• #FreeKimBrown
    In Kim's Own Words: "It is not easy for me to discuss my crime because unlike many people in prison, I do not claim to be innocent. The horrible reality I must live with is the fact that on March 29, 1994, I shot and killed two people. One of those people was a man to whom I was engaged. The other was a woman with whom he was also romantically involved. At the time I was 27 years old and he was 59. The other woman was 34. Because I met him in church and thought he was a man of God, I trusted him implicitly and believed everything he told me. When I questioned him about things that seemed odd, he used the Bible to persuade me that he knew best and that my doubt was sinful. At times he had me questioning my sanity. And when the truth finally came out, I confronted him about his lies. Unfortunately, I was not psychologically equipped for such a confrontation and snapped. When investigators questioned the neighbors after the shooting they were told that the neighbors thought I was his niece because the other woman was always at the house during the day. I use to blame him for this but the reality is that it was me and my naivete that caused me to come to prison. Today I recognize that. There are women who are still falling prey to the same issues that fostered the atmosphere for my crime to happen. These things that l learned in prison should be taught in middle schools, churches, after school programs, and rec centers. Learning the information in prison is like closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out." Since her incarceration began in 1994, 25 years ago Kim has had the following accomplishments: Degrees - A.A. in Sociology from Marymount Manhattan College - B.A. in Sociology from Marymount Manhattan College - Currently working toward a Masters degree in Biblical Studies through a correspondence course Certifications - Legal Research - C.P.E. ( Clinical Pastoral Education) - A.C.E. Peer Educator Misc A.V.P. (Alternatives to Violence program) A.R.T. ( Aggression Replacement Training) Discipleship _________________ Upon her release, Kim has been offered a position as a Paralegal at a Law Firm in New York City. She will also assist a mystery writer and will engage in Hazzelle Goodman Ministries
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  • Don't overturn Roe v. Wade. Protect abortion rights.
    I'm Heidi Miller, the Development Manager with The Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama, which helps Southerners access abortion care. As similar extreme bills continue making their way through state legislatures it's vital that we send a clear message to Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. and the other members of the Supreme Court of the United States that we will not tolerate these attacks on our protected human rights. Alabama's extreme bill gives the state control over pregnant people's bodies and increases the already tremendous barriers that people seeking abortion care in Alabama face in accessing their procedures. Access was already a problem in Alabama which is why the Yellowhammer Fund exists. The government's control and politicization of our bodies is unacceptable. Families in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and communities across the nation are under attack as part of a publicly stated, coordinated effort to have the Supreme Court overturn its own legal precedent set by Roe v. Wade. This is truly concerning because some members of the Supreme Court are already signaling a willingness to overturn legal precedent on other cases. Sign the petition telling Chief Justice John G. Roberts and the Supreme Court justices to end these extreme policies which deny families the right to determine whether, when, and how to create a family. People espousing "pro-life" politics frequently talk about how much they love pregnant people and babies. However, their political agenda does not extend to ensuring that pregnancy and birth are safe for pregnant people or that parents, children, and families can access the health care they need to live healthy lives. In Alabama, for example, this means that a large number of pregnant people are going without the prenatal, birth, and postnatal care needed to ensure healthy pregnancies and birth outcomes. Maternal and infant mortality rates are high. We will work with trusted partner organizations like MoveOn to ensure the support on this petition is used to further pressure key decision makers, keep the story in the media, and give everyone opportunities to stay engaged! MoveOn members have already raised more than $30,000 for our work in Alabama and we're seeing generosity across the country—but we also need to make the Supreme Court respects the fundamental right to access an abortion, so we need to act now.
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    Created by Heidi Miller, The Yellowhammer Fund
  • Rename Dulles airport the Eleanor Roosevelt Airport (ERA)
    There are no major airports named after women in the United States nor has Eleanor Roosevelt gotten the recognition she deserves for her leadership on many issues.
