• Governor Snyder: Do Not Privatize Teaching in Michigan Schools
    Senator Phil Pavlov (R) of St. Clair County, chair of Rick Snyder's Education Committee, is drafting legislation that would privatize instruction in Michigan Public Schools. This fundamental change in the method of staffing Michigan's public schools would do monumental damage to the quality of education in Michigan. We are calling on Governor Snyder to say "no" to privatizing teaching in Michigan.
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    Created by Nicole Willett
  • Tax the JOB Exporters!
    The conservatives claim we cannot tax the "Job creators" so lets tax the JOB EXPORTERS instead. Its time the federal government creates laws to protect American companies who hire American workers from foreign competitors. For example three American Solar Panel manufacturers have gone out of business because the price has dropped 42% due to competition from Chinese companys
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    Created by Arlys MIlls
  • Save Social Security
    The truth about Social Security and for people to support raising its ceiling which will bring in sufficient revenue to pay full benefits until 2075.
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    Created by Mary Ellen Dias
  • Save Our Infrastructure
    The infrastructure in the U.S. is decaying, this includes roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, and, in particular, our electrical grids. Repairs are many years overdue. By repairing infrastructure, we not only kick start the economy, we avoid disasters waiting to happen.
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    Created by Steve Catlin
  • Prevent Abuse in Residential Treatment
    We call on our US Senators to draft legislation that will protect teens from abuse in residential programs. Now that H.R. 911 – Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2009 has passed the US house during the 111th session (2009-2010), we need similar legislation to be passed by the US Senate.
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    Created by Dr. Janet Parker DVM
  • Bring Our War Dollars Home!
    Waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, the U.S. is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars abroad and killing thousands of civilians, increasing hatred of our country and thereby decreasing our security. At the same time, President Obama and Congress are considering cutting the deficit by cutting needed social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and even Social Security, which has nothing to do with the deficit. Ending our six wars would return the money wasted on them to our country, saving these social programs from being cut.
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    Created by Ed Ciaccio
  • Save Social Security from Eric Cantor, et al
    The House Republicans seem hell bent on dismantling any government programs which originated during the New Deal in the 1930s. Social Security which is a self funded program is NOT an entitlement program and though there are some potential short falls possible, by tweaking it a bit now those short falls can be prevented. Ronald Reagan's administration even did this, it is an American thing to do. But if we don't stand strong against the lies, half truths and bullying by Eric Cantor and his mob this program could go away. Please sign the petition.
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    Created by Jane Nordli Jessep
  • Stop The Disrespect of President Obama
    Since the Election of President Obama, he has experienced nothing but bigotry and total disrespect. It is time for it to end. We cannot let another moment go by without dealing with this issue
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    Created by Norma Jean
  • The 9/11 Baby Step
    9/11 has served as the foundation for an open-ended war and other nefarious policies. Yet President Obama and all members of the U.S. Congress have refused to acknowledge the most self-evident contradiction of the official 9/11 narrative: "Building 7's destruction has all the attributes of a controlled demolition, but it is necessarily due to an office fire, since the official investigations so determined." It is time to challenge politicians of all stripes to face an enigma that the average 6th grader is capable of comprehending as they keep wasting military power and other resources into terribly misguided endeavors.
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    Created by Daniel Noel
  • Stop Abuse of Children in America
    American children are citizens of the United States, and yet they often do not have their rights protected. No child should be abused, and every child has the right to a good education, a loving family, and good health care. Please stand up for what is right, and campaign for the United States to pass the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children.
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    Created by Alexandra Gardiner
  • Imprisonment for terrorism
    Political prisoners rotting in prisons since 9/11 without being proven guilty, or with no substantial charges, or fabricated charges
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    Created by Mrs Eberle
  • Congressional Term Limitations
    For many years and several Presidential terms now, our government shows more and more everyday how the most serious issues facing our Congress are decided by political wars, self-interests and pocket-lining, rather than what serves the best interests of our taxpayers and citizens. We propose that TERM LIMITATIONS be imposed on the members of our House and Senate so that matters may be dealt with more objectively and in favor of the people. Several states saw the benefit of term limitations long ago and they are self-imposed. The vast majority of states have not been willing to see the benefit to such a policy. We would suggest that a member of the House not serve more than three consecutive terms and a member of the Senate not more than 2 consecutive terms. Currently, 60-78% of voters support this measure. Please show your support for a stronger, more effective government that is once again FOR THE PEOPLE and not just the players in Congress. Help to ENACT TERM LIMITATIONS NOW!
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    Created by Richard C. Pinches