• Mayor Strange & Councilors: Appoint Patrice McClammy Municipal Judge
    Please appoint Patrice McClammy: she is an excellent choice for the City of Montgomery Municipal Court Judge. We should not settle for anything less than an individual of Patrice McClammy’s caliber with experience, sound judgment and proven judicial temperament and without the encumbrance of political affiliations.
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    Created by Karen Jones
  • Justice for Heather
    My dear daughter Heather McGuire tried to find help time and time again through the judicial system to free herself from a violent career criminal Philip Gilberti. Gilberti's criminal history stretches back decades. Assault, drugs, steroids -- seven years in a Nevada prison for the attempted murder of a woman from a previous relationship. This man was allowed to walk out of a Rockville Maryland courtroom with absolutely no consequences for breaking a protective order twice during the weekend before he murdered my wonderful daughter. We need much tougher laws to protect us against violent repeat offenders like Philip Gilberti. I believe that the crime of stalking should be amended in Maryland from a misdemeanor crime to a felonious offense.
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    Created by Jo Anne Kenney
  • Demand the denunciation and arrest of the NBPP and Black Panther leader Mikhail Muhammad for put...
    During the rally for justice for Trayvon Martin, the New Black Panther Party and it's leader,Mikhail Muhammad, put out a $10,000 bounty for George Zimmerman. Regardless of how you feel about Zimmerman, he's an American citizen and he has a right to his day in court. This is an attempt to deny him that day and it is shameful! This is an act of terrorism that shouldn't be ignored or tolerated. http://www.ajc.com/news/new-black-panthers-offer- 1398575.html
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    Created by Roosevelt Freeman
  • Justice and Peace for Trayvon Martin
    It's about his family getting justice for his murder.
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    Created by Jennifer
  • Expungement of Records after a pardon
    There are many people in Alabama that can not find a good job because of a past record. Most of those people have been pardoned or have done their time and haven't been in anymore trouble. Every time one of those individuals apply for a job the past stops them. There are many out of work people in Alabama because of this.
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    Created by Kasha
  • Save Black Men/Woman's Hopeless Lives
    There are more than a hundred thousand over 65, non violent black people in America's state prisons, who no longer have the capacity to commit the kinds of crimes they are imprisoned for. Florida holds more than all states but 4. A black person couldn't even play basketball for Southern Universities until the mid 1970s. A large majority are in for more than 10 years, for non violent crimes. Habitual offenders they are called. Free them now, they are poor, penniless, and led a life without hope, please give them free air in their last days, as they don't live much past their early 70s. Many of them were innocent of the some of the crimes they plead guilty to, rather than follow the advice of bad attornies or face all white juries.
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    Created by Mike Straub
  • Dismiss Citations for Honking on Pecos Street
    On March 24, 2012 the San Angelo Police Department began issuing citations to motorists who used the horn as a sign of support for or disapproval of Planned Parenthood. This petition urges the honorable judges of the San Angelo Municipal Court to dismiss all citations for "non-emergent or excessive use of horn" (or like citations) on or after this date. Dismissal of these citations is a gesture of goodwill toward the motorists that did nothing but express themselves in a way that is inconsistent with a little-known local law.
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    Created by Kristopher Martin
  • Trayvon Martin
    Because this is not justice at all.
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    Created by Bettye Stevenson
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    Created by Joseph Davis
  • Stop Incarcerating Citizens for Fines and Other Payments
    There's is an issue in which citizens are being incarcerated for not being able to pay fines, court cost, or even child support; but the only thing wrong with this is that these are not criminal actions and should not be treated as. This is an act of which I would call arbitrary and discriminatory act against the under privileged and poor citizens of our country. Does it makes sence to oppresse these individuals who are already financial stressed?
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    Created by Horatio Roberson
  • "Governor O'Malley: Fix the Wrongs that have been done to Inmates that are Innocent".
    Too many Inmates are Wrongly Accused in the prisons and no one is investigating what really is going on. Help me get the attention of the Governor to have the prisons investigated. These crooked Correctional Officers, Wardens, and Comissioners must go!!! Justice for the criminals as they serve their time......WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!
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    Created by Pastor Tonya Leslie
  • Sharico Blakely: Another Black Man Abused by the System.
    Mr. Blakely took his chances, instead of taking a plea bargain of 6yrs, out in 3yrs. He decided put it in the hands of 12 jurors and a judge. Once found guilty, the judge gave him the maximum of 100yrs!!!!! Since being sentenced, the time has been modified to 60yrs, which is still a lot of time, gone! Yet there are child molesters on probation on a 2nd offense??? What sense does this make??? Has anyone thought of why he went down the the road he did?? And this young black man has a family!! Let's show this young black man that even with bad choices, your still loved, missed, and we want him home!! I know this won't solve the issues of a corrupt judicial system, but we can open eyes of the ignorant, and show Sharico we love him!!
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    Created by DL Quiogue