• American Jobs Act Now
    With Millions out of work and infrastructure decomposing around the country Congress is still dragging their feet to help out the citizens of this country while still catering to the wealthy. President Obama has proposed the American Jobs Act which calls for a hefty investment in America's infrastructure, in our schools, in labor and calls for tax increases on those who can afford not on the working class. We are calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act with out delay so we can start rebuilding America's Infrastructure and start getting Americans back to work.
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    Created by Beresford, H. Mcneary
  • Criminal Pursuit of Wall Street
    This petition is voice for those who want the people responsible for the raping of the US economy to be criminally investigated. Years are passing and not ONE Wall Street banker has been charged.
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    Created by Malin Hess
  • End Corporate Donations to Officials
    We know this country was founded by the people for the people, but corporations have an over riding influence through their wallets. Politicians have forgotten who they work for, and campaigns are out of control with $$$ instead of addressing topics. Put an end to greasing politicians palms and end the corporate welfare which is costing us a GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE.
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    Created by KELLY ZIFF
  • Camp Easton Forever
    To all Scouts, Cubs, Leaders and Parents, The Inland Northwest Council is evaluating a sale of Boy Scout Camp Easton on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Discovery Land (Gozzer Ranch) is proposing to swap the current Camp Easton site for a location in Windy Bay so that it can develop the existing Camp Easton grounds For reasons listed below we think that the sale of the camp is not in the best interest of Scouts. Fortunately there is something we can do to help impact the Council’s decision – let them know where we stand!! We need every Cub, Boy Scout, Parent and Leader to write the Scout office. Less than half of the voting members have attended the public input sessions and the council will not provide contact information for the 57 voting board members. Your only way to make an impact and be heard is to write to the Scout office and ask that they forward your mail to the executive committee. Please take the time to write a letter stating your opinion about the sale to: BSA Executive Board, 411 W Boy Scout Way, Spokane, WA 99201 A simple postcard or handwritten note can make a huge impact. In your letter please state your position about the proposed sale, ask that the board meeting at which the sale is discussed be open to the public and let the council know if you would be willing to help with making repairs/donations to the current camp location. Please forward this information to others that would be interested in the outcome of Camp Easton. We feel strongly about this issue for the following reasons: - Camp Easton is the premier waterfront camp in the Northwest; it was donated to Scouts over 82 years ago and is extremely popular. The camp has been booked full since 2007 and is already fully reserved for 2012. Over 1600 scouts and leaders use the camp each summer. We obviously have a successful program at the current location. There are many scout camps in this country that just plain don't work. When one has a scout camp that is full with a waiting list why make such a radical change?? - Camp Easton is the premier waterfront camp in the Northwest due to topography and waterfront, which sets it apart from just a Scout camp on the water. There is no comparison between the current sheltered 60 ft sandy beach and a 30 ft rocky basalt beach on Windy Bay - a bay which has earned its name!! - The proposed site for a new camp is located on the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Reservation. The Tribe will be able to set the rules regarding fishing, boat usage and docks. The Tribe also retains its right to have members hunt on the proposed camp land. Since Scouting is not a member of the Tribe, we will have no representation in the Tribal government that will make the laws concerning camp usage. - Granted, there are problems that need fixing at Camp Easton, but they can be fixed. The council claims they have put significant effort into fundraising; however, as mentioned in the public meetings, the fundraising has not been for specific causes rather just a “chunk” of money for the camp. It is clear from the meetings that once the liabilities are noted, estimated and prioritized, that individuals and contractors will come forward to remedy. We ask that our Leaders, Parents, Scouts and Cubs take time to write now, “Keep Camp Easton”. If you have sons or acquaintances that have camped at Camp Easton in the past, please contact and ask them to respond as well. Respectfully, Camp Easton Forever!
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    Created by Camp Easton Forever
  • No More Think Tanks!
    Demand a pledge from all news organizations to refuse to give politically motivated Think Tanks a mouthpiece to spread their political agendas regardless of affiliation. Think Tanks are the agenda mills of corporations and only serve to manipulate the public will to their political agendas. The only way to stop their influence is to refuse to give them air time to legitimize their causes.
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    Created by Penelope McFadin
  • Stop Home Affordable Modification Program Bank Abuses
    Have you or someone you know tried to get a mortgage modification only to be asked over and over for the same paperwork? Has the bank stalled so much that the time runs out so you have to re-apply over and over? Have you been told to stop making payments only to then have the bank say you have to pay all the missed payments and penalties or they will foreclose? These abuses are hurting thousands of people every day who are just trying to stay in their homes and make payments that they can afford. This program was supposed to help people and instead it is crushing the people it was intended to help. We must make the powers that created this program aware of the abuses these banks are perpetrating on their customers. If government does not step in to make this right, the banks will certainly continue and this program will remain the harsh joke that it has become rather than the help to average Americans and our economy that it was intended to be.
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    Created by Barbara Sardinha
  • Corporations are not Persons
    Repeal Citizens United.
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    Created by Douglas W. Osborne
  • America's Media in limbo
    People of America should fight and let it be known that the news media is falsely making the Presidential race bias. People let it be known to stand and vote and boycott the New media Fox and CNN and others who leave out polls of the people running. Why isnt FAIR & BALANCED reporting happening instead of one sided views from the head of these new media companies?
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    Created by Ron Nottage
  • 1-day General Strike for Campaign Finance Reform
    Whereas our corporate-owned Congress will not concede power to the American electorate, be it resolved that citizen organizations in favor of genuine democracy (e.g., Contract for the American Dream signatories, all unions public and private) will coordinate and pledge to stage 1-day general strikes, monthly, until Congress enacts constitutional amendments reversing Citizens United v. FEC and enacting public financing for campaigns.
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    Created by Kenny Jones
  • Repeal Graham Leach Bliley Act and Re-instate Glass Steagall Act
    This is a petition to the Congress of The United States of America and the President of The United States of America to reinstate the act, Glass-Steagall, which was summarily repealed in 1999 by passage of the Graham Leach Bliley Act which allowed our financial industry to commingle financial institution depositor's funds with speculative investment funds endangering those funds,the well-being of those whose rightful property those funds belonged, and the basis of the national economy of the United States of America. Glass-Steagall calls for separation of Investment and Commercial Banking Institutions.
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    Created by Christopher Andrews
  • Wall Street Responsibility
    I believe that incredible damage was done to this country by the irresonsibility that was exhibited by Wall Street prior, during and after the crash of 2008 which nearly took down our entire country's economy. There has not been one person charged, not one grand jury convened and no justice for the many who have suffered the aftershocks of Wall Street Greed.
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    Created by Elias Eliadis
    We elect people to go into state and federal government to represent us and our interests. They don't! Too many of our elected representatives act in the interest of corporate America, whose self interest is international, We are finally holding our elected officials accountable. We are watching. It's them-- the corporations or us-- the people. Stand up for the American people or we will act at the polls! We have had enough!
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    Created by Jacquelynn Puriefoy-Brinkley