• Sign on to DEMAND the U.S. military stand down and refuse illegal orders to oppress protestors.
    The Trump administration has shown a complete disregard for the Constitution, and openly plans to use violence against the people of this country. There’s nothing more unpatriotic than declaring war against Americans, especially when these protesters are calling on our country to live up to its highest ideals.
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    Why this is important is more than clearly delineated in the body of the petition itself.
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  • Support the People’s Vaccine!
    Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the entire world. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died (nearly 100,000 Americans alone), and the disease is spreading by the day. As long as vaccines and treatments remain unattainable, people will continue to get sick and die. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Oxfam has called on world leaders to come together, and take concrete steps to ensure that we find a vaccine for Coronavirus as quickly as possible. The leaders of South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, and Pakistan have already pledged their support to a People’s Vaccine, as has the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown. We are now calling on the White House and U.S. Congress to sign on and pledge full support for a People’s Vaccine. As per Oxfam’s People’s Vaccine campaign, the commitments include the following: ***A mandatory worldwide pooling of patents and sharing of all COVID-19-related knowledge, data and technologies in order to ensure that any nation can produce or buy affordable doses of vaccines, treatments and tests. ***The rapid establishment of an equitable global manufacturing and distribution plan for all vaccines, treatments and tests that is fully funded by rich nations and which guarantees transparent “at true cost prices” and supplies in accordance with need rather than the ability to pay. This would include urgent action to massively increase manufacturing capacity to produce the vaccines in sufficient quantities and train and recruit millions of health workers to distribute them. ***A guarantee that COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and tests are provided free of charge to everyone, everywhere, with priority given to frontline workers, vulnerable people, and poor countries with the least capacity to save lives. If U.S. leaders signed onto this agreement, the impact would be felt worldwide: It would open the door for more leaders of Western countries to support this agreement, as well. We will undoubtedly quicken the process of finding treatment for Coronavirus by all coming together and pooling together resources and knowledge -- hundreds of thousands of lives (and possibly more) would be saved, and immeasurable pain and suffering will have been prevented. More information: "World leaders unite in call for a people’s vaccine against COVID-19,” May 14, 2020. https://www.oxfam.org/en/press-releases/world-leaders-unite-call-peoples-vaccine-against-covid-19 "OPEN LETTER: Uniting Behind A People’s Vaccine Against COVID-19," Oxfam International, Medium, May 13, 2020. https://medium.com/@Oxfam/uniting-behind-a-peoples-vaccine-against-covid-19-87eec640976
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  • Fire Donald J. Trump
    We The People of the United States of America cannot tolerate an anti-democratic president who lies, abuses power, breaks the law, suppresses the truth, silences scientific experts, spreads propaganda, incites hatred and racism, refuses to lead in a responsible or thoughtful manner and refuses to act in the country’s best interest. Our “democratic” system has failed us when a minority of the population elects our President. We, the majority, will not tolerate this inept sociopath any longer. We cannot wait for the next election while Trump and his allies chip away at our Democracy. They must be removed now and replaced with an Interim President who can start to heal and guide the nation in a responsible way until we can have a free and fair election, hopefully this November. The Electoral College must be abolished to prevent this type of dangerous and irresponsible person from ever gaining power again.
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  • National No Confidence Vote on Donald Trump and His Administration
    This action is important for so many reasons, such as Mr. Trump and his administration’s: 1) racist and violent rhetoric; 2) dangerous refusal to sufficiently handle the current COVID-19 pandemic and its numerous associated issues; 3) shameful detention of immigrants and their families; 4) purposeful raiding of taxpayer funds to benefit the richest segment of US citizens; 5) flagrant unethical and unlawful behaviors; and 6) other issues too numerous to mention. - - - We must make our disapproval unequivocal. Please lend your voice to this political action. - - - “There is a power that can be created out of pent-up indignation, courage, and the inspiration of a common cause, and that if enough people put their minds and bodies into that cause, they can win. It is a phenomenon recorded again and against in the history of popular movements against injustice all over the world.” ― Howard Zinn, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times
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  • Let’s Put Saving Lives Ahead of the Pentagon’s PR Stunts
    Each day, we hear story after story after story about someone who is suffering in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, the Pentagon performed a series of military fighter jets flyovers across the United States in early May. But this ultra-militaristic show of force has nothing to do with COVID-19 — it won’t help people get their jobs back or get better. It’s simply a gigantic and insulting waste of taxpayer money in a moment when millions are asking for critical help and support. Our movement is built for fights just like this. When Trump wanted a tank parade, we stopped him. When his Administration tried to limit our rights to protest outside the White House on the National Mall, we fought back, and we won. We can win this fight, too, but only if we get loud now. Demand Secretary of Defense Mark Esper immediately stop fighter jet flyovers and redirect every dime planned for these shows to be spent on lifesaving medical equipment and economic relief instead.
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  • hazard pay
    Health care workers are getting paid $5000 a week prn,cna lpns. RNs are getting $10000 a week. in new Orleans. An $10000-$20000 a week in new York. Unknown for every where else. But truckers are risking their lifes and health to keep the economy going. They are losing pay freight dropped extremely. Some cant go home due to the virus. Something have to give. Or the next pandemic is when truckers go on strike.
