• Shelter Workers and DV/SA Staff Inclusion in Hero's Fund
    The work of crisis shelter staff and interpersonal violence program staff is vital to survivor safety. In the wake of "Stay at Home Orders" asserted by several states and municipalities, survivors are particularly vulnerable to their abusive partners. Access to the services and resources provided by the aforementioned Interpersonal Violence workers during this unprecedented time is essential to victims of abuse. As you likely know, Senator Charles Schumer (NY) has introduced the Hero’s Fund in an attempt to reward, retain, and recruit essential frontline workers during America’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two major components that are outlined in this proposal: · A 25,000 pandemic premium pay increase for essential frontline workers, equivalent to raise of an additional $13 per hour from the start of public health emergency until December, 31, 2020 · A $15,000 recruitment incentive for health and home care workers and first responders to attract and secure the workforce needed to fight the public health crisis. Please support our call to include domestic violence and sexual assault program staff and shelter and crisis workers in the Hero's fund. The deadline to sign is COB Friday, April 17.
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  • Elizabeth Warren's Recovery Plan for Generations to Come
    The response for handling the coronavirus outbreak has put a lot of responsibility on states. This needs a Federal response way beyond the ability of any one state. It is the Federal government who can take critical steps to ensure we gain control over this pandemic. Right now our Healthcare system is stretched to the brink. Frontline Workers are walking into dangerous work conditions. These are healthcare workers, transit, grocery, janitors, childcare workers, domestic, delivery, and food processor workers. They do not have proper protective gear, and are not being compensated for working in unsafe conditions. And if they aren't safe, we aren't safe. Huge portions of communities of color are being more hard hit than any other communities. Many of these communities already have high incidents of compromised health and live in communities that are economically devastated. This crisis will widen that gap if we don't make structural changes. We are at an unemployment rate near Depression Era levels. Debt is going to mount high for workers and students if we don't' make large scale policy changes. This is why this isn't just a health issue. This is a moral issue, a medical issue, an economic issue, a legal issue and a voting rights issue. More people will die needlessly if we don't have an immediate federal surge in testing capacity. The Defense Production Act can ensure this happens. We need to manufacture tens of millions of tests, personal protective equipment, drugs that are in shortage, and any future vaccines and treatments when markets fail to do so. This dramatic surge is critical not only to test the sick, but test persons who appear to be healthy but may be asymptomatic and keep detecting it in the population and identify hotspots. This plan is asking for suspending consumer debt collection, moratorium on eviction and foreclosures, stop utility and water shutoffs, student loan debt cancellation, free healthcare for persons who have none, increase Social Security and Disability Benefits. Passage the Essential Workers Bill of Rights that will provide paid family and medical leave, give workers PPE to do job safely, give hazard pay, and all workers kept on payroll even if the need to stay home. Pass federal price gouging and conflict of interest laws. Require full disclosure of lobbying. Lastly, adopt mandatory reforms to ensure everyone can vote safely. Medical Needs, Economic Needs, Protection of Frontline Workers and Workers, Laws to Protect us from Carpetbaggers, Protection of our Voting Rights. These are all the Moral Issues of our time. Tell Congress to take the right path to recovery and a better future for us and future generations by signing Senator Warren's Coronavirus Recovery Plan.
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  • Ohio: Abortion Is Essential Health Care!
    Abortion care is a time-sensitive medical procedure that cannot be significantly delayed without profound consequences. As part of the continuum of pregnancy care, abortion is provided for almost one in five pregnancies in the United States. Ohioans are continuing to rely on their trusted community abortion providers during the coronavirus crisis, and Ohio’s elected officials should not stand between patients and their doctors. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, along with several other medical organizations, issued a statement calling abortion "...an essential component of comprehensive health care" and that the "...consequences of being unable to obtain an abortion profoundly impact a person’s life, health, and well-being." Tell the attorney general to stop playing political games with the reproductive health care of Ohioans.
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  • Everyone Receives $2,000 a month due to corona virus hardship
    This will help Americans while they are affected due to the chaos that is going on.
