• Regulating gasoline prices
    The petition is to urge our Congressmen to regulate gasoline prices at the pump and treat fuel as a utility. People should care about this issue because fuel prices are draining the life out of this country.
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    Created by Gerald Roe
  • 100% Voter-Owned Democracy
    $$$ ruling political campaigns did not begin with Citizens United; it only exacerbated the evil. Our experiment in democracy will only survive if we demand 100% publicly funded elections. Plenty of local/regional models to follow. I'm with the MoveOn supporters who feel MoveOn should stop "putting out fires" and focus on reframing the debate: launch big bold campaign to capture the public imagination...100% publicly financed elections, for example...hire people who know how to message...otherwise we'll forever be the obedient serfs to giant corporations and their Madison Avenue minions.
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    Created by Kenny Jones
  • Full Campaign Public Financing
    To ultimately achieve an election process that is truly fair and balanced, where no interests, corporate or otherwise, hold sway over our elected officials and our laws. This requires full public campaign financing, and eliminating the ability of campaigns to "opt out" or otherwise fund their campaign with "private" donations. Entirely and Completely unbiased tax payer allocated funded, without the ever increasing costs of running a campaign. It is becoming harder and harder for the voices of the have-nots to be heard, precisely because they do not-have . (The first step in this process is for congress to overturn the "Citizens United" Decision from the supreme court.)
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    Created by Matthew P
  • Take back our Democracy
    Stopping in its tracks the FAR-RIGHT REVOLUTION
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    Created by Gil Miranda
  • Undo Corporate Advantage
    Corporations were recently awarded person-hood, but one major difference between man and them is that they seldom die, giving them great institutional advantage over each generation that comes along. They outlast any foes and are able to monopolize on any weaknesses. They need to end just like humans do.
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    Created by Dennis Lane
  • Overtime Moratorium
    In recent decades business has chipped away at worker's rights. Among these are the 8-hour day and the 40-hour work week. Restrictions on how much overtime a person may work will cause businesses to hire once again. Eliminating overtime will not only generate jobs, it will restore work/life balance that has been whittled away, bit-by-bit, over recent years.
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    Created by Jeffrey I Levin
  • Corporations are not People.
    To effect the changes needed to reclaim our democracy we need to defeat Corporate America’s attack on our freedoms, and the best place to start is by making sure corporations, or any other organizations, do not enjoy the rights of "natural people"; it is the key to all of the others. This is not a Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, or Independent question; it is about preserving the America our forefathers fought so hard to create, and the legacy we have been entrusted to pass on to our kids. Put simply, if a few corporate power brokers own our politicians, and anonymous dollars are more powerful than votes, the great masses of Americans, including you and I, lose their right to “Government by and for the People”. To effect change, we all have to focus on this core issue. The unbelievable power and influence of big banks and other large corporations, their ownership of the majority of our news outlets, and the massive abuses some engage in, is that core. Together, we can counteract this financial power base with the power of our voices, and return control of our government to “real people”. Rather than continuing to allow both isles of Congress and the Supreme Court to legitimize the “power of the dollar”, together we can force them to re-focus on our rights as “natural people”. With this single step, everything else we need in order to regain the American dream becomes possible, and it all begins by passing a Constitutional Amendment that simply says "Corporations are not People". So I created a petition to our House of Representatives & Senate, as well as President Obama, which says: "It is my belief that Corporations are not People, and that a Constitutional Amendment making that simple statement should be enacted." Please step up and help protect our freedoms by signing the petition, and forwarding it to as many of your friends as you can. With your help we can all win!
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    Created by Fred Schwacke
  • corporations are NOT people
    End corporations(big monies)control of our elections.Reverse the injustice of the supreme court's ruling on "citizens united".It rightfully should have been called "corporations united".With this ruling corporations are given the right to pump unlimited amounts of money into our elections in order to get the politicians elected who will do their bidding(without letting citizens know who paid for the add.
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    Created by Joyce Fowler
  • Pass the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009
    The Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to a jury trial in all civil cases over $20. The Federal Arbitration Act, and court rulings interpreting it, have supplanted this cherished right with an expensive, secret and biased system, favoring businesses over individuals, and denying justice to thousands of victims. The Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009 addresses and corrects the abuses of arbitration, bringing fairness and balance to the civil justice system for everyone, and restoring the Constitutional right to trial by jury.
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    Created by John Kirtley
  • Fix Google Privacy
    The Federal Trade Commission is now accepting public comments on a proposed privacy settlement with Google. We want the FTC to establish a Comprehensive Privacy Program for Google and other Internet companies. The FTC settlement applies to all Google products and services, including Gmail and Google Buzz. It bans Google from misrepresenting its privacy policies in the future, requires independent privacy audits every two-years for the next 20 years, and requires that Google institute a comprehensive privacy program to safeguard its users data and personal information. The deadline for public comments is Monday, May 2.
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    Created by Marc Rotenberg
  • Corporate Criminal Liability
    This petition is about holding corporations CRIMINALLY liable as opposed to merely getting fined or paying off a lawsuit when they damage the health and finances of people and the environment but claim to have "not known" that their product could wreak such havoc when scientific or email evidence tells us otherwise.
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    Created by Elizabeth Barris
  • Tell Congress to repeal Corporate "individual" Status
    Corporations are not persons and should not be considered as such.
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    Created by Robert Cook 325 S. 5th St. #10 Cottage Grove