• Help Hair Salons Get back to work one client at a time
    Why is this important? The survival of the independent beauty professionals is at risk. Most beauty professionals are sole proprietors and not allowed to file for Wisconsin unemployment until April 21. Not to mention most of the banks that are filing SBA loans are still waiting for guidance from the Federal Government, so we are placed at the bottom of the list when it comes to even APPLYING for these loans.
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    Created by Maile Shulfer
  • Open hair salons, one client at a time.
    Servicing one client at a time (while wearing a mask & gloves) poses little to no risk of spreading the virus, as compared to 20 or more people in a grocery store or 10 plus people at restaurants picking up food.
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    Created by Angie Amstutz
  • HAIRDRESSERS/ESTHETICIAN/NAIL TECHS/ all independent contractors are ESSENTIAL!
    Landlords are still requiring us to pay our building leases and other bills but our stylists /artists are unable to afford to pay rent. Shop owners are severely suffering! We do NOT want to lose our businesses or go into debt to keep our business open. Image such hair, nails, skin, massage and tattoos etc... is important to clients due their confidence, self-esteem, and even mental health.
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    Created by Ashley Chavers
  • Soft Open Salons, One Client at a Time Appointments
    Independent Beauty Professionals rely on income from clients. We cannot perform salon services online. While the Beauty Industry is deemed “non essential”, the ability to practice our craft is very essential to our livelihood. We are facing grave financial hardship. Our services are also essential to our clients’ mental and emotional health as a form of self care. Salon professionals, this is a great resource for health/safety tips once allowed to reopen: salontoday.com/623817/reopening-how-to-move-forward-safely
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  • one client at a time beauty appointment.(soft opening)
    the survival of the independent beauty professionals is at risk. We are facing a grave financial hardship.
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    Created by Ann Marie Meehan
  • Vice President Elizabeth Ann Warren!
    With our nation facing a devastating health and financial crisis, we need, in the Office of The Vice President, a woman whose intelligence, tenacity, and integrity is beyond reproach; a woman broadly respected by the Democratic Party; a woman FEARED by the usual suspects, who are already using this crisis for their own enrichment and to further dismantle the laws and regulations which protect: the working class, our most vulnerable citizens, the environment, and everyone’s right to be heard and represented. Elizabeth Ann Warren has the intelligence, heart, and grit we trust and need, at this pivotal moment in our nation’s history. No other Vice-Presidential choice will do! Joe, No matter how high we rise, our time on this Earth is limited, yet the touches of our lives may reach distant generations. The future’s faces will smile more, or less, depending upon the choices you will make as our President. Please help end the stark division in which children smile more, and which smile less. We live in an age of miracles. We can all live happier and healthier lives, and have more cherished moments, with those we love, but we need partnerships of equality and equity to arrive there. That is what we are asking Joe. Stand beside Elizabeth, and together, help heal a nation, and lead the way to more meaningful and rewarding lives for all. God bless you, Sir, the undersigned
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    Created by M. Miller
  • Tell Governor Edwards: Abortion Is Essential Health Care!
    Gov. Edwards is pushing a political agenda that goes directly against the guidelines of medical professionals. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, along with several other medical organizations, issued a statement calling abortion "...an essential component of comprehensive health care" and that the "...consequences of being unable to obtain an abortion profoundly impact a person’s life, health, and well-being." People choose to have an abortion for a myriad of reasons, all of which are valid. At a time of great financial and employment uncertainty, forcing people to continue unwanted pregnancies is a gross violations of their rights. Abortion clinics in Louisiana are open and we need to pressure Gov. Edwards to make sure they stay that way.
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    Created by Amy Groya
  • Extend COVID19 Emergency Unemployment $600 per week additional assistance through Dec 31, 2021
    Over the span of 2020 more than 52 million Americans have filed unemployment claims across the country because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This amounts to nearly 15% of the US population who are now out of a job—and that's only those who have formally applied for benefits. The actual number of newly unemployed people is likely much larger and will continue to increase in coming months. Many people who are laid off due to COVID19 won't find work for a very long time, maybe never because some jobs lost today won't be coming back. People will need time and resources to learn and develop a new skill. By ending the $600 per week additional unemployment assistance too soon, we will certainly be dooming people to tragic futures. This will have far reaching ramifications. We need to look out for each other during these unprecedented times. Please let's help each other save and serve those who are in most need. Extend the COVID 19 Emergency $600 per week additional unemployment assistance well beyond July 31, 2020, until at least December 31, 2021 and longer if necessary. Reach me @the_draden_saga on Instagram or email
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    Created by RJ Wolfe
  • One Client at a Time (Soft Opening)
    Independent Beauty Professionals rely on the income from clients. We cannot perform a haircut online. While the “beauty industry is deemed “Non essential”, the ability to practice our craft and make a living is very ESSENTIAL to our livelihood. A lot of us did not qualify for Unemployment. A lot of us did not receive any business Loans. A lot of us have not received a Stimulus Check yet. We are facing a grave financial hardship.
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    Created by Yelenka Akh
  • Protect Party Integrity — NO BIDEN
    Americans still want to believe in the power and beauty of democracy in our United States. We value the citizens, voters and voices in our communities. We respect and value women, we believe women. So while we also believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty, we cannot in good conscience vote for a candidate who has looming sexual assault allegations. All voters deserve a candidate who is free from such controversies and the DNC needs to take the accusations against Mr. Biden as seriously as its voters do. It is unconscionable that the Democratic Party would support a candidate with so many potential skeletons in his closet, especially in our post-MeToo culture. By supporting Biden as the nominee, the DNC would effectively be saying they don’t believe women. By moving forward with Biden as the nominee, the DNC would also be alienating voters who demand a candidate be not only a smart choice but an ethical one. We need a candidate we can vote for without becoming a party of hypocrites (only outraged when the accused isn't one of our own). If the DNC provides no alternative to Biden as the presidential nominee, they will be degrading their own integrity. The result will be disillusioned voters and fewer people voting for the Democratic candidate in November. We won’t simply “vote blue no matter who” because we will NOT be manipulated by fear of another Trump presidency. The danger of losing our own integrity and of losing strength in the Democratic Party (making way for future Trumps to be elected) is far greater. We won’t “vote blue no matter who” