We elect people to go into state and federal government to represent us and our interests. They don't! Too many of our elected representatives act in the interest of corporate America, whose self interest is international, We are finally holding our elected officials accountable. We are watching. It's them-- the corporations or us-- the people. Stand up for the American people or we will act at the polls! We have had enough!
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    Created by Jacquelynn Puriefoy-Brinkley
  • greed
    unjust distribution of wealth
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    Created by Powell Peter
  • President Obama, allow the EPA to raise air quality standards.
    As a result of heavy industry lobbying, the Obama administration decided not to allow the EPA to strengthen air quality standards. Lobbyists claimed that higher air quality standards would hurt the economy. The administration agreed to retain the weaker Bush administration standards.
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    Created by Bill Marvin
  • Let's call a bribe a bribe!
    Ending special interest/corporate purchase of elected officials.
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    Created by Steve Andersen
  • Establish state banks
    Replace corporate banking with state banks
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    Created by Maxine Walker
  • POD President Laura: Please extend your US Tour
    Currently, our POD president will be in the United States of America for a paltry three-day tour in New York. She does not plan to visit her charges to offer much needed in-person guidance.
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    Created by Fluffer
  • Save our Democracy
    Corporations are taking over America. Our Freedoms are being attacked. Stand Up and Speak Up now. Let your voices be heard. Take back the vision of our Founding Fathers.
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    Created by Jan Hammett
  • AT&T: Stop Giving Our Money to Rick Perry
    AT&T gave $462,739 to Rick Perry since 2000. Refuse to support Rick Perry's anti-choice, anti-GLBT & anti-environmental stances, to name but a few of the many issues progressive voters care about and Rick Perry fights against. Switch phone companies AND demand AT&T stop subsidizing radical politicians like Perry. Sources: http://www.ethics.state.tx.us/main/search.htm http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2011/01/att-spends-18000-buying-rick-p.html
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    Created by Chivas Sandage
  • Don't let the Banksters get away with it!!!
    E-mail our Attorney General George Jepsen and tell him to stand with CCAG, Eric Schniederman (AG forNew York ), Beau Biden (AG for Deleware), dozens of members of congress and hundreds of citizen organizations throughout the country and oppose any deal that lets the banks and bankers off the hook. It is imperative that progressive Attorney Generals like George Jepsen raise their voices at this key time.
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    Created by Bryan Sabin
  • Corporations are NOT people
    The recent Supreme Court decisions culminating in Citizens United have given corporate interests unprecedented leverage in controlling the political arena. These corporate interests have corrupted the political process and threaten to turn the United States into an oligarchy. It's time for a Constitutional amendment to return the power of the people TO the people.
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    Created by Jon
  • Tell Verizon "I want my service now"
    Forty-five thousand union workers were on strike for two weeks. During this time, hundreds of customers' telephone, computer, or TV service has been affected by outages or lack of manpower to provide new service. Now that the good union men and women are back to work, Verizon refuses to release this work and would rather have its employees standing around looking for something to do. We are here to provide the best service in the industry, and this highly trained union workforce is ready to service the customers every technical need. Demand your service from Verizon today.
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    Created by Pat Glover
  • Strike down assumed legality of granting personhood to corporations.
    Court Reporter Davis, placed The U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Waite's "pre-testimony statement" about “personhood” in the written Statement of Facts, with the statement, “The defendant Corporations are persons within the intent of the clause of section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States,. In effect, corporate personhood was not decided by the case "of Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad. The reporter had inadvertently included comments made by the Chief Justice outside the decision's scope. no one corrected the record and soon judges were referencing those comments as "precedent that corporations are people. We need a law which redresses this erroneous reporting of the court;s findings in that case.
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    Created by John Barbour