Donald Trump is the antithesis of every value upon which the New York Yankees community is based, and has gone out of his way many times over to offend, dehumanize, and harm the very people upon whom the organization depends, both players and fans. He has no business stepping foot through the stadium doors, let alone onto the mound in a position of honor.
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  • Fund the USCIS to Save Thousands of US Jobs, Our Economy, and Our Military
    Americans agree: American businesses, our military and our economy depend on legal immigration. But Washington insiders are threatening to slam the door on businesses and international workers who are following the rules. Over 13,000 United States Citizenship and Immigration Services employees are slated to be furloughed on August 3rd. That means 13,400 hard-working Americans will be out of work, and legal immigrants helping American businesses and generating millions in revenue will not be able to enter or stay in the U.S. 84% of Americans agree that legal immigration is a good thing for this country. We need a well-functioning legal immigration system now more than ever. There is bipartisan support for funding the USCIS – we need your voice to make it happen. Tell Congress: Fund legal immigration through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It’s something we can ALL agree on. Protect hard-working Americans from furlough. Keep our businesses, our economy, and our military strong. Let Congress know you support funding for USCIS before the August 3rd deadline.
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  • Tell Congress: No funds for DHS while Trump wages war in our cities!
    Right now, unidentified federal agents are on Portland’s streets targeting, tear-gassing, beating, and illegally arresting protestors in an OUTRAGEOUS overreach of federal authority. These forces are cobbled together from a number of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies, acting with impunity and without cause. The last three years have shown how far Trump is willing to go to maintain and increase his hold on power — and how DHS can be used to achieve those ends. What’s happening in Portland, and what’s being threatened in other cities, is nothing less than the post-9/11 national security state being turned on regular people exercising their constitutional human rights. Luckily, you can’t wage a war that you can’t pay for. And Trump’s timing couldn’t be worse: the House may vote on a DHS appropriations bill next week. Add your name now to demand Congress refuse to pass this bill without a COMPLETE withdrawal of these agents and a bar on ANY funding that would support Trump’s secret police force.
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  • Impeach Trump in Senate and House Now
    If we value the ability to live and speak freely, this is imperative to every single person living in the United States, as well as those we affect abroad.
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  • No Citizens Academy in Chicago!
    For several weeks, the people of Chicago have stood resolute in the fight against systemic racism in policing. The implementation of this pilot program will contribute to racial injustice in law enforcement, by inspiring average citizens to operate as honorary ICE agents in our city's streets, utilizing racial profiling to target victims. Chicago demands an end to racialized policing, not an expansion incorporating private citizens. This petition is a demand for Senators Richard Durbin and Tammy Duckworth to stand by Chicago's immigrant communities, and prevent ICE from implementing the Citizens Academy pilot program in Chicago. Sources: ICE Press Release: https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/ice-offers-first-citizens-academy-public-learn-more-about-agencys-mission-chicago#wcm-survey-target-id Yahoo News Report: https://news.yahoo.com/ice-to-launch-citizens-academy-to-teach-civilians-about-targeted-arrests-172430342.html
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  • Release Rot: Demand that the Immigration Judge Grants Rot's Bond!
