• Eliminate All Campaign Advertising
    Candidates for public office depend on large donations to pay for radio, TV & print ads to win elections. The more money they raise, the better their chances. In this way, issues they support or don't support are often influenced by wealthy corporations that—partly due to the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision—can donate unlimited amounts of money to their campaigns. This amounts to a sort of legal political corruption. Signing this petition is a step toward returning our political process to a fair system as the authors of our constitution intended it to be. Also, political ads are often misleading and extremely annoying.
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    Created by Robert Clearmountain
    Educate some Virginians that Congressman Eric Cantor, Majority Loser needs to go away, and never be heard from again.
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    Created by Michael Garrett
  • List all MSG additives on labels
    MSG is a additive found in many processed foods. A large percentage of the population is allergic or sensitive to it. It aggitates numerous health conditions. Some reactions are severe. The companies who manufacturer MSG have created mulitple names for it. Leaving many unaware consumers ingesting it even though they shouldn't. "In 1993, FDA proposed adding the phrase '(contains glutamate)' to the common or usual names of certain protein hydrolysates that contain substantial amounts of glutamate. For example, if the proposal were adopted, hydrolyzed soy protein would have to be declared on food labels as 'hydrolyzed soy protein (contains glutamate).'" ... Unfortunately, for those with asthma, migraine, and atrial fibrillation, MSG as free glutamate remains a hidden food ingredient. This FDA labeling proposal was killed by a powerful food lobby. Please help me get this changed!
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    Created by Jennifer Muse
  • Recusal
    Judges recuse themselves from cases where they have conflicts of interest. Why don't legislators?
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    Created by Michael Todd
  • Tell Apple To Let Credo Have The iPhone
    I love my iPhone, but hate giving over $1000 a year to AT&T or Verizon -- both of which donate to right-wing candidates and lobby against issues important to me. Now that Apple no longer has an exclusive deal with AT&T in the U.S., it's time for them to extend a partnership deal to the only progressive phone company.
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    Created by Peter Koechley
  • Stop overdevelopment: Walgreens at Crescent Heights & Santa Monica Blvd.
    Walgreens corporation wants to build a multi-story 59,000 square foot drugstore-retail-residential-parking complex on the small parcel of land at the southwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Crescent Heights. How this impacts you? Increased traffic congestion. Increased noise. Four story building with 28 apartment units blocking views. Pushing out mom and pop businesses. Serious issues impacting your community discovered: Walgreens has failed to notice state lead agency. Walgreens failure to disclose toxics at project site. Walgreens failure to provide notice of the DEIR to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. Dishonest development by Walgreens. Blind development putting the community at risk such as possible groundwater contamination. Email us if you want to what else you can do to help: wehoneighbors@yahoo.com
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    Created by Rod Wingfield
  • Ask Glade® Makers SC Johnson to Remove Toxic Musks!
    SC Johnson (maker of Glade®, Windex®, Fantastik®, and more) continues to use the toxic trespassers galaxolide and tonalide, synthetic musks in fragrance linked to increased risk of breast cancer and hormone disruption that are showing up in our blood, breast milk, and even newborns.
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    Created by Women's Voices for the Earth
  • STOP Moveon.org!!!!!
    What is Moveon.org?
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  • Regulating gasoline prices
    The petition is to urge our Congressmen to regulate gasoline prices at the pump and treat fuel as a utility. People should care about this issue because fuel prices are draining the life out of this country.
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    Created by Gerald Roe
  • 100% Voter-Owned Democracy
    $$$ ruling political campaigns did not begin with Citizens United; it only exacerbated the evil. Our experiment in democracy will only survive if we demand 100% publicly funded elections. Plenty of local/regional models to follow. I'm with the MoveOn supporters who feel MoveOn should stop "putting out fires" and focus on reframing the debate: launch big bold campaign to capture the public imagination...100% publicly financed elections, for example...hire people who know how to message...otherwise we'll forever be the obedient serfs to giant corporations and their Madison Avenue minions.
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    Created by Kenny Jones
  • Full Campaign Public Financing
    To ultimately achieve an election process that is truly fair and balanced, where no interests, corporate or otherwise, hold sway over our elected officials and our laws. This requires full public campaign financing, and eliminating the ability of campaigns to "opt out" or otherwise fund their campaign with "private" donations. Entirely and Completely unbiased tax payer allocated funded, without the ever increasing costs of running a campaign. It is becoming harder and harder for the voices of the have-nots to be heard, precisely because they do not-have . (The first step in this process is for congress to overturn the "Citizens United" Decision from the supreme court.)
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    Created by Matthew P
  • Take back our Democracy
    Stopping in its tracks the FAR-RIGHT REVOLUTION
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    Created by Gil Miranda