• 2020 Dependent Care Savings Account Extensions
    Many US families still have significant savings in our accounts and have our Dependent Care facilities closed due to Covid 19. I would hate to see our hard earned savings go to waste due to a March 15th deadline. I know I'm not alone. This simple change could help a lot of families once Dependent Care facilities are safe to open and keep our children safe again.
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    Created by Timothy Brumbaugh
  • Rape Kit Backlog Legislation Reform
    For all rapes reported to police, only 34.5% are cleared by arrest, and even fewer actually lead to convictions. This is an alarming number given the fact that approximately 20% of women in the U.S. have experienced an attempted, or completed rape in her lifetime. According to aggregate data, for every 1,000 rapes, nearly 38.4% are reported to police, and only 7 result in a felony conviction. Given the disparity between the occurrence of rape, and the number of rape cases that result in conviction, it is apparent the system is inadequate at providing justice for victims. While the numbers are vague, experts estimate 200,000, or more rape kits are lying, unsubmitted in police departments all over the U.S. According to the Maryland Sexual Assault Evidency Policy and Funding Committee, there are 6,000 untested kits in Maryland. Not only does this impede the justice system’s ability to prosecute offenders, but it leaves victims tragically unvindicated. By these rape kits going untested, rapists remain free and justice is not sought out. Legislation will allow for offenders, especially serial rapists, to be arrested and convicted, giving survivors the justice they deserve. With this legislation in place, Maryland will be able to do our part in ending the backlog of rape kits. For too long, the voices of the raped and assaulted have been silenced by being relegated to the back of an evidence room.
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    Created by Tori Cain
  • Cancel Spectrum & Central Hudson Bills
    We, the people of Ulster County, are facing unprecedented economic challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.The systems we have operated within have been catastrophically disrupted and, in the process, we’ve seen just how tragically broken they were. Returning to the pre-COVID version of “normal” is not an option. In our society, electricity and internet access are basic needs, especially with many working from and schooling from home. Individuals and families are suffering from the impacts of Coronavirus—lost income, added expenses from being home, and stress from a global pandemic. COVID has hurt small businesses in dire ways. Business has slowed due to life-saving safety measures and illness, which has caused small businesses all across Ulster County to close their doors. Particularly, utility costs are crushing small businesses, causing them to make the horrible decision between making payroll for Ulster County residents and keeping the lights on. Meanwhile, Spectrum and Central Hudson are shutting down people’s service for non-payment. For Spectrum, First-quarter revenues increased to $11.7 billion. Profits reached about $396 million and their CEO made 98 million in 2016 while we struggle. Central Hudson’s parent company Fortis had 2019 revenue of $8.8 billion and total assets of $57 billion as of March 31, 2020. In the first two months of the pandemic, community members rallied around their neighbors experiencing financial hardship, by supporting the Radio Kingston Community Fund and raising over $400,000 to provide emergency financial support. Of these donations, $107,000 went directly to Central Hudson & Spectrum to thwart shut-offs. The people of Kingston cannot allow corporations to profit off our pain. We demand a cancellation of all internet and electric charges for Kingston residents.
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    Created by Callie Jayne
  • Financial Aid Qualifications
    Thousands of students across America cannot afford college because unless you have a kid or are married, it goes off your parents income until you are 24 EVEN IF you can prove they do not financially support you. The message being sent is for young adults to have kids or get married and this IS WRONG. People should be able to get financial relief who support themselves and want an education.
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    Created by Ashley Dixon
  • The African American Mclaurin Family Slavery Reparations
    There can be no true justice in America until there is actions coupled with the apologies for the North America slave trade.
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  • Delay appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice
    We should not have a defeated President naming a Justice for life in the last few months of his term. McConnell blocked Obama’s Garland appointment in Obama’s last YEAR.
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    Created by Gerald Tuckman
  • Stop Lifetime Appointments to Supreme Court of U.S.A.
    It affects all aspects of our lives. Women's rights concerning their own bodies, and many other key issues.
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    Created by Debra L Field Randall
    Recently, a variety of concerning issues have come to light that are directly associated with social organizations in AU Greek Life. Accusations of sexual assault and the lack of inclusivity associated with Greek Life, among a variety of other incidents, have taken a toll on our student body, so we think AU would be a better place without them. If AU claims to be the inclusive, diverse, and just place it brands itself as, it will stand with us in taking this crucial step.
