• Aubrey's Law
    My daughter (19 months old at the time) was severely injured, and the state of Kansas doesn't have strict enough punishing guidelines for child abusers that are first time offenders. I don't believe that someone who hurts a baby deserves a second chance. Help create this law. Children deserve a future. The current laws are placing children back into the hands of abusive parents, and putting the abusers back on the streets. My daughter survived, others aren't as lucky. This has to end.
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    Created by Megan Zoerb
  • Attorney General Holder: Order a Federal Investigation of the Penn State/Second Mile Sex-abuse Sc...
    In spite of the Penn State/Second Mile sex-abuse scandal well within the public eye by now, it's baffling that there is no known federal investigation currently ongoing despite the involvement of local and even state authorities and legislators, as well as hard evidence pointing to trafficking minors across state lines. As its name suggests, this petition calls on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to order a federal investigation into any and all activities tied to the scandal, as well as any and all individuals suspected of participating in those activities.
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    Created by Aaron Grace
  • Clemency for Aaron Borrero
    On September 11, 2009 Aaron Borrero received a unanimous recommendation for clemency from the Washington State Clemency and Pardons Board. The victim in his case supports his clemency petition and even spoke at his hearing in his behalf and still supports him. No one opposed his clemency petition. Governor Chris Gregoire denied his clemency request giving no reason for her decision. All at a time when the state is deeply in the red. Aaron has served 14 years and should be released so he can work and pay taxes instead of being a burden to taxpayers.
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    Created by Marilyn Stephens
  • End the Death Penalty in CT!
    We can end the death penalty in Connecticut! A recent study has proven Connecticut's death penalty is applied in a racist and arbitrary manner, is far more expensive than life imprisonment without the possibility of release, and risks executing the innocent. We can pass repeal THIS year--please sign this petition and then ask your friends to do the same.
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    Created by Colleen Cunningham
  • Reentry: Support our loved ones coming home.
    Reentry success is directly affected by post prison reintegration and adjustment, which, in turn, depends on four sets of factors: personal and situational characteristics, including the individual’s social environment of peers, family, community, and state-level policies. Learn how create a supportive & positive environment. Know what your county is doing to support AB 109 & how you can become involved.
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    Created by Robin Keeble
  • STV(Stop The Violence)!
    I feel utterly disgusted with how this world operates and some of the people in it.I no longer even have the audacity to even call myself a HUMAN BEING. The actions that people do that get viewed on news make me wonder why...why is this world so filled with uglyness..?It has such potential and it's not being shown because of people.We need to do something about this NOW.No more saying "Yeah stop the bullying!"yet it STILL going on!!!!!!It's a new year people!We need to step things up..WORLDWIDE!. Below is a perfect example of what's going on in what we call "society"and how action is being not taken seriously! **Example of why violence needs to STOP NOW!** -1/17/2012: Okay so many of you know about the beating of the Asian guy getting beat by 7 people. And its all over youtube now to get this kids found and caught, well it worked. Those kids have been brought to interrogation and guess what. NO CHARGES WERE PLACED. Ummm okay, what happened to stop bullying? HERES THE VIDEO (Note: cannot view unless you are 18+ due to the graphic) http://www.youtube.com/watch?src_vid=xxeb2S0RfRI&annotation_id=annotation_565908&feature=iv&v=5HZQ7l2xYqA HERES THE NEWS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn4oWNRSaTk&context=C31cd48aADOEgsToPDskITPk76BTTR388BXLM_w7pB ONLINE NEWS ABOUT IT http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Teens-Vicious-Beating-Posted-on-YouTube-137460493.html
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    Created by Samantha
  • Convicted Gang Members Are Domestic Terrorists
    Gangs, from street gangs to motorcycle gangs to hate groups and the mafia, terrorize our communities through intimidation and force. They are just like terrorists and should be treated as such.
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    Created by Jimmy Perry
  • Incarceration for Employers who Discriminate
    Most people who face discrimination, lose their jobs trying to stand up for their rights
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    Created by Scott Hammond
    Wrongful convictions are at epidemic proportions! DNA evidence has released many innocent citizens. Prosecutor and police misconduct to close a case, and ensure a "high conviction" rate keeps this epidemic alive and well. In Florida, Harold W. Scism became victim to a wrongful conviction in 2009. He was given a life sentence for a crime that never occurred. There was no evidence nor DNA evidence. The prosecutor, known for her high conviction rate, was later given the judgeship. Enough is enough. STOP wrongful convictions NOW!!!
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    Created by Dolores R. Peers
  • Criminal Prosecution
    The investigation and prosecution of those in government and the financial sector who violated Constitutional Law thereby contributing to the financial meltdown and the mortgage crisis. Using Watergate as a template, the president should direct Congress to begin this process with public hearings.
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    Created by Kenneth H. Brown
  • Gov. Corbett Must Resign
    Thomas W. Corbett, while he was Attorney General of Pennsylvania and later as Governor, has allowed politics to supersede sound judgment in the child abuse scandal at Penn State. While Attorney General, he delayed making an arrest for years despite having eyewitness testimony of child rape. As Governor he gave millions of dollars to Second Mile despite his knowledge that they were at the center of the child rape scandal. At best, Corbett has used poor judgment. At worst, Corbett allowed politics to trump protecting children and prosecuting criminal actions. It is time for Corbett to resign.
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    Created by William Morris
  • Stop the meager settlement with the Banksters
    The Administration is intent on settling with the mortgage servicers who stole trillions of dollars from us for less than 25 billion dollars!
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    Created by Jeffrey L. Kravat