    Rot is a Laotian-Cambodian refugee who escaped from the Cambodian genocide as a child. His family resettled in Long Beach, CA and most of his family still currently resides there. Growing up during the resettlement period, his family encountered cultural, financial, and emotional challenges adjusting to the new country. As a result, his home life was turbulent. Rot sought acceptance and belonging through his friends. His friend group became his chosen family and his gang. At sixteen years old, Rot and his friends were trying to fix their car. Confronted by another man from the neighborhood, the man told his group to leave immediately. The situation escalated as Rot felt challenged and threatened by this. He retrieved his gun and decided to shoot the man. As a seventeen year old, Rot was tried as an adult and was charged with a felony conviction. At the time, Rot only knew how to respond to situations with violence and aggression. Ultimately, Rot accepted his responsibility. He served 29 years in prison and has spent all of his adult life incarcerated. His partner at the time was pregnant with their daughter, Ashley. He dedicated himself to self-help programs to turn his life around, in hopes of reuniting with his family upon his release from prison. He participated in AA Alcohol Anonymous, anger management, substance abuse prevention, Buddhist meditation groups, alternative violence program (AVP), criminal and gang Anonymous (CGA), center for counsel, PACA - Prisoners Against Child Abuse, New Life Canine Dog Program and so much more. All of these programs helped him address factors that led to his incarceration. As a reflection of his growth, Rot was granted parole by the CA State Parole Board in February 2020. However, instead of coming home to his family on his release date, he was immediately transferred to an immigrant prison at the Adelanto detention center. This was all due to the conviction he committed at 16 years old. With Rot’s medical history and conditions, he is at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Rot is a cancer survivor, who is living with chronic respiratory conditions and Hepatitis B. ICE facilities are incapable of practicing social distancing and providing the medical attention that Rot needs and deserves as a human being. His family and community are ready to support his parole now, by providing him COVID testing, housing, and transitional support. Rot is a father, grandfather, mentor, advocate, and active community member. As a father and grandfather, Rot strives to lead the younger generation in a different path that he was once in. As a community, we are urging the immigration judge to grant his bond release so that Rot is immediately released back to his family and community. Currently, he is at risk of being deported to Cambodia, a country he has not returned back to since he fled as a child. By deporting Rot, he would be left in an isolated country, where he does not speak the language, nor have access to the transitional resources, medical resources, and community support. He deserves a chance to be reunited with his daughter Ashley and his three grandchildren. Join the Sanctuary Long Beach Coalition in supporting Rot by signing and sharing the #ReleaseRot petition. Please see our Campaign Website for the social media toolkit.
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  • Protect International Students and Support Higher Education
    This modification now requires in-person class attendance to remain in the United States and continue in academic programs. These modifications are illogical as universities are providing online instruction in response to the medical reality of airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The Trump administration’s use of international students to force universities to provide in-person classes is cruel, reckless, and shortsighted. International students should not have to suffer the uncertainty of their educational future and residence within the U.S., due to a politically-motivated gambit centered upon economic goals that support President Trump’s re-election. International students enrich the learning experiences of fellow students with their intellect, the sharing of personal experiences, and the richness of varied viewpoints. They live and work in our communities helping local economies thrive, and they often return to their countries using the skills and knowledge they have gained to improve the lives of those around them. Through the relationships and professional networks they build, international students are a force for global diplomacy
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  • The Chicago Resolution Honoring India's Independence and Democracy
    During President Trump's visit to India in February 2020, mobs attacked minority neighborhoods leading to 46 deaths and displacing thousands. This tragedy along with discriminatory national legislation (including a religion-based system to grant citizenship) demonstrate that India's values of democracy, secularism, and human rights are under serious threat. **If your organization wants to be listed as a signatory, please email: [email protected]**
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    Created by Chicago Coalition for Human Rights in India
  • Norfolk City Council: Release Use-of-Force Records Now!
    As of 2016, Norfolk police have killed twice as many people as any other agency in Virginia since 2010, according to a Virginian Pilot investigation. According to The Guardian newspaper, out of the 19 people shot and killed by police in the state of Virginia in 2016, seven of those were killed in the Hampton Roads area, with 5 of those deaths being in Norfolk alone. These issues are not "another place's problem." Members of Norfolk City Council have the ability to make concrete change and address the systematic abuse Black and Brown people experience everyday here in Norfolk.
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  • Tell the Senate to Pass "The American Dream and Promise Act"
    "The American Dream and Promise Act" would help immigrants, strengthens our economy, and keeps families together. For too long Dreamers have lived in a state of limbo with their legal status in jeopardy. It is time to protect DACA from future challenges against the administration and provide a path to citizenship.