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  • Invoke the 25th Amendment
    The future of our country and American Democracy where reason prevails and there are not supposed to be autocratic dictators (if it's not already too late) is at stake.
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  • Tell your Senators: TPS for Venezuela now!
    Collapsed economy. State violence. Food, medicine, fuel shortages. Blackouts. Sanctions. Threats of war. And now, the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of Venezuelans are facing one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. And the U.S. helped create this nightmare. Today we have a chance to join with a movement of progressive partners pushing to designate Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Venezuela. Because luckily, the House already passed a nonpartisan bill calling for TPS for Venezuela. And now it’s the Senate’s turn. Are you ready to get loud? Ask your Senators to support S.636 calling for TPS for Venezuela NOW!
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  • Don't cut funding to the World Health Organization during this pandemic
    Dear fellow MoveOn member, Donald Trump is attacking the World Health Organization - in the middle of a pandemic. He announced he is halting funding to the WHO while a review is conducted. He's been claiming that the WHO severely mismanaged and covered up the spread of coronavirus, when in fact he is the one who's mismanaged the Covid19 outbreak, downplayed the crisis, ignored warnings from members of his own administration, refused to follow the advice of scientists and experts, and has been putting thousands of lives at risk as a result. By trying to deflect blame from his own administration to the WHO, Trump is putting at risk the global response to this coronavirus. Trump's heartless, reckless decision comes in the middle of the worst global pandemic in recent history. America contributed over $400 million to the WHO last year, making it by far the biggest donor. The organization’s budget last year was around $6bn. Losing American funding would be catastrophic for the WHO's ability to shape and guide a robust global response to Covid19. If the USA cuts funding to the WHO, vulnerable health systems in low-income countries will not get the life-saving help they need. Many thousands of lives hang in the balance in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. While some reforms in the WHO might be needed eventually, now is not the time. Right now the WHO is leading vital work. We need it. Slashing its budget is reckless endangerment at best, lethal at worst. Now is the time for solidarity, for love, for compassion, and for putting faith in true experts - scientists and doctors who can help save lives. This virus does not respect passports or borders. We are all only as strong as the weakest part of our response to this virus. Now is precisely the time when we need to work together as a global community. Sign the petition to stop Trump from crippling the World Health Organization, so it can save countless lives during the biggest pandemic of our lifetime. Thank you!
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  • Restore full funding to the World Health Organization now!
    On April 14th, the Trump administration announced that it would cut funding to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is a horrible move: The WHO coordinates initiatives to improve the health of communities around the world. President Trump is criticizing the WHO in order to distract the U.S. public from his own profound failure to address the Coronavirus pandemic. President Trump has repeatedly disregarded the advice and counsel of public health experts. The United States now has more infections and deaths than any other country on the planet. Tens of thousands of people in the U.S. have died. By cutting funding to the WHO, we're putting millions of people worldwide at risk to contract this deadly disease. And as long as health resources are underfunded, this Coronavirus will continue to spread, and our country and its people will remain in grave danger. Instead of spending vast amounts of money on wars and weapons for dictators, we should invest in the WHO and ensure our national security by protecting the health of all people. Tell the Trump administration and leaders in the US Congress: Restore full funding to the WHO now!
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  • Close Wildlife Markets to Stop Future Pandemics
    The COVID-19 pandemic is tragically displaying the consequences of our world's broken relationship with wildlife and wild places. Experts believe that the current coronavirus likely originated with the close interaction with wildlife—that may have been illegally trafficked—in a live animal market in Wuhan, China. The disease may have originated in bats and moved to an intermediary host—possibly the highly endangered pangolin, the most trafficked mammal on earth—from which the disease jumped to humans. We have been here before. SARS, Ebola, and HIV all likely originated from the exploitation of wildlife, including threatened and endangered species. Now is the time to learn from our past actions. We must put an end to wildlife trafficking immediately. And, we must stop the unsustainable exploitation of wildlife more broadly. This is the second leading cause of the biodiversity crisis. The destruction of biodiversity, including the poaching and trafficking of wildlife, puts people in incredible danger in a variety of ways: it spreads disease, jeopardizes security, undermines the rule of law, and threatens local economies that depend on nature. This current situation helps to crystalize that good wildlife policy and conservation funding, including for enforcement, must be a very high priority to protect our health, communities, and future. Finally, it is essential to recognize that humans have all contributed to the biodiversity crisis we face, with a million species at risk of extinction in the near future. But this is no excuse for racial, ethnic, or other discrimination or retaliation. Cultures across the globe, including ours and yours, engage in some practices that are not compatible with protecting the diversity of life that exists on our planet and ourselves. And every culture has something to mend and contribute to global efforts to protect our gift of biodiversity that sustains us all. We applaud countries that have re-acknowledged the threats of wildlife trafficking by establishing and enforcing permanent bans on this illegal and deadly trade. Please join us in calling for the World Health Organization, UN and World Organization for Animal Health to take immediate action to close live wildlife markets and ban wildlife trafficking.
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