• Stop Big Oil's Nickel-and-Dime Games
    Government must force big oil to put "service" back into gas stations. Saw an incredibly elderly woman trying to gas up her car and clean her windows. She held up a whole lane at the gas kiosk ... she was there when I drove up and still trying to clean her windshields when I left. How can fat-cat oil execs sleep at night forcing a senior citizen to do this? a) Given that proper tire pressure and regular oil changes help improve gas mileage, why - in this time of great conservation efforts on all parts - would the USA allow oil companies to remove "service" from gas stations? b) How can government approve of Big Oil charging consumers for AIR (I was refused air at a service I frequent because I wasn't BUYING gas that day) and water - basic car maintenance (and bicycle riding) items? c) Why is it OK for the State of Oregon to OUTLAW "self-serve" yet the rest of the USA citizenry must deal with wasting gas on clothes, etc.? RETURN SERVICE to gas stations: add attendants - not doing so is greedy, unscrupulous, environmentally negligent on the side of government and business, and just plain totally WRONG.
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    Created by VL Hudson
  • Reconsider the Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court Ruling
    The Center for Responsive Politics revealed Thursday that corporate campaign spending has skyrocketed since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission decision in January 2010. The report comes at the same time as the first major state-level challenge to the controversial ruling.
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    Created by Greg Swimelar
  • Stop the Fraud in the So-Called "Speed Enforcement Program"
    Law abiding, speed limit driving, citizens in Prince George's County MD are being falsely accused of speeding. A District Court Judge has refused to consider the citation photos as a defense. The law is being ignored in favor of Optotraffic's corporate statements. TA21-809 considers the citation images as "evidence" of speeding. The District Court should allow said evidence in court!
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    Created by Will Foreman
  • Corporations are NOT people!
    Recent Supreme Court decisions suggest that corporations have rights, just as people do. Corporations may pay taxes and own property, but they are not living entities, separate from the people who comprise them. Therefore, corporations cannot have a gauranteed right to free speech, just as they cannot vote.
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    Created by Grant Steen
  • CSX's Extortion
    I have been crossing the railroad tracks (country freight train of 25 mph)to get to my land without any issues with CSX( railroad company) for over 6 years. Stated in my deed of 1852, is access for use of the crossing to get to the land on the other side of the tracks. Now that I want to build an off grid home back in my woods, CSX wants to charge me $1450/year maintenance fee and demands I purchase a $5 million insurance policy. CSX is willing to give me a REVOCABLE LICENSE ONLY,which my bank sees as unacceptable.
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    Created by peter shue
  • Returning Politics to the People
    This is a constitutional amendment designed to remove the undue influence of the moneyed class on politicians, and make them more responsive to their constituents' real needs.
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    Created by Rick Blum
  • Save Citibank AmericanAirlines Advantage Debit Card
    Citi's decision to discontinue the AA Advantage debit card program is incontrovertible evidence of a corporate ethos that puts profit before customer satisfaction.
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    Created by Edward Mocsi
  • Bring Back the Glass-Steagall Act!
    With the American Economy in crisis the White House should SHEPHERD this act through congress. Democratic Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-)H-10) has introduced H.R. 1489 - the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011, To repeal certain provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and revive the separation between commercial banking and the securities business, in the manner provided in the Banking Act of 1933, the so-called `Glass-Steagall Act', and for other purposes.
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    Created by Jay D Alexander
  • Release TCE Final Health Assessment Report
    I would like to start a petition to President Barack Obama and Congress to please release the long-awaited report on the risks and health effects of the toxic substance "TCE" known as Trichloroethylene. Scientists at the EPA have completed the report but it was not released to the public on September 2, 2011 as planned and we deserve to know the results.
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    Created by Rose M. Roberts
  • Outlaw corporate "personhood"
    In the 1890s, a judicial decision in the USA granted a corporation the full protection of human rights. Applying the U.S. Constitution's first ten amendments (the "Bill of Rights") to these commercial entities brought us today to the concept of "too big to fail." Stop protecting fictional "persons" at the expense of real persons!
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    Created by Deborah Snavely
  • Petition to Protect Grass Roots History!
    Wells Fargo Bank's past mortgage policy is currently undergoing public scrutiny for redlining and oher questionable policies and practices in ethnic communities prior to the foreclosure debacle. In that "rush to profits" the legacies of Matthew and Katye Anderson (both now deceased) are due to be destroyed with the pending foreclosure of their home, a site earmarked as a potential historical property. Propelled by issues unrelated to the housing crisis, this home, once owned by Katye, an international educator and United Nations honored advocate for children and Matthew, one of the eleven original creators of the final incarnation of the electronic computer in 1951, is now at risk. To date, Wells Fargo has declined to discuss and review any of its potential errors and misfeasance. In contrast, these two individuals, both nominated for the President's Medal of Freedom, have contributed greatly to American history. But their legacies are nonetheless being obliterated by residual insensitive and unyielding bank bailout policy. We seek a campaign that will strongly urge Wells Fargo and its President, Donald Stumpf and the Board of Directors to an open and good faith review of events in the attempt to amicably resolve the situation leaving open a window to history and children's futures. Profits generated via questionably originated documents should not be a part of the banking industry's agenda in America. Wells Fargo should be in support of its future constituents (the children of the world) and should not endorse children's future misfortune due to errant banking policies. We ask that before October 7, 2011, Wells Fargo do all within its power to assure the success of that project and not undermine that endeavor with another socially destructive foreclosure.
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    Created by Matthew Anderson
  • American Jobs Act Now
    With Millions out of work and infrastructure decomposing around the country Congress is still dragging their feet to help out the citizens of this country while still catering to the wealthy. President Obama has proposed the American Jobs Act which calls for a hefty investment in America's infrastructure, in our schools, in labor and calls for tax increases on those who can afford not on the working class. We are calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act with out delay so we can start rebuilding America's Infrastructure and start getting Americans back to work.
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    Created by Beresford, H. Mcneary