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    Created by Cynthia Terrell
  • Elimination of the Unfair GPO and WEP Provisions of the Social Security Act
    To urge all Alliance for Retired Americans members, their families, friends or everyone subject to the GPO/WEP to increase their efforts to make sure the Congress of the United States enacts legislation to repeal the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision from Social Security Act. New Bill filed by Representative Garret Graves, (R-LA) H. R. 82 Social Security Act of 2023 This Petition is updated periodically to reflect current legislation that seeks full repeal of the WEP/GPO.
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    Created by John A. Pernorio
  • Free DC Petition for Equality
    In Washington, DC, our nation's capital, we have no voting member of Congress, and our local taxes and laws are subject to the control of Congress. This violates every principle of democracy and it is un-American.
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  • TPSS Female Students Allowed To Wear Skirts
    This is important to embrace the femininity and female modesty of female students in TPSS, allowing young girls to express themselves and their feminine style.
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  • Demand Rep. Loudermilk explain his tour just before Jan 6th!
    It is important people in positions of responsibility be honest with the general public, so "we the people" can make intelligent decisions. Rep. Loudermilk's refusal to explain his behavior suggests he supported the insurrection, and is a traitor to the United States of America. But we can't know if he won't even explain his behavior.
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  • Stop the Texas Abortion Ban; Support Zuwarski's and 4 other women's lawsuit
    Pro choice does not automatically mean against life. More lives can be saved and future lives can exist if the ban is removed. This is an issue that is personal to the person making the decision--no one else knows what a single woman's experience is during a pregnancy -- choices about each person's health should be in the sole power of that individual and not made illegal. Please support the lawsuit that 5 women have brought against Texas and support the moral and humanistic and democratic initiatives of the Center for Reproductive Rights whom is assisting in the lawsuit.
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    Created by David Odum
  • Injunction changes to prevent more deaths!
    Domestic violence victims and children of contentious divorced should have additional protection from their abusers. Additional professionals that are knowledgeable about mental health should be involved in such a major decision such as injunctions and whether they should be lifted or permanent. If a thorough psychological evaluation is conducted on an abuser, this may help in seeing there are underlying disorders of concern.
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  • Put Abortion Rights on the SC Ballot in November
    SC women cannot leave their health care decisions up to Republican men. We must make our own decisions for our own bodies and health.
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    Created by Mary Swilling
  • NO Pardon For Trump
    As a result of the Trump administration, our country has become more divided and divisive; we have lost integrity around the world; the right to vote has been restricted; free and fair elections are being challenged without evidence and our institutions are being infiltrated by those who fabricate conspiracy theories. These are only a few risks before us and they cannot be condoned if we want to save our Democracy. Failure to prosecute, convict and impose the strictest sentence under the law will compromise our democracy, promote increased corruption in our politics and send a clear message that we no longer have separate branches of government. As recently stated by Senator Cheney, "We cannot abandon the truth and remain a free nation."
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    Created by Gregory Levesque
  • Reproductive Health Equity Act
    Join my campaign for the women who will die bleeding out due to unviable pregnancy’s. For me who left an abusive relationship just to have a pregnancy scare and need Plan B. For your neighbor down the street whose little girl was raped and now expected to give birth at 13. For your moms and sisters and aunts and grandmas to continue having the same freedom of bodily autonomy that men have had since the constitution was first written. I know not everyone agrees and I know the majority of Tennessee is a hostile state when it comes to being pro-choice. But we are no longer just talking about aborting baby’s. Now we’re being threatened with unsafe sex that will cause a spread of infections and diseases all over the U.S. and it’s complying states. They’re telling us we are incubators. That we are nothing more than the set of ovary’s in our body’s. That even with the current rights we have, they can still take them away. Women live in fear everyday. Fear of the man waiting outside the grocery store, fear of the man walking our same pace on the sidewalk, fear of our male teachers, etc. But now we have to fear the government and our state governors. The individuals who are set up in order to protect our rights and freedoms. Again I’ll say that it is perfectly fine being pro life! The important part is being pro choice for everyone else. I’m hoping we can put our religion aside and remember that this is a crime against humanity.
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