• Corporations are not persons
    Corporations should not enjoy the same rights as human beings. The power of corporations to influence our political life must end. The U.S. Constitution must be amended to end the existence of this legal fiction.
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    Created by Kurt Olsen
  • End corporate personhood
    Ad Busters has proposed an Occupation of Wall Street starting September 14. A major demand is for the end of corporate personhood in the U.S. It's time for DEMOCRACY NOT CORPORATOCRACY! More info here: http://www.adbusters.org/blogs/adbusters-blog/occupywallstreet.html
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    Created by Don Ogden
    Residents' drinking water, health, and property values are being systematically destroyed as a result of carcinogens, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and radioactive material in the fluid used in, and waste water resulting from, the new hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" process of horizontal drilling for natural gas wells all over the country. We are likewise concerned about over-projections of reserves by the natural gas and finance industries, and the likelihood that it is causing yet another economic bubble ready to burst and further damage our nation's economy. We demand that our state assembly bring a halt to all new drilling until the EPA's cumulative impact study is complete, and we demand that our congress repeal exemptions to the Clean Air Act and Safe Drinking Water Act granted to the natural gas industry in the 2005, so that they will again be regulated by the EPA. We further call for an end to corporate welfare funded by our tax dollars to these corporations, and demand that our state and federal governments hold accountable every corporation responsible for drinking water contamination, the health effects endured by individuals and families in communities affected by natural gas drilling, and inflated projections of reserves that put us at increased risk in this fragile economy.
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    Created by Noël Jones
  • Join People's Congress
    If you sign this petition you will be committing to join the other members of People's Congress in early 2012 for a mass gathering in Washington D.C. to enact legislation by the people. We will create legislation by the people gathered to end corporate domination of our government, sweeping election reform, tranparency and accountability for all media and true repersenation of, for and by the people by Congress.
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    Created by Melinda Sample
    This is an established movement. But I just want to make sure that you know about it and will do for it whatever you can - something I see as almost limitless. I give you full credit for the election of Barack Obama. What can you do to help the people legalize democracy? Much appreciation, Mavis
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    Created by Mavis Mathews
    My petition is about the most outrageous clause ever to appear in a legislative act. It prevents the prescription drug act's administration from negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical firms. This is outright graft. A billions of dollars legislative gift to major campaign donors.
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    Created by Larry Jaffe
  • Free Press....free of corporate/private ownership!
    For our media outlets to ever be truly "free" they must be free of the shakles of those "owners" who influence what is and isn't told to the American people. Move ownership of all corporate mass media news outlets into the holding hands of "blind-trusts" that are then not allowed to influence journalists freedoms to report the truth as they see it!
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    Created by Darrell Ernest Rolstone
  • Special Murdoch Prosecutor
    An attempt to inspire the sort of investigation which has proven invaluable whenever official channels be clogged with influence peddling and favoritism of the sort manifest in the UK (and not exactly unheard of on these shores). Specifically, the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to plumb the depths of News Corp, wherever the trail leads throughout the Murdoch realm.
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    Created by Clovis Bowden
  • limited personhood to corporations.
    Therefore it is petitioned that you reverse citizens united v federal election commission 130 S.Ct.``76 (2010) Because the court used the wrong premiss in passing it.
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    Created by William Cunningham
  • Demand that all Kenyan Mps pay tax!
    While all people in Kenya, rich and poor are paying taxes, the Kenyan MPs who are some of the best-paid MPs in the world are fighting tooth and nail not to pay tax. This is not only shameful but also immoral. They need to know that we, the people of Kenya do not support their greed and we demand that they pay tax like everyone else.
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    Created by Gerald Baraza
  • President Obama: Investigate Wall Street Corruption
    NPR reported on July 13, 2011 that "the financial meltdown of 2008 hasn't generated a single prosecution of high-level Wall Street players..." They proceed to explain how new guidelines made by the Justice Department in the late summer of 2008 have "allowed prosecutors to take a 'softer approach' to corporate crimes. The guidelines — known as deferred prosecution agreements — have permitted financial companies to avoid indictments if they agree to investigate and report their own crimes." Sign this petition and ask the President to rescind the deferred prosecution agreements and investigate Wall Street corruption.
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    Created by Jonathan Mortimer
  • Golf Cart Safety
    On July 25th 2010 my 14 year. old daughter was operating a golf cart when, on an incline, she slammed on the brakes causing it to go into a skid and overturn. Her friend, Jordan Jackson, a 15 year old girl was killed. For years golf cart manufacturers have been aware of the need for front and back brakes on these vehicles, as well as other saftey measures that would only amount to a couple hundred dollars per vehicle to install, that would make them much safer to operate. There are laws in place that make it illegal for kids to operate these vehicles on the roadways, but these are rarely enforced. Most of the time these vehicles are used around lake area's with very little adult supervision, as was the case with the accident involving my daughter. Law Enforcement "looks the other way" because this is how "everyone gets around." Many people think because they are a slow moving vehicle, they are "safe." Jordan was killed on a golf cart whose top speed was apprx. 15 miles per/hr. My daughter sustained injuries physically & emotionally that we will deal with for many years. These safety measures need to be made mandatory; no matter what the cost. The target group for these vehicles are teenage childen and seniors. The benefits far outweigh the cost here. Once a life is lost, like 15 year. old Jordan Jackson; there is no remedy. Please put safety first and help to prevent this from ever happening to another kid again.
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    Created by Brenda Kyle