• Justice in America
    Many innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit solely because the state prosecutors use their own opinions on who to prosecute and who to give ridiculous deals to. This happens all over the United States and you just never know when it might happen in your family. We are asking for State Prosecutors to be held more accountable in their actions and the use of unreasonably lenient deals to be banned from our judicial system.
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    Created by Jeffery Needs Justice!
  • Justice for Minister Vincent A. Hill
    Minister Hill was burned to death at his home on Monday, April 9, 2011 a few days before his 73rd birthday.
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    Created by Geraldine Hill
  • Review The Leslie Vass Case of Expunged Criminal Records Continued Use
    In 1998 The State of Maryland awarded the limits in civil damages because court ordered criminal records were determined to not have been complied with, then used in a subsequent criminal prosecution. In year 2004, again the same Court Ordered Expunged Criminal Records was used to detain Leslie Vass without bail for one year, resulting in the lost of employment, custody of his 3 minor children and additional confinement.
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    Created by Leslie Andre Vass
  • Justice For Derrick Devon Bland
    Derrick Devon Bland was murdered on April 10, 2010. He suffered two fatal gunshot wound once in da head and once in the chest, He was pronounced dead on the scene and and he was also unarmed. The purpose of this petition is to show people they can't get away with taking innocent people lives. The assailant is also connected to another murder that he also commited.
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    Created by The Bland and Mcgriggs Family
  • Fire and Ban Turkey forever
    Turkey has hacked the Nacho Army chat. Tried to frame Joker. Been voted out of being a mod by the army before. Has abused before
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    Created by billy mays
  • State Farm: Stop using our money to finance the right-wing agenda
    According to SourceWatch, State Farm Insurance is a major supporter of ALEC, the group that came up with "model legislation" adopted by a number of Republican-led state legislatures such as the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, voter ID laws that disenfranchise poor, elderly and minority voters, and the attacks on unions in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. State Farm is different from most of the other members of ALEC because it is not investor-owned. State Farm is a mutual benefit corporation, a kind of financial cooperative, which means that it is owned by its policy-holders, pooling their money to provide insurance services. The money it gives to ALEC rightfully belongs to its policyholder-owners, and State Farm has no right to use it to fund ALEC's right-wing agenda. You do not need to be a State Farm policyholder to sign! If you are, please leave a comment about how long you have been with State Farm and how many policies you have with them.
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    Created by Mark Kaswan
  • Legalize marijuana throughout the US.
    Legalizing marijuana in the US because it has many benefits to us all. It has no deaths associated with it, it is a safe and natural product, and it can revitalize the economy!
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    Created by Majoyree Smalls
  • Stop the Silly War on Drugs
    If you remember the failure of the prohibition on alcohol, and consider the useless millions and the blood spent on this "war", you know these resources could be far better spent.
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    Created by Pamela Hawman
  • Flint: Stop the violence
    Flint has been voted one of the most violent cities in the country. The crime here is unbelievable and it seems that the city officials do not care or are not capable of handling the situation. We as citizens are tired of the killings, the breaking and entering, the robbing and all other crimes here in our city. We deserve to live in a peaceful and safe environment. Please send help!!!!
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    Created by Maria Blassingame
  • No more strip searches or body cavity searches in Maine for minor offenses without reasonable cause.
    The United States Supreme Court, on April 2, 2012, upheld strip searches and body cavity searches for those arrested or detained without requiring probable cause or reasonable belief for those searches. Prior to 2003, Maine used to prohibit such searches of those arrested for misdemeanors and other minor offenses unless reasonable cause existed to believe that the detainee was concealing a weapon, contraband or evidence of a crime. The purpose of this petition is to reinstate the requirement of reasonable cause to permit such searches of those arrested for minor offenses.
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    Created by Nathaniel R. Fenton
    Florida Prosecutor Wolfinger should be investigated for his decision to not prosecute Trayvon Martin's murderer. possible inability to perform duties as a prosecutor if he could not understand the evidence presented to him at the time of Trayvon's murder.
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    Created by allison
    Mr. Hawes was wrongfully arrested and charged with a murder that occurred on a West Baltimore street on July 21, 1993. After Mr. Hawes' conviction at trial, he filed a petition under the Maryland Public Information Act to get the homicide file for the deceased. Mr. Hawes discovered that exculpatory evidence in nature (negated Mr. Hawes from guilt) was never disclosed to him/attorney during the trial,and it stated in pertinent part that "The eyewitness recollection of the event is simply not credible. She describes as only seeing the shooter's back. The State's Attorney office violated the law (Brady Violation) by failing to disclosed this police report that negated Mr. Hawes from guilt. Since Mr. Hawes trial there have been several other convicted men who has gotten their sentences reversed, a new trial, due to errors committed by the same Judge who presided over Mr. Hawes case, Hon. Elizabeth Bothe. See: Anthony Brown v. State, case no.: 192321020, PCPA 9743; Damion Graham v. State, case no.: 28910321, 22, to name a few. THIS MAN HAS SPENT THE PAST 19 YEARS IN PRISON FOR A CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT! Mr. Tracey Hawes #239770 can be contacted at: PO BOX 534 Jessup, Maryland 20794
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    Created by Lamont Middleton