• National No Confidence Vote on Donald Trump and His Administration
    This action is important for so many reasons, such as Mr. Trump and his administration’s: 1) racist and violent rhetoric; 2) dangerous refusal to sufficiently handle the current COVID-19 pandemic and its numerous associated issues; 3) shameful detention of immigrants and their families; 4) purposeful raiding of taxpayer funds to benefit the richest segment of US citizens; 5) flagrant unethical and unlawful behaviors; and 6) other issues too numerous to mention. - - - We must make our disapproval unequivocal. Please lend your voice to this political action. - - - “There is a power that can be created out of pent-up indignation, courage, and the inspiration of a common cause, and that if enough people put their minds and bodies into that cause, they can win. It is a phenomenon recorded again and against in the history of popular movements against injustice all over the world.” ― Howard Zinn, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times
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  • Provide Emergency CARES Act Relief to Every Citizen and Family!
    Millions of people are either being denied any Federal CARES Act relief or having the federally issued emergency COVID-19 relief payments issued to help them and their families seized, taken, and used for other intents and purposes --- to pay non-emergency debts. This amounts to institutional and state THEFT of federal emergency relief payments made to help the people of our country during a time of global emergency and national crisis - for PROFIT and GREED. As one example, millions of divorced parents, their families and their children are having the federal emergency relief payments issued to them unlawfully treated as income and seized by the states. Their payments are being seized to pay back "child support" - even if the parents are making regular payments. The states are seizing and taking their emergency relief payments, treating the money and income - and using it to line state coffers and to enrich the states. In effect, this is allowing states to engage in criminal profiteering from the global pandemic. This is the nightmare scenario now unfolding across this country for millions of parents and their families. Parents are losing their jobs and sources of income as a result of business and government shutdowns. Millions of these parents are finding themselves unable to continue paying “child support” (in addition to being denied equal access to their children). Under normal circumstances, these parents would be able to file a motion for modification with the court and state. But our courts have shut down indefinitely because of the crisis. So divorced parents have no way to modify their support orders debts, and interest penalties mount for them each week. As they fall behind, with no access to the courts, their driver's and professional licenses can be suspended and they can be jailed (at state taxpayer expense), making it impossible for them to find new employment. When potential employers do background checks, they don’t care why someone was jailed – all they see is that the person was jailed, so why would they hire you? The state is profiteering because the federal government pays the state matching dollars for every dollar of “child support debt” the state manufactures and reports it as collecting to the federal government (See SSA Title IV-D.) You can be behind or defaulted in student loan payments to the federal government and get a CARES Act emergency relief check. You can be defaulted and behind in your IRS taxes, and get a CARES Act emergency relief check. You can be a convicted felon in jail, and receive a CARES Act emergency relief check. You can be DEAD or a foreign national, and receive a CARES Act emergency relief check. But if you are one of millions of parents who owe even a dollar of back “child support,” you and your family with receive NO CARES Act relief. This included parents who are often paying expenses for TWO households, years after their divorces were final, even if you are paying support in accordance with court orders! Divorced parents and their families and children are not second-class citizens to be unconstitutionally denied Equal Protection of our Laws. Parents married to immigrants and their families and children are also not second-class citizens to be unconstitutionally denied Equal Protection of our Laws. Millions of small business owners have received NO relief. This injustice must be corrected!
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  • NYC: Let Immigrants Vote Absentee!
    As COVID-19 forces NYC's immigrant communities to grapple with death and economic devastation, they may now also face widespread disenfranchisement at the exact moment their voices need to be amplified. In advance of primary elections, the NYC Board of Elections created an online application for absentee ballots on May 5, but failed to provide it in any language other than English. As a result, hundreds of thousands of immigrant voters, afraid to visit polls and unable to vote by mail, could be shut out of primary elections. According to the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, more than half of the 1.6 million immigrants living in New York City are citizens, and 853,000 people residing in the city speak languages other than English. NYC Board of Election may also be violating Section 203 of the federal Voting Rights Act, which requires the Board to translate all materials into certain minority languages. See: https://www.justice.gov/crt/language-minority-citizens Tell the Board of Elections and our elected leaders to PROTECT immigrants' voting rights!
