Putting an end to the hydrofracking process.
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    Created by Dave Clemens
    Putting an end to the hydrofracking process.
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    Created by Dave Clemens
    Many public services (e.g. postal services) are housed in buildings without power-assisted doors, making it difficult and demeaning for wheelchair users, frail elderly and others to get in. A Concurrent Resolution now in the 112th Congress will help. Tell your Representative to support: H. CON. RES 91 Tell your Senators to support: S. CON.RES. 33
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    Created by Ray Elling
  • Occupy Islam
    Anti-Muslim sentiment has been on the rise, let's put an end to the mosque protests and the irrational anti-shariah scare that does nothing except incite fear among people. We are Muslims standing up to radicalism. Help us send this petition to Congress and tell them to stop the anti-Muslim madness. Help us collect signatures and present this petition to Congress. Peter King will be getting the first copy!
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    Created by Crescent Directive, Inc.
  • AT&T - Stop using my money to fund republican campaigns!
    Since 1996 AT&T has funded only republican presidential candidates. Not all of their customers are republicans! We hold you responsible to be bi-partisan in your political contributions!
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    Created by Kerman Raines
  • REPEAL H.R.1540 - National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)!
    December 31, 2011: President Obama signed into law the NDAA, as passed by the House and Congress, which strips "covered" citizens of their rights of Due Process. This Petition aims to repeal SEC. 1021 & 1022, thus holding our government officials accountable to their oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States".
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    Created by Shannon Ivey - The Independent Contributor
  • Outlaw the sale of dogs in petstores in all states.
    Each year hundreds of thousands of dogs are born in puppy mills for the pet trade. The parents of these pups live horror filled lives full of disease, parasite infestation, mental illness, and depression. Often these dogs must fight for food and water, traits they pass down to their puppies. Many of these dogs live their entire lives without seeing sunshine, touching solid ground (they live in wire cages), or being able to engage in normal canine behavior- absolutely no one loves or pets them and even if rescued from their horror filled existence they seldom recover enough to live normal lives. The pups produced by the dogs living as breeders in these puppy mills are not much better off. They are pulled away from their mothers too soon, packed into crates and shipped all over the country to stores where they are cleaned up and presented as ideal pets to the public, where they are sold for 10 times what their original cost was. As for being better off, nothing could be further from the case as they nearly always have mental and emotional scars that ultimately end in their winding up in a shelter somewhere, sometimes more than once or twice, often with their adding to the number of dogs destroyed each year by shelter staff. As a dog trainer I have seen how much work must be done to fix the various problems and the average pet owner is generally not up to the task. Legislation to prevent the operating of puppy mills has only caused the people running them to hide their operations more carefully, they will continue to do so as long as there is a profit to be made. By removing the largest reason for them to continue operating it will help shut them down forever. Please join me in ending this cycle of horror.
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    Created by Sandra Provost
    Putting an end to the hydrofracking process.
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    Created by Dave Clemens
  • Stop fracking our rivers & river basins
    fracking is risky. It involves chemical spills and exposes our drinking water to cancerous compounds such as ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, toluene and others.
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    Created by Carol Ward
  • truth in political advertising
    Make political ads, for candidates and issues, meet the same truth in advertising that we already require for products and services.
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    Created by Gary Peniston
    NEEDLESS, HARMFUL IMMIGRATION Each year about one million LEGAL immigrants come and over 600,000 of them take American jobs. W-H-Y do we need immigration? Enough of this "create jobs" bullshit - we will create 600,000 jobs for 2012 if we STOP immigration immediately and completely.
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    Created by Paula C.
  • Get The Money Out
    Recind the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to contribute unlimited funds to/for political campaigns.
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    Created by Mike Lawrence