• Thank you, Albany County DA P. David Soares
    In a sane and civil response to the Occupy Movement, Albany County (NY) District Attorney P. David Soares is refusing to prosecute Occupy Albany participants for their peaceful exercise of their First Amendment rights. In response to orders from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, Soares saw the wisdom of a peaceful law enforcement response, saying: “The protesters have been fine. We’ve been maintaining a great dialogue with the organizers and for the most part a lot of credit should go to the organizers for maintaining a wonderful protest.”
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    Created by Lambert Strether
  • 28th Amendment: Corporations Are Not People
    To limit the rights of Corporations. Chief among those undeserved rights is to be recognized as a legal person. Additionally, we seek to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that guarantees Corporations rights over and above US citizens.
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    Created by Krishna Sherman
  • Minnesota Policymakers: Protect Our Waters, Wilderness & Jobs From Sulfide Mining
    Minnesota policy makers appear determined to allow the mining industry to have free reign in exploiting precious metals across a wide swath of our state's most valued wild places. The Superior National Forest is under assault from multiple international mining concerns who want our minerals in exchange for short term jobs and very real long-term environmental harm to water and wildlife quality. The byproducts of these activities WILL degrade recreational watersheds, drinking water, wildlife, personal property values and long-term economic viability of the adjacent communities. We are calling on our elected officials to protect our backyards and put the brakes on destructive sulfide mining in Minnesota. To learn more about this very real threat to our state's precious resources visit: http://www.facebook.com/MNMiningWatch
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    Created by Andy Fisher
  • Supreme Court: Reverse the Citizens United decision
    Citizens United means corporation are people and therefore can vote. Corporations are a group of lobbyists and should not be able to vote. They can back their vote up with millions of dollars, the average person cannot back their vote with millions of dollars. They are stealing our democracy.
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    Created by Deborah Daniels
  • Congress: Bring Back the Stet Tax
    Our stock market is being manipulated by traders who run millions of trades a day on computers, which is why the market will not stabilize. This is profitable for them because a stet tax is no longer in place to make is a less profitable venture. We are asking Congress to bring back the stet tax in order to stop this backroom trading and manipulating, and bring back a market that is more reflective of real trades.
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    Created by Laura Cearing
  • Rescind Corporate Personhood
    Corporations are not people, and they never were. The erroneous granting of the commonly held rights of people to corporations has done much to undermine the well-being of our nation. It has lead to a national agenda that serves not its citizens, but primarily the profits of large corporations. Profit, we acknowledge, is not bad in an of itself, it is profit at the expense of everything else that is inadmissible. It is time that our elected officials correct this error and put an end to corporate personhood and all corporate influence in politics.
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    Created by Gabe Newton
  • Support Eric Schneiderman's Investigation of the Corporate Banking Industry
    After weeks of intense pressure from the Obama Administration and from Schneiderman’s fellow attorneys general to support a broad settlement that would let the big banks off easy for the questionable lending practices that caused our country’s housing crisis, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was removed from a committee of state attorneys general investigating the banking industry’s mortgage abuses. Now Schneiderman is preparing to investigate Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and other major financial institutions for their misconduct in the mortgage markets.
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    Created by Josh Adler
  • End Corporate Control of Government
    Last year the Supreme Court ruled corporations could spend billioms on political campaigns. Soon they will have bought enough politicans to control Comgress; to win both general AND primary elections; and therefore to "select" the candidates. They will then have complete control of "our" government, The result---A government of, by, and for the corporations.
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    Created by Fred Grob
  • Tell Mayor Kevin Johnson & Sacramento City Council
    Let the Occupy Wall Street Sacramento petition our Government and Citizens 24/7. Let them freely exercise their free speech rights.
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    Created by Mark Whisler
  • DePersonalize Corporations
    We need a constitutional amendment that will clarify that constitutional rights apply to natural persons (you and I) and not to corporations which are artificial persons created by charters granted by the states or the federal government.
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    Created by Martin Evans
  • Wall Street Reform
    The primary function of our government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens from external and internal assault. If it fails there, what use is it?
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    Created by Robert Dubois
  • Upholding Constitutional Personhood
    In its justly infamous decision known as "Citizens United," a majority of the current Supreme Court gave further legitimacy and power to the legal concept of "corporate personhood," whereby a corporation is to be treated under Federal law as having the same rights as an individual citizen. This concept does not appear in our Constitution, and it has a pernicious effect on our democracy.
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    Created by Theodore Bonstedt