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  • Rule to Overturn conviction
    Brenda was in her new, off-grid home with no cell service area, no landline, and no way out of a second floor bedroom, naked just out of bath. Her ex-husband of 6 years, with whom she had a violent and abusive relationship for 13 years, who had multiple charges on, restraining orders, and 911 calls, parked his truck part way down the driveway, ordered kids to get in and stay there, forced entry into her home, admitted this to VSP on camera, and violently went after her yelling, "I am going to beat you to death and put you in a hole before I give you one dollar," and calling derogatory names as he made his way to her bedroom on the second floor with Brenda screaming, "Get out of my house now, do not come in my house, get out," and as he entered the bedroom she pulled a gun and screamed, "Get out or I'll shoot you!" He covered his head and ran. No shots were fired, no one was injured, he left. She called the police, he had already called them, she was unaware of this. They arrested her her on two counts, 1 for assault with a deadly weapon and one for reckless endangerment, both felonies. Brenda was born and raised in VT and has her hunter's safety certificate. She grew up handling and living with guns and there was nothing reckless about her stopping a man from physically hurting her or killing her in her own home. Public Defender Willhoit stated he did not have time to prepare for her case as he has too many cases, like all public defenders in Windham county. Willhoit did not submit evidence to discovery. so no evidence was allowed in the trial. Two important witnesses were not called; the two witnesses who were called were not properly questioned. Willhoit did not make and had no opening statement prepared, Brenda was not put on the stand and her side of the story was not told. She was found guilty of both charges and sentenced to prison and probation. Her new lawyer has filed an appeal which is pending in the Supreme Court. The superior court judge ruled yes to stay Brenda's conviction until the appeal is ruled on. Brenda is a proud and excellent mother of 3 and Mima of 2, works full time and is a good person with a huge heart who now suffers from severe trauma response from the man who lied and is putting her in jail. Please sign and help bring justice. Thank you.
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  • We need more African American women on our state Supreme Courts.
    Nationwide, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, “gender disparity on supreme courts is particularly severe for women of color". There are no African American women on the Supreme Court of the United States and only 14 on the state supreme courts across our nation African American women are needed to broaden the perspectives of our Supreme Courts during judicial decision making, which is critically needed to expand justice for all.
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  • Tell Senator Joni Ernst to stand up for women not the NRA
    Last year my sister was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend. Despite having a record of domestic abuse he was still able to own a gun. She is the reason I am fighting today to make sure no one else has to experience this kind of loss. My sister’s ex-boyfriend was charged with domestic violence two times before her death. He basically got slapped on the wrist and was let go without any real consequences. So when I read about the Violence Against Women Act — a bipartisan bill that prevents stalkers & convicted abusers from being able to purchase a gun — I thought my sister really could have been protected by a law like this. That’s why I’m beyond angry and disappointed that Sen. Joni Ernst blocked a vote on this lifesaving bill. She should know that for many women, this is life or death. But since the NRA came out against it, Joni has shamefully buried and abandoned the Violence Against Women Act. I’m shocked knowing that Joni is a survivor herself and is not sticking up and doing the right thing for other survivors. I guess that’s how much more $3.1 million in campaign contributions means to her, rather than helping others. But I’m not giving up. In memory of my sister, for my family, and all the trauma we’ve endured in this process, I will fight to do whatever it takes to make sure no one else has to experience this kind of pain. Please sign my petition. Thank you. Lilly S. Des Moines, IA
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  • Repeal the $15.7 billion tax increase for working families that strips generational wealth.
    These defined contribution plans became popular as a way for workers to save for their retirements by investing small amounts of money each year in a tax-deferred account using pre-tax money. When the retiree started taking distributions, the distributions were counted as ordinary income for tax purposes. Upon the death of the retiree, the beneficiaries of the defined contribution plan would have to take the required minimum distribution every year and pay taxes on that distribution as ordinary income. Because these defined contribution plans would continue to grow tax-deferred, the distributions could continue for decades and could be passed on to the heirs of the beneficiaries. This was a great way for workers to acquire savings and pass those savings and the resultant income on to their children and grandchildren thus creating generational wealth. This changed when the revenue provision of the SECURE ACT passed. Now, the distribution period is shortened to ten years. The effects of this change are two-fold. First, workers can no longer provide long-term savings and income to their children and grandchildren. Second, because the distribution period is shortened, more money is distributed so more money is taxed. Furthermore, the increased distribution will more than likely push the beneficiary into a higher tax bracket. The rich get to leave their kids over $11,000,000 tax free with no restrictions. The working class get to leave their kids a tax increase. Furthermore, the rich get a $1 trillion tax cut over ten years because of the Trump Tax Act. This tax cut helped increase the federal deficit by 26% from 2018 to 2019. The rich get a $1 trillion tax cut. The working class get a $15.7 billion tax increase. REPEAL THE REVENUE PROVISION OF THE SECURE ACT THAT IS A $15.7 BILLION TAX INCREASE FOR WORKERS AND THEIR FAMILIES.