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  • hazard pay
    Health care workers are getting paid $5000 a week prn,cna lpns. RNs are getting $10000 a week. in new Orleans. An $10000-$20000 a week in new York. Unknown for every where else. But truckers are risking their lifes and health to keep the economy going. They are losing pay freight dropped extremely. Some cant go home due to the virus. Something have to give. Or the next pandemic is when truckers go on strike.
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  • $2000 a month Basic Income for American Taxpayers
    The American economy has taking a huge hit with unemployment skyrocketing over March and April 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the numbers will continue to rise. We are witnessing a domino effect of massive job loss. Businesses close, then the taxpayers have no income to report to the IRS and no taxes to be paid. Of course no income means a steep decline in the agriculture industry, food processing, banking, and mortgage industries just to name a few. Our tax dollars are what makes this economy rise or fall. It is the government's spending of this money which determines what programs are funded or not, and what is considered valuable. Well, now it is time for our government to show its appreciation to loyal American taxpayers by helping us through one of the most financial difficulties in current times. Way too often, large companies such as banks receive MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER MONEY so they will not collapse even though CEO's receive million dollar bonuses and the company makes millions in profits. The government is EAGER to provide them with tax breaks and trillion dollar relief funds at American taxpayer expense. Millions of American taxpayers are working making under $30,000 a year, many more are working 2 jobs, such as teachers, just to somewhat survive. The cost of rent, utilities, food, gas, etc., continues to grow except incomes. A basic income of $2000 a month for American taxpayers age 18 and older and $500 a month for children would give a great start in boosting the economy. Once this financial difficulty has lifted, the economy won't take as long to recover.
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  • Invoke the 25th Amendment
    The future of our country and American Democracy where reason prevails and there are not supposed to be autocratic dictators (if it's not already too late) is at stake.
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  • Tell your Senators: TPS for Venezuela now!
    Collapsed economy. State violence. Food, medicine, fuel shortages. Blackouts. Sanctions. Threats of war. And now, the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of Venezuelans are facing one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. And the U.S. helped create this nightmare. Today we have a chance to join with a movement of progressive partners pushing to designate Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Venezuela. Because luckily, the House already passed a nonpartisan bill calling for TPS for Venezuela. And now it’s the Senate’s turn. Are you ready to get loud? Ask your Senators to support S.636 calling for TPS for Venezuela NOW!
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  • Tell Joe Biden to publicly apologize for his racist campaign ad!
    Placing the Blame on Chinese people for the coronavirus is irresponsible during a time where Asian people are at an increased risk of violence and hate crimes. Calling for a travel ban is misguided and racist as they have not been shown to prevent spread. Travel bans do not keep us safe from the virus in an already globalized world. This ad only emboldens more ant-Asian bias. After the SARS outbreak and 9/11 attacks, the CDC and DOJ created plans to stop bias and hate crimes. Since the Republican administration has not yet done so, Joe Biden should show leadership by creating and releasing his plan for ending hate crimes and bias incidents during the COVIID-19 pandemic. He should also delete the ad and release a public apology. Here is the racist ad: https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1251582266251243525?s=20
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    Trump’s tweets are replete with blatant inaccuracies and lies that are threatening our national security and endangering the lives of Americans. Twitter must act and stop this or they will have blood on their hands!
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  • Tell the Department of Labor not to cut farm worker wages during COVID-19
    Why would the Trump administration target farm workers with wage cuts in the middle of a pandemic, when other essential workers are winning hazard pay? Instead of lowering wages for the poorest workers, we need to ensure that some of the $9.5 billion allocated for COVID-19 aid will protect the vulnerable, essential workers who are out in the fields in this pandemic to keep the food supply intact. The wage cuts being pushed by Trump's administration will not just hurt vulnerable guest workers. It will depress wages for all farm workers nationwide. Industry "aid" that excludes the essential workforce and drives down wages is a clear warning sign to working people in every industry. Millions of us are sheltering in place to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. Farm work can't be done remotely and we all need to eat. During a crisis, rather than trying to cut costs by oppressing the poorest, we need to place value on the people risking so much to feed us. We can't let the Trump administration go through with this.