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  • Change the Name of Christopher Columbus Family Academy
    (Español Abajo) For many years, we have been taught that Christopher Columbus discovered the American continent, and with his great finding, civilization followed. However, this portrayal of history is all wrong. When Europeans invaded the continent, they murdered many of the original residents on this land, destroyed entire cities, and infected entire communities with diseases. Their colonization led to the arrival of enslaved people, who were taken from their native lands on the African continent, and forced to work in this country. As a community, we commemorate the memory of all the indigenous people that were devastated by colonization especially the Quinnipiac, Wapinger, and Paugussett peoples whose land we reside on now. We also celebrate their traditions and our heritage as descendants of the original inhabitants on the continent. Additionally, we want to acknowledge that many immigrants who live in New Haven, are in reality travelers who are walking through stolen land similar to those histories of their own nations and ancestry. Having acknowledged this, we reject any sort of celebration of the individual who brought so much death and destruction to our land: Christopher Columbus. We reject any institution that glorifies this violent history and American colonization. We demand that the school's name be changed in honor of indigenous people and the New Haven immigrant community. Located in the Fair Haven neighborhood, the Christopher Columbus Family Academy is a monument to the genocide of indigenous people that began in 1492 and continues to this day. The neighborhood of Fair Haven is home to a significant number of immigrants. Several of them are directly from indigenous communities whose first languages are not Spanish and are currently in resistance in Latin America. Our community knows that not only is the name inappropriate, but completely offensive to who we are as descendants of genocide survivors- and that we continue to experience violence in the form of racism. For all the aforementioned reasons, we demand that the school be renamed IMMEDIATELY. Both New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker and the Board of Education need to do everything in their power to change the name. Durante muchos años, nos han enseñado que Cristóbal Colón descubrió el continente “americano” -Abya Yala- y que con su gran hallazgo llego la civilización. Sin embargo, esta representación de la historia está completamente equivocada. Cuando los europeos invadieron el continente masacraron a los residentes originales, destruyeron ciudades enteras e infectaron a comunidades enteras con sus enfermedades. Su colonización condujo eventualmente a la llegada de personas esclavizadas, que fueron secuestradas de sus tierras nativas en el continente africano y obligadas a trabajar en estas tierras. Como comunidad, conmemoramos la memoria de todos los pueblos aborígenes que fueron devastados por la colonización, específicamente los pueblos Quinnipiac, Wapinger y Paugussett en cuyas tierras vivimos ahora. También celebramos sus tradiciones y nuestra herencia como descendientes de los habitantes originales del continente. Además, queremos reconocer que muchos migrantes que vivimos en New Haven, en realidad, somos viajeros que caminamos por nuestras tierras, tierras llenas de historia de robo y saqueo y lo cual no cesa hasta el día de hoy. Habiendo reconocido esto, rechazamos cualquier tipo de celebración del asesino que trajo tanta muerte y destrucción a nuestra tierra: Cristóbal Colón. Rechazamos cualquier institución que glorifique esta historia violenta y de colonización. Exigimos que se cambie el nombre de la escuela en honor de los pueblos indígenas del norte y del sur del continente. Ubicada en el vecindario de Fair Haven, la Academia de la Familia Cristóbal Colón es un monumento al genocidio de los pueblos indígenas que comenzó en 1492 y continúa hasta nuestros días. El vecindario de Fair Haven es el hogar de miles de migrantes. Muchos de ellos son comunidades aborígenes, cuyo primer idioma no es el español. Provienen de territorios que están en resistencia en el sur de la frontera. Nuestra comunidad sabe que el nombre no solo es inapropiado, sino completamente ofensivo para quienes somos descendientes de los sobrevivientes del genocidio, pero que seguimos experimentando todavía la violencia del saqueo y el racismo. Por todas estas razones, exigimos que la escuela cambie su nombre INMEDIATAMENTE. Tanto el alcalde de New Haven, Justin Elicker, como la Junta de Educación tienen el poder de hacerlo.
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  • Immigrants of Adelanto Detention Center- #AbolishICE
    This issue strikes home and is of utmost importance because I am an American citizen of Latino descent that cares about the welfare of my people and humanity in all regards; regardless of color, religion, or background. My brother in-law Edgar Antonio Guerra has been detained for over a year; enough is enough. I implore to ask yourself, What would Jesus do?...
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