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  • Steve Shurtleff: Stand up For the Women of the NH Legislature
    Many of us have watched while on the state and the national stage public discourse has devolved into very public attacks against any individuals who cross Trump's path or oppose him or his followers. The state of New Hampshire has a sad history of harassment, especially from the right and within the walls of the state legislature. The current national climate has only given license to those parties who engage in harassing women, people of color and others who do not fit the "conservative" social narrative. We have noticed in particular, in the state house, a particular vitriol reserved for women members of the state legislature. From the current harassment and belittlement (calling her princess, telling her she is stupid, weak, receiving death threats, harassment directed at her being a woman, etc.) of Debra Stevens, to the the constant harassment and demands for censure of Representative Sherry Frost (Strafford, 18) that have occurred during her terms. The type of vicious harassment that women experience resembles the type of harassment many women experienced thirty years ago when they entered non-traditional employment. Today, nearly every place of employment has a sexual harassment policy in place. Today, nearly all workers and professionals everywhere have no problem working with women as colleagues and professional partners. The number of women in the state legislature has increased profoundly this past session, reflecting the increased participation across the board of women in public life. Yet only this session was a sexual harassment policy finally put in place; after solid repeated resistance when the House was GOP controlled. Those same members who voted against a sexual harassment policy now not only associate with those who regularly harass female members of the house, but these same members make a plea to Steve Shurtleff, claiming they feel harassed and misrepresented when a member shares her a story about the behavior of anti-gun control activists. They make this plea after they all deliberately assembled on Representative Steven's Facebook political page with the sole purpose of harassing her. They make this plea after the first vote of the Democratic controlled house which banned handguns on the state house floor caused a few state representatives to call a press conference claiming that they feel unsafe at the state house without a gun by their side. Yet they have had no problem associating with those who issue death threats, harass, cajole, bully and abuse their opponents, in particular women. Women who do not carry guns anywhere and yet have plenty of reason to feel unsafe everyday; just for their duty as state representatives and representing the issues the way the majority of their constituents who sent them there wish them to do. We feel that speaking up to these bullies is important and Steven Shurtleff showing leadership on this issue is absolutely essential. No state legislator or American citizen should ever feel their life might be in danger or their dignity or social good standing be jeopardized, simply for having a certain point of view. In particular, we ask that Speaker Shurtleff speak specifically as well to the harassment that the women on the Democratic side of the aisle have received for speaking their minds.
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  • End The Epidemic of Missing Black Women and Girls
    To glean more serious law enforcement investigations and more attention from the national media to end the disappearances and recover these missing women and girls.
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  • Tell ICE to #FreeKelly!
    Kelly is a 23-year-old transgender asylum seeker who has been locked up in immigration jail for nearly three years. Kelly is suffering medical neglect and was put in solitary confinement for four months solely because of her gender identity. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has the power to release her immediately but refuses to let her go. Kelly is suffering tremendously, both physically and mentally. Additionally, her unnecessarily prolonged detention is exacerbating the trauma she has experienced as a domestic violence and human trafficking survivor. During her nearly three years in detention, Kelly has never been given a bond hearing. All Kelly wants is to live safely and without fear. Unfortunately, there are many more transgender individuals like Kelly who are unjustly locked up in immigration jail while they apply for asylum, and are experiencing inhumane treatment because of their gender identity. Kelly needs your help. Sign the petition to demand that ICE use its discretion to #FreeKelly now!
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  • Tell Congress: Hold perpetrators accountable for revenge porn
    Congresswoman Katie Hill became a victim of revenge porn. Earlier this month, conservative blog "RedState" published nude photos of Rep. Hill and one of the staff members of her campaign, with whom she admits to having had a consensual relationship. Since then, rightwing publications have been using the photos to create a misogynistic and homophobic campaign to humiliate, abuse, and discredit the freshman Congresswoman. In other words, as one writer puts it, "RedState and its rightwing compatriots have brought the tactics of domestic abuse into our politics." What Hill did--having a relationship with her employee--was inappropriate. What the people who published her photos did was criminal. That's why she is pursuing legal action against those rightwing outlets that distributed her photos without her consent. While "revenge porn," or nonconsensual distribution of intimate images, is illegal in some parts of the country, there is no federal law directly prohibiting it. In light of the horrible public abuse Rep. Hill is going through, Congress must pass a bill it has been sitting on for months called SHIELD--or Stopping Harmful Image Exploitation and Limiting Distribution Act of 2019. While Rep. Hill's story is shaking Washington and the media, will you tell Congress to pass the SHIELD Act to help make sure no one suffers what Rep. Hill has
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