• Full body scanners will soon be in Austin Airport within this year.
    The petition is about the new radiation scanners at airport that will soon be coming to Austin. I am bothered that I still seem to get liquids and leathermans that are located IN my bag (by accident) through carry-on scanners undetected. Even though TSA hasn't perfected those scanners to make us more safe, they are adding onto it with more expensive machinery, succumbing us to more radiation as well as a violating situation. I wish they would perfect one thing before moving onto a more complicated/expensive/invasive one. These new radiation scanners that spot everything under your clothing (producing a shiny nude image of everyone) are replacing old-fashioned magnetic scanners. Cancer risks correlate with the number of exposure to radiation, so no dose of radiation is too small to matter. The amount of radiation that you are exposed to is not as much as a doctor’s, BUT the cumulative effect of radiation may take a toll (especially if children 12+ are exposed to this routine at such a young age then continue through their adult years). If you chose to opt out of being scanned, you will instead have an intimate pat-down from a TSA agent – you end up being touched in places previously reserved for significant others or your Gynecologist/Urologist. When you experience this, you will realize how violating it truly is - I have and it's quite invasive.
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    Created by Carolyn O'Connor
  • Foreclosures as temporary housing following a natural disaster
    This storm season has seen an unusual amount of damage to families, property and family stability. This is especially true given the current recession, with many folks living on the edge of sustainability. We're asking that those Americans most affected by natural disasters be allowed to live in vacant and foreclosed properties, rent free, for up to 6 months. Those banks who were given TARP funds would be asked to donate a small portion of their inventory of vacant and foreclosed properties, and assume the nominal property management fees during this 6 month period. We're asking banks who have received TARP funds in the past to now contribute, in a very particular way, to rebuilding America.
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    Created by Anthony Newby
  • Recall of officials who make cuts in education
    We need to make a pledge to recall any elected official who votes to pass further cuts in education! Tonight is the deadline to pass a budget in California, and the one thing that legislators have agreed upon is to defer payment to schools. Atrocious! Lets recall legislators who vote to take money from education.'
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    Created by malena copeland
  • AB 6 the CalF-R-E-S-H Act of 2011: Finding Resources and Eliminating Significant Hurdles
    This bill was introduced by assembly member Felipe Fuentes to increase access to and participate in CalFresh by removing barriers and simplifying the application process, while simultaneously implementing cost savings efforts. AB6 would help feed hungry California families by eliminating the requirement that aid applicants must be fingerprinted and photographed as a condition of eligibility.
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    Created by Gloria Videla
  • Constitutional Amendment mandating public financing of all elections.
    It's no secret that big money contributions to candidates buy access and influence. To ensure that our political leaders do what's in the best interests of their constituents and the country rather than what's in the best interests of big campaign donors, and considering the Supreme Court's decision in "Citizens United", we need a constitutional amendment mandating public financing of all elections.
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    Created by John Bird
  • Tell Fox: "Fire Eric Bolling"
    Last week, Fox Business' Eric Bolling said that President Obama has a habit of having "hoodlum[s] in the hizzouse," referring to an official meeting the president had with an African head of state at the White House. Bolling also said that President Obama was too busy "chugging forties" in Ireland to respond to the recent tornadoes in Missouri and more. These statements play off of racist stereotypes and are unacceptable. Fox needs to either fire Bolling or admit that they accept his brand of stereotyping and race-baiting. Please join us in demanding that they do.
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    Created by ColorOfChange.org
  • Stop Fracking In New York!
    Please contact your NY State representatives as soon as possible to support fracking ban bill #S4220! In just a few days the state Legislature will shut down for the rest of the year, so act now! By fighting dirty energy on this front, we hope to pave the way for legislation that will support green energy and lower carbon emissions in the future. The only certain way to ensure New York's public health and safety, and to protect our precious water, air, land and forests from the ravages of massive industrialization and contamination through hydrofracking, is to ban this practice. We only have a few days left in this legislative session to communicate our unity behind a fracking ban.
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    Created by Benjamin Vescovi
  • give us back our votes
    Both parties are way too obligated to moneyed interests and thus do not approach important issues with an open mind. The only way to change this is to radically change campaign finance laws and procedures. My suggestion is a massive bipartisan petition drive to seek commitment from ALL candidates from ALL parties for ALL positions - federal, state and local - to seriously look to reform campaign financing in their next term in office. Those who agree and those who do not should be widely publicized. We can then monitor the results and vote accordingly.
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    Created by Lewis M. Weinstein
  • Stop Attacks on Ohio Voter Rights
    Gov. John Kasich and his political allies know what’s at stake in 2012: Ohio could be the state that decides whether Barack Obama wins or loses the election. And SB 5 will be on the ballot. So they will stop at nothing–no matter how brazen or unethical–to stack the deck in their favor. Recently, Ohio Republicans passed HB 194, a voter suppression bill that cuts down on early voting and makes it harder for Ohio voters to cast their ballots. Not satisfied with making it more difficult to vote, extreme senators are now saying they will take up a voter ID bill that would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Ohioans. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has called HB 159 the “most restrictive” measure of its kind in the country. Adding a photo ID requirement would only serve to further disenfranchise young people, seniors, people of color, people with disabilities and the poor.
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    Created by Andy Richards
  • Cut Government Spending at the Source: Salaries of Elected Officials
    Salaries for U.S. and State Senators and Congressmen should be tied to the federal minimum wage of their constituents. At $7.25/hr, 24 hrs per day, no elected official's pay should exceed $63,553.50, and benefits limited to the time served in office. Staff size should be proportioned by state population or equal to the number of State Electoral Votes.
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    Created by Georgia G
  • Equality
    Congress and "We The People" should abide by the same rules. This is a recommendation for a Constitutional Amendment.
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    Created by Henri V. De Roule
  • Keep Public Broadcasting Funded in Florida!
    On May 26, 2011 Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed the state's nearly $4.8 million appropriation for public broadcasting. That figure had already been reduced by 30% from last year. With these cuts, 13 public radio stations will lose $87,287 in state funds and 13 television stations will lose a subsidy of $434,837. Public broadcasting is a form of objective media that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. It keeps our communities both connected and informed. Please sign the petition and urge Florida Legislator's to override Gov. Scott's line-item veto of state funding for public broadcasting. This doesn't take effort, it just takes passion.
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    Created by Anna V. Eskamani