• Tax the rich
    To give equal rights to the lower class and THE MIDDLE CLASS!
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    Created by Matt Laughlin
  • 535 Plan
    A jump start to begin to tackle our nation's debt crisis.
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    Created by Mike Vaupel
  • Gov. Scott, Reinstate Art and Music Instruction in Florida Public Schools
    Many schools in the region of North Florida and the public school systems in rural counties like Jefferson and Taylor do not have any art instruction and have almost completely canceled all music instruction from choir to band practice. During the upcoming legislative session, let's send this petition to the legislature and the governor to let them know how we feel and to insist on funding for art and music instruction in our schools.
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    Created by Jeanne Annette Phoenix
  • The American Caste System = Why We are Occupying Wall Street
    Help put an end to a common form of discrimination in America ... Class discrimination. All the lower caste, regardless of color, national origin or faith must rise up and join together to stop this insane abuse of our inalienable rights to equal wealth, health, happiness and true freedom. Yes that means rednecks must put down their rebel flag and join hands with their black brothers and sister. And blacks must put their awful past where it belongs, in the past. For, the civil rights battles of the future must be by a united, multi-race force against the caste system that discriminates against us, divides us, abuses our rights, and herds us around like ignorant sheep. Just as our country's forefathers (mainly of lower caste) left Europe to start a new caste-free country … we MUST take back control of OUR country, get rid of all these bought politicization and make it caste-free again as it was intended!
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    Created by Stephen Johnson
  • Ask Congress to Tighten their belts too!
    While congressmen have continuously asked the American people to sacrifice and tighten their belts during this economic crises, while they are cutting funds for education, welfare and social programs in order to reduce the deficit, while they claim that it is OK for Americans to get a cut in their wages they have not done the same thing they are preaching to us. We, the people, are their employers. Being a congressman or woman is supposed to be a service to the nation, an honor not a lucrative career with benefits for life, with perks such as not paying for gas while we have to continue paying outrageous prices at the pump. If we sacrifice, so should they. Request that they show their concern, their patriotism by reducing their salaries by 40%, to get private insurance like we do and pay their share and, no more life-long pensions… if 401K is so great, let them get a 401K plan and remove the pension plan from their benefit.
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    Created by Marilena Noy
  • Tennyson Street Merchants compensation fund
    Since construction has begun on Tennyson St. for street improvements, businesses have been severely affected from a loss of 30 to 60%+ in profits. Some businesses have already been shuttered and several new businesses are in jeopardy. Existing businesses are seeing a large decrease in customer visits and many complaints heard are that it's difficult to find parking, there are street closures almost daily, and that they're not sure if businesses are open during this construction period.
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    Created by Mary Hendrick
  • Save Post Offices across America
    Some 10,000 U.S. Postal Service stations and locations are on the chopping block. The lifeline of small communities to the rest of the world will soon be available only by greatest distances or only on the internet or dependent on media giants for communication and local deliveries. Already, the postal system is not as good as it was in our childhood. Please save it. After all, the written & printed word is important., too.
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    Created by Kevin Stoda
  • Constitutional Amendment to protect Workers
    The decline in union membership in America is not because Americans don’t want to join a Union it’s because the Republicans have made it impossible to start a Union while they systematically take apart viable American Companies to bust their Unions. And, when you understand that the decline in union membership has mirrored the decline in middle class wages, you understand the need for a Constitutional Amendment that protects the rights of workers.
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    Created by Eugene Rodriguez
    Call to action to pass the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.
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    Created by Bob Welch
  • Fair Trade Rockford
    Making Rockford, Il a Fair Trade Town is about providing a structure and strategy for reaching all sectors in our town, with the message of Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Town criteria includes, forming a steering committee, list all organizations that use and sell Fair Trade products, increase Fair Trade product knowledge and awareness, a local campaign to attract media attention, gain public support, and the Rockford City council passing a resolution supporting Fair Trade We are calling on our community to sign this petition
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    Created by Linda Roy
  • Cease US pro-aggressive actions such as the war on terror, in favor of diplomacy and grant all na...
    The attacks with military drones and long distanced, technologically advanced weapons has made it an unfair playing field in the favor of us, the United States of America, and our reaction without thinking to 9/11 that led to other preemptive actions, made our future a war without any definable end, a War On Terror, that only we as citizens and politicians can end by our act of withdrawing our pro-aggressive forces abroad and better use our troops to defend our country at home and assist families in need.
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    Created by Donald R. Anderson
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