• Amend The Constitution: Corporations Are Not People
    The Supreme Court ruled in 2010 in Citizens United that corporations are persons who are entitled to all of the rights protected in the Constitution. This is based on a lie. They were never before recognized as natural persons like you and me. Corporations are global, powerful and wealthier than many nations. The ruling will essentially allow corporations to enslave us. We must oppose it, and an amendment is the best way to do it.
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    Created by Hedda Haning
    Justice Clarence Thomas has violated federal law and rules of ethics by falsifying 20 years of financial disclosure forms and engaging in judicial insider trading to enrich himself from the Citizens United decision. We're calling on the Justice Department to apply Equal Justice Under Law to the conduct of Clarence Thomas.
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    Created by VRAdmin
  • Demand Paul LePage's Resignation!
    Paul LePage was "elected" Governor of Maine with less than 32% of the vote. In his brief time in office he has been anything from an embarrassment to a disaster for the State.
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    Created by Chad Thorne
  • Environmental Education
    Environmental education should be taught in every subject at the Secondary level, as a lesson or as research within the context of the subject itself. In this manner, our public school students will become knowledgeable and involved in environmental issues while their minds are still open. Environmental education has been proven to improve student grades and reduce the dropout rate.
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    Created by James LeCuyer
    Gun owners to pay for gun control. Policing crime and paying medical cost is largely borne by law abiding non-gun owning citizens.
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    Created by LEOTHA BROWN SR.
  • Petition Members of Congress to Support Rep. Anthony Weiner
    This petition is created for the purpose of supporting Rep. Anthony Weiner. Other members of Congress have done far worse than Weiner, yet still remain. Please sign this petition which is targeted toward encouraging other members of Congress to support Rep. Weiner.
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  • Terminal & Coal Trains Threat to W. Washington
    Peabody Coal, Goldman Sachs, and BNSF are seeking a permit to build a coal terminal at Cherry Point north of Bellingham Washington. Coal would be shipped there by rail from Montana up the Coast of Western Washington. We are asking Washington residents to oppose both building the terminal and the right to "train" coal up our coastline and through our cities. Both actions endanger our immediate environment (air and water), threaten personal health (coal dust, diesel particulate matter, mercury), and endanger the planet. We need to warn communities along the train path as well as other concerned citizens in order to stop this project from happening. We have no vote except to speak out and the time is now.
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    Created by Lynne Oulman
  • Save DiMaggio Playground Baseball Field
    San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to place tennis courts in the left out field of Joe DiMaggio Field. This is the baseball field where Joe DiMaggio learned to play in his North Beach San Francisco Neighborhood. The play ground has been officially named after him but the ball field has been officially eliminated. Please say no to this attack on baseball, our history and the memory of Joe DiMaggio. The courts don't need to be there.
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    Created by Bradley Wiedmaier
  • Governor Walker: How Dare You
    Urgent: Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans are calling an “extraordinary session” of the legislature, beginning Tuesday, June 14. By this Friday, they're expected to use this session to slash our education, health care and support systems, and jam through rights-stripping attacks on Wisconsin workers. The people of Wisconsin have stood together for over 100 days in a historic response to the unprecedented assault on the working and middle classes. Wisconsinites have rallied, marched and even set up tent cities to call attention to Gov. Walker’s devastating budget proposals and to stop the attacks on working people. But even with recalls of anti-worker legislators looming, the attacks continue. Even if we don't stop Walker and his friends in the legislature, we need to continue to make sure the governor, the legislature, and the media understand that the people of Wisconsin don't support their radical agenda.
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    Created by Stephanie Bloomingdale
  • Avoid an environmental Pearl Harbor
    James Hansen and other climate scientists have suggested we have less than a seven year window to take direct action to mitigate the growing effects of global warming. The Obama administration, while doing more than previous administrations, is not leading in educating and framing the importance of the issue; while the Republican stance on global warming, in terms of accepting the role that humans have played in creating the problem, is cynical, opportunistic and plays to the paranoia of their base.
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    Created by Dr. Bob Childs
  • Tony's Law(Girginis's) fight for harsher punishment for irresponsible gun use
    We want harsher punishment for irresponsible gun use! People who use guns irresponsibly should know that there are consequences for there actions and that they will go to jail if they use guns irresponsibly, This is about our cousin, Tony Girginis, who was killed by irresponsible gun use, the person responsible only got RECKLESS CONDUCT!
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    Created by Kim La Rosa
  • Total Public Funding of elections. Outside money influences made illegal.
    Complete Public Funding for all publically held offices (From dog catcher to president of the U.S.A.).Every public office shall have a set budget limit for campaigning and every candidate shall use only those funds for their campaign. Private individuals or corporate entities are barred from giving any politician running for office or already holding office any money , gift or favor in exchange for political influence. To do so shall be considered a bribe and thus illegal which shall be punishable by law.
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    Created by Sonia Wilson