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  • A Case for The Removal Of Donald Trump From The Office of President
    On this day 244 years ago, the United States of America declared its Independence from the British Empire paving way for the rise of a strong and independent Nation across the sea from its oppressor. In the Declaration of Independence, its authors wrote down the list of crimes and injustices committed by the King of Great Britain as the main reasons for which such separation was promulgated. Many of those crimes listed in the Declaration of Independence have been repeated here by Donald John Trump and his entire administration. Here are the crimes that bore resemblances to the ones written about in the Declaration: He has refused his adherence to Laws, even the most wholesome and necessary laws for all the public good. [0], [1] He has forbidden his Senate to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, and effectively suspended their passage and implementation until his assent is obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them at all leaving Americans vulnerable.[2], He has politically and repeatedly blocked the House of Representatives, for opposing, with strong firmness, his invasions on the rights of the American People. [3] He has endeavored to prevent the population of these United States; by obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.[4] He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing to abide by the laws for establishing Judiciary powers and blatantly thinks he is above the law. He effectively has rendered the Military independent of and superior to all Civil powers.[5] For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world and mitigating bad will across the globe. [6] Furthermore, there are still so many more crimes that Donald John Trump has committed that are not listed above. Among those are the ones listed in the Article of Impeachment of Donald John Trump passed in the House of Representatives: Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. In addition to the crimes and injustices that Donald John Trump and his administration have committed, there are other lies, deceptions, consequences and tactics that he and his accomplices have employed to further enrich themselves at the cost of People’s lives and their livelihood. Most recent example would be his administration’s response, or lack thereof, to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has cost the United States countless lives. As we speak: The Federal government is seizing local hospital supplies without cause or reason. Doctors, and nurses, or anyone who sound alarms on their hazardous working conditions are silenced or even fired. Donald John Trump has been using public daily briefings as a means for free political campaigning and some kind of emotional grandeur. He recklessly promotes non-tested drugs, whose producers are companies in which Donald John Trump and his friends have invested in and has already cost innocent lives. Donald John Trump constantly contradicts experts who dare to disagree with him, and that he was advised of the pandemic threat in November of 2019 and had made it an unimportant issue. He pushed for the bailing out of the rich and the biggest corporations in the United States while leaving hardworking workers and taxpayers without the means of living, while also attempting to suspend medical coverage for our most vulnerable and poor during this pandemic. Donald John Trump attempted to remove those who will fairly oversee the appropriation of $2.3 trillion that congress has appointed to assist the working, taxpayer majority during this horrible pandemic. He removed environmental protections and withdrawing the US from the Paris climate agreement Donald John Trump’s retaliation against people in the administration who testified during the impeachment or brought the lawfull whistleblower report to Congress He is violating international law with increased drone assassinations Our Great Democracy is under siege from a virus that is crippling our economy, killing our most vulnerable members; and from a dictator, who cares for nothing but to enrich himself and his corporate friends. The way we respond to this will define us for generations to come. Signing this petition is not just about asking The House of Representatives, the Senate, or the media to do their jobs appropriately for us all, but more importantly, it is also about you, the signer, to affirm your own commitment to vote in the next election and to oust the most dangerous con man ever elected to our highest office. So let us all sign and then seal it with our commitment and determination for a fairer and better America or ourselves and our future generations. Source: [0] : https://www.newsweek.com/why-trump-embraces-lawlessness-and-brutality-800910 [1]: https://reason.com/2018/04/03/trumps-increasingly-lawless-quest-to-enf/ [2]: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/27/trump-congress-coronavirus-relief-oversight-152560 [3]: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/04/29/trump-resists-subpoenas-ignores-congress-constitution-column/3595860002/ [4]: https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/trump-administration-aims-to-make-citizenship-more-difficult-for-immigrants-who-rely-on-public-assistance/2019/08/12/fe3f8162-b565-11e9-8949-5f36ff92706e_story.html [5]: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/755/text [6]: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2019/06/07/tariffs-101-understanding-trumps-trade-war/#e2cdbc05f20f
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  • Protect Farmworker Wages and Fund Hazard Pay
    Farmworkers are working unbelievably hard (and at great risk) so that so many of us can stay safely inside our homes while they risk their lives to grow and harvest food for us.To speak of cutting their pay at this time is beyond belief. Not only would it harm these people's families, it would harm all Americans, by jeopardizing the food systems in our country which are already under tremendous strain, and undermining our national food security.
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