Did you know that OCTOBER 20, 2011 is INTERNATIONAL CREDIT UNION DAY? I saw this while at the Santa Cruz Community Credit Union today. So I'm thinking what would happen if, say, in celebration, masses of people withdrew their money from the Big Banks and deposited it in their local credit unions? Wouldn't that register as a meaningful protest with potential heavy impact on the big banks? Wouldn't that mean lots and lots of new resources available to be invested locally? Just wondering. . . . . . . . .
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    Created by Barbara Crum
  • Stop foreclosure on a 71-year-old cancer survivor
    Dixie Mitchell, a 71-year-old cancer survivor, and her husband, Luster, have owned their Seattle home for 44 years. This is the same home where the Mitchells raised their nine biological children and cared for fifty foster children, and the house was paid off in full in the mid-1980s. When Dixie needed some money to make home repairs and to help one of the foster children in her care, her bank advised her to refinance her home. Under the direction of the bank, she took out a loan that was promised would work for what she needed. But then, the loan was bundled and resold. Soon after, Luster, suffered a massive stroke that has left him paralyzed and unable to work. Because of the bank's changes to the loan, Dixie quickly fell behind on her payments. Without her husband's earnings, her monthly income is just $2,200 in Social Security and her monthly mortgage is $2,052. Despite Dixie's best efforts, the Mitchells home is set to be auctioned on October 28th and they have no place to go. All Dixie needs is a small modification to the loan and she'll be able to keep her house. The problem is that Ocwen Financial, who holds the loan, just won't budge. Not because they can't, but because they don't want to.
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    Created by Ian Pajer-Rogers
  • Contact your local politicians
    Joliet & Romeoville will soon be deciding whether to give a "Tax Break" to Midwest Generation's Coal plants by including them into the Desplaines Valley Enterprise Zone Their decision will affect all taxpayers Will County & in IL. Like the tollways we are still paying for something that should have been paid off years ago. Total impact of Local & State sales tax exemptions thru 2018 is estimated to be $1.2 Billion - IL is broke how can we afford to give their tax break. Midwest Gen wants a tax break to upgrade their facilities. Tax payers of IL have already paid for these upgrades & are still paying for the upgrades on these coal plants. Edison International, their parent company states they're more profitable than other like industry & that their assets total more than $36 billion. Let them pay the taxes. Enough is enough!
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    Created by Ellen
  • Overrule Citizens United
    House Joint Resolution 78 proposes a Constitutional Amendment overruling the Citizens United decision. The Amendment would allow Congress to limit corporate spending on political campaigns. This is essential to restore citizen control of our democracy. This petition asks Congress to support the Resolution and start the amendment process.
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    Created by Mark Wallach
  • Mr. President: Occupy Wall Street
    I'm calling on President Barack Obama to come to Wall Street and get a first-hand look at Zuccotti Park and the people that are there making a difference. No strings- say something, do something, or don't. Just a visit, an appearance. This would have a profound effect on the citizens of Liberty Plaza, the citizens of the United States, and all the world. We are a great country because we dare to be great.
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    Created by Sherwood Michael Harris
  • Downsize Executive Compensation
    Petition to organize a movement to challenge corporate America to reduce the cost and transfer these cost to other jobs. We must challenge those individuals who sit on these boards to open the market up as a corporate accountability to allow individuals to submit bids or proposals at a lower rate than are acceptable today. Executive Compensation's cost is out of control. It is draining America of jobs. Jobs = payroll taxes.
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    Created by Mathew Daniel
  • Stop Big Oil's Nickel-and-Dime Games
    Government must force big oil to put "service" back into gas stations. Saw an incredibly elderly woman trying to gas up her car and clean her windows. She held up a whole lane at the gas kiosk ... she was there when I drove up and still trying to clean her windshields when I left. How can fat-cat oil execs sleep at night forcing a senior citizen to do this? a) Given that proper tire pressure and regular oil changes help improve gas mileage, why - in this time of great conservation efforts on all parts - would the USA allow oil companies to remove "service" from gas stations? b) How can government approve of Big Oil charging consumers for AIR (I was refused air at a service I frequent because I wasn't BUYING gas that day) and water - basic car maintenance (and bicycle riding) items? c) Why is it OK for the State of Oregon to OUTLAW "self-serve" yet the rest of the USA citizenry must deal with wasting gas on clothes, etc.? RETURN SERVICE to gas stations: add attendants - not doing so is greedy, unscrupulous, environmentally negligent on the side of government and business, and just plain totally WRONG.
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    Created by VL Hudson
  • Reconsider the Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court Ruling
    The Center for Responsive Politics revealed Thursday that corporate campaign spending has skyrocketed since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission decision in January 2010. The report comes at the same time as the first major state-level challenge to the controversial ruling.
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    Created by Greg Swimelar
  • Stop the Fraud in the So-Called "Speed Enforcement Program"
    Law abiding, speed limit driving, citizens in Prince George's County MD are being falsely accused of speeding. A District Court Judge has refused to consider the citation photos as a defense. The law is being ignored in favor of Optotraffic's corporate statements. TA21-809 considers the citation images as "evidence" of speeding. The District Court should allow said evidence in court!
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    Created by Will Foreman
  • Corporations are NOT people!
    Recent Supreme Court decisions suggest that corporations have rights, just as people do. Corporations may pay taxes and own property, but they are not living entities, separate from the people who comprise them. Therefore, corporations cannot have a gauranteed right to free speech, just as they cannot vote.
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    Created by Grant Steen
  • CSX's Extortion
    I have been crossing the railroad tracks (country freight train of 25 mph)to get to my land without any issues with CSX( railroad company) for over 6 years. Stated in my deed of 1852, is access for use of the crossing to get to the land on the other side of the tracks. Now that I want to build an off grid home back in my woods, CSX wants to charge me $1450/year maintenance fee and demands I purchase a $5 million insurance policy. CSX is willing to give me a REVOCABLE LICENSE ONLY,which my bank sees as unacceptable.
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    Created by peter shue
  • Returning Politics to the People
    This is a constitutional amendment designed to remove the undue influence of the moneyed class on politicians, and make them more responsive to their constituents' real needs.
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    Created by Rick Blum