• Support Eric Schneiderman's Investigation of the Corporate Banking Industry
    After weeks of intense pressure from the Obama Administration and from Schneiderman’s fellow attorneys general to support a broad settlement that would let the big banks off easy for the questionable lending practices that caused our country’s housing crisis, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was removed from a committee of state attorneys general investigating the banking industry’s mortgage abuses. Now Schneiderman is preparing to investigate Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and other major financial institutions for their misconduct in the mortgage markets.
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    Created by Josh Adler
  • End Corporate Control of Government
    Last year the Supreme Court ruled corporations could spend billioms on political campaigns. Soon they will have bought enough politicans to control Comgress; to win both general AND primary elections; and therefore to "select" the candidates. They will then have complete control of "our" government, The result---A government of, by, and for the corporations.
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    Created by Fred Grob
  • Tell Mayor Kevin Johnson & Sacramento City Council
    Let the Occupy Wall Street Sacramento petition our Government and Citizens 24/7. Let them freely exercise their free speech rights.
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    Created by Mark Whisler
  • DePersonalize Corporations
    We need a constitutional amendment that will clarify that constitutional rights apply to natural persons (you and I) and not to corporations which are artificial persons created by charters granted by the states or the federal government.
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    Created by Martin Evans
  • Wall Street Reform
    The primary function of our government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens from external and internal assault. If it fails there, what use is it?
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    Created by Robert Dubois
  • Upholding Constitutional Personhood
    In its justly infamous decision known as "Citizens United," a majority of the current Supreme Court gave further legitimacy and power to the legal concept of "corporate personhood," whereby a corporation is to be treated under Federal law as having the same rights as an individual citizen. This concept does not appear in our Constitution, and it has a pernicious effect on our democracy.
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    Created by Theodore Bonstedt
    Did you know that OCTOBER 20, 2011 is INTERNATIONAL CREDIT UNION DAY? I saw this while at the Santa Cruz Community Credit Union today. So I'm thinking what would happen if, say, in celebration, masses of people withdrew their money from the Big Banks and deposited it in their local credit unions? Wouldn't that register as a meaningful protest with potential heavy impact on the big banks? Wouldn't that mean lots and lots of new resources available to be invested locally? Just wondering. . . . . . . . .
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    Created by Barbara Crum
  • Stop foreclosure on a 71-year-old cancer survivor
    Dixie Mitchell, a 71-year-old cancer survivor, and her husband, Luster, have owned their Seattle home for 44 years. This is the same home where the Mitchells raised their nine biological children and cared for fifty foster children, and the house was paid off in full in the mid-1980s. When Dixie needed some money to make home repairs and to help one of the foster children in her care, her bank advised her to refinance her home. Under the direction of the bank, she took out a loan that was promised would work for what she needed. But then, the loan was bundled and resold. Soon after, Luster, suffered a massive stroke that has left him paralyzed and unable to work. Because of the bank's changes to the loan, Dixie quickly fell behind on her payments. Without her husband's earnings, her monthly income is just $2,200 in Social Security and her monthly mortgage is $2,052. Despite Dixie's best efforts, the Mitchells home is set to be auctioned on October 28th and they have no place to go. All Dixie needs is a small modification to the loan and she'll be able to keep her house. The problem is that Ocwen Financial, who holds the loan, just won't budge. Not because they can't, but because they don't want to.
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    Created by Ian Pajer-Rogers
  • Contact your local politicians
    Joliet & Romeoville will soon be deciding whether to give a "Tax Break" to Midwest Generation's Coal plants by including them into the Desplaines Valley Enterprise Zone Their decision will affect all taxpayers Will County & in IL. Like the tollways we are still paying for something that should have been paid off years ago. Total impact of Local & State sales tax exemptions thru 2018 is estimated to be $1.2 Billion - IL is broke how can we afford to give their tax break. Midwest Gen wants a tax break to upgrade their facilities. Tax payers of IL have already paid for these upgrades & are still paying for the upgrades on these coal plants. Edison International, their parent company states they're more profitable than other like industry & that their assets total more than $36 billion. Let them pay the taxes. Enough is enough!
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    Created by Ellen
  • Overrule Citizens United
    House Joint Resolution 78 proposes a Constitutional Amendment overruling the Citizens United decision. The Amendment would allow Congress to limit corporate spending on political campaigns. This is essential to restore citizen control of our democracy. This petition asks Congress to support the Resolution and start the amendment process.
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    Created by Mark Wallach
  • Mr. President: Occupy Wall Street
    I'm calling on President Barack Obama to come to Wall Street and get a first-hand look at Zuccotti Park and the people that are there making a difference. No strings- say something, do something, or don't. Just a visit, an appearance. This would have a profound effect on the citizens of Liberty Plaza, the citizens of the United States, and all the world. We are a great country because we dare to be great.
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    Created by Sherwood Michael Harris
  • Downsize Executive Compensation
    Petition to organize a movement to challenge corporate America to reduce the cost and transfer these cost to other jobs. We must challenge those individuals who sit on these boards to open the market up as a corporate accountability to allow individuals to submit bids or proposals at a lower rate than are acceptable today. Executive Compensation's cost is out of control. It is draining America of jobs. Jobs = payroll taxes.
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    Created by Mathew Daniel