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    Created by Anonymous Creator
    FSUSD has known about sexual abuse allegations/reports and have not acted to the best of their ability. They failed to meet their own guidelines and in return—left victims facing their abusers daily.
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    Created by Anderson Cerezo
  • Boycott Trump
    Donald Trump cares about his wealth. To get him to act in a humane manner, let alone a "Presidential" one, he must fear he will lose it unless he changes his behavior.
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    Created by Mitch Trachtenberg
  • We Support Dr. Oxiris Barbot
    Silence in this case presents a level of acceptance that is as deplorable as the act itself, and anything less than speaking out proves what we have been fighting against for decades: a bigotry that confines women – Latinas and women of color in general - to a place of subjugation that erases our accomplishments and contributions to this city and society at large. In Power, Tahanie A. Aboushi, Esq. Aliya Allen Catherine Almonte Gabriela Álvarez, Liberation Cuisine Rocio Aranda-Alvarado Maritere Arce Caron Atlas, NOCD-NY Alexa Aviles, Community Leader & BK Community Board 7 Member Councilmember Diana Ayala, Council District 8, Manhattan Lilliam Barrios Paoli Elizabeth Bhargava
 Maggie Castro, Women’s advocate Ischia Bravo, Bronx Community Activist Jazmin Chavez, Former Deputy Director of Public Tech, NYC Council Solana Chehtman Ana Chireno Gabri Christa, Artist Karina Claudio Betancourt, Former Senior Director for Community Engagement, NYCC Daughters of the Movement Stacy Lynch Gina Belafonte Suzanne Kay Hasna Muhammad Dominique Sharpton Keisha Sutton-James Ilyasah Shabazz Susan R. Delvalle Assemblywoman Carmen De La Rosa Daisy Dominguez, Diversity and Inclusion thought leader Councilman Daniel Dromm Abigail Disney Congressman Adriano Espaillat Amanda Farias, State Committee Member 87AD Annalicia Finol, Chief of Staff, Office of State Senator Gustavo Rivera Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez Jasmine Fernandez Sandra A. Garcia Betancourt Alexis Grenell, Writer & Co-Founder of Pythia Public Erica Gonzalez, Former Executive Editor, El Diario/La Prensa
 Melinda Gonzalez, Artist Teresa Gonzalez Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Community Activist, Queens Amplify Her 
Michelle Herrera Mulligan, Writer and editor Kemi IIesanmi Maite Junco Mireya Navarro Kristina Newman-Scott Jennifer Manley
 Melissa Mark-Viverito, Former NYC Council Speaker 
Ada Martinez, Senior centers advocate and voter Neyda Martinez Terry McGovern Brette McSweeney, Eleanor’s Legacy Dianne Morales, Advocate and organizer 
Councilmember Francisco Moya, Council District 21, Queens Libertad O. Guerra Rita Prats-Rodríguez, Educator, East Harlem Community Activist Sofia Quintero, Writer and activist
 Juan Ramos, Community leader Assemblywoman Karines Reyes Councilmember Antonio Reynoso, Council District 34, Brooklyn Senator Gustavo Rivera Camille Rivera-Westin Prisca Salazar-Rodriguez Caileigh Scott, Eleanor’s Legacy Deepti Sharma, Founder & CEO, Food To Eat Risa Shoup Nelini Stamp, WFP Monica Tavares The Broad Room Ben Carlos Thypin Camille Torres Emerita Torres, Bronx Community Leader Councilmember Ritchie Torres, Council District 15, Bronx Blanca Vázquez, Ret. Professor, Hunter College Marjorie Velasquez, District Leader 82AD Part B
 Congressmember Nydia M. Velázquez Kelly Vilar, Staten Island Activist Catherina Villafuerte Edisa Weeks, Assoc. Prof., Queens College Women of Color for Progress Jo-Ann Yoo 21 in '21
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    Created by I Support Dr. Barbot
  • Stop Abortion Bans Now
    Abortions are time sensitive and an often difficult but needed choice for millions of women across the country. Women are humans and have a right to freely govern their own bodies. No one has the right to place their "moral" or "religious" beliefs on another. Women choose to abort fetuses for various reasons and they shouldn't be shamed or prevented from doing so. These bans during the pandemic are an excuse to continue to skirt Roe vs Wade. Stop policing women's bodies.
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    Created by Eva Jones