turns to Saudi Arabia for $3.5 Billion Cash Infusion," Mike Isaac and Michael J. de la Merced, The New York Times, June 1, 2016, https://www. nytimes.com/2016/06/02/technology/uber-investment-saudi-arabia.html
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  • Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Resign!
    Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, the Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and special representative to Iraq, should step down and apologize to the Iraqi protestors, who are demonstrating peacefully for weeks against their corrupt government and are still facing an atrocious crackdown from the Iran-backed Iraqi government. Hundreds are being killed every day by sarin gas or live bullets, and thousands of others are injured.
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    Created by Miaad Hassan
  • Leaders of G7: Decline to Stay at Trump Doral
    A few months ago, Donald Trump announced that he would like to hold next year's G7 summit at his Trump National Doral Resort in Miami. On 10/18/19, his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney confirmed that the plan is moving forward. Holding the event there would funnel millions of dollars into Donald Trump's pocket, since the resort would be filled with diplomats, staff, security, and many others. Our Constitution and basic decency require that the president not profit personally from his position, and especially that he not take payments from foreign governments. Trump is obviously not much moved by the law or basic decency, so we call on the other leaders of the G7 countries to insist that the US Constitution be respected and that the summit be held elsewhere.
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    Created by Karl Hoaglund
  • #Save the Kurds
    The Kurds have been our allies in the Middle East, fighting alongside us against Isis and other terrorist organizations for decades. They've done the brunt of the ground fighting in Syria. It is demoralizing for our soldiers to watch their brothers in arms die helplessly and from the inaction of their own government. This situation is directly attributable to Trump's actions and needs to be reversed immediately. The Turks are bent on exterminating the Kurds and repopulating the area where the Kurds have historically lived. DO NOT allow this to happen in the name of the American people. Demand that Congress take action to stop the slaughter of our Kurdish Allies IMMEDIATELY!!
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    Created by Carmen Carrion
  • Stop USA arms, soldiers and nuclear technology from moving to Saudi Arabia. Remember who financed...
    9-11 was a horrible attack brazenly on the people of the United States of America financed by the wealth of Saudi Arabian royalty. But a scant decade later, to fill his greedy pockets, Donald Trump, against the will of Congress and with no regard for the impact on We, The People, he is sending our soldiers, our military and nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. In exchange Trump will profit from real estate deals, profit from the corporations signing contracts with Saudi Arabia for this debacle, corporations already bribing Trump & his businesses. How can the United States Senate stand by and allow a sworn enemy to have our military might at their disposal? We MUST NOT be silent. Either Trump ceases to be a profiteering monster-in-charge or we must IMPEACH him NOW!
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    Created by Richard
  • Help the Syrian Kurds
    I am sickened by our betrayal of the Syrian Kurds. They have fought hard to protect their homeland and have made the world a safer place by fighting ISIS; In return, we have left them open to ethnic cleansing.
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    Created by Eileen Nathanson
  • Saudi Arabia: Stop blocking fuel to Yemen!
    In Yemen’s brutal civil war, Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship has used U.S. weapons to bomb and kill thousands of civilians. The Yemeni faction backed by the Saudi dictatorship is now blocking fuel transport ships from delivering their cargo to Yemeni society. As a result, new fuel shortages are threatening even more Yemeni lives. The Saudi-backed faction in Yemen is requiring exorbitant amounts of money as taxes before this fuel can be delivered. As a result, the cost of fuel in Yemen has doubled since September 2019. Multiple ships have been blocked from delivering their fuel. Without fuel, life is now even more miserable for Yemeni civilians. The problems now include: - New food and medicine shortages. - Fuel shortages for hospital generators. - Unprocessed sewage amidst a cholera epidemic. - Garbage that isn’t taken to landfills. - More unemployment for people desperate to work. The Saudi dictatorship and its allies in Yemen must stop blocking the delivery of fuel and end their exorbitant taxes on fuel imports to Yemen. The rival Houthi faction has also contributed to the humanitarian crisis, but this fuel tax was specifically created by the Saudi-backed government in Yemen. Yemeni people are facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Saudi Arabia and the Saudi-backed faction in Yemen must cancel the new fuel tax. Saudi Arabia and its military allies must end their horrible attacks on civilians in Yemen. Let the Yemeni people live. -- SOURCES -- “Cabinet Decree No. 49 of 2019 was successfully implemented,” Economic Committee of Yemen, September 13, 2019. https://ecyemen.com/announcements/1830/ “Lines as far as the eye can see: new fuel shortage hits Yemen,” Reuters, September 29, 2019. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-yemen-economy-fuel/lines-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see-new-fuel-shortage-hits-yemen-idUSKBN1WE0BF “Yemen fuel shortage: health concerns rise as rubbish piles up,” Al Jazeera, October 9, 2019. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/10/yemen-fuel-shortage-health-concerns-rise-rubbish-piles-191009061650943.html "Fuel Shortages Deepen Crisis in Yemen,” Save the Children, October 9, 2019. https://www.savethechildren.org/us/about-us/media-and-news/2019-press-releases/fuel-shortages-deepen-crisis-in-yemen-save-the-children
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  • Save the Kurds!
    We need to address that we action and accountability immediately.
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    Created by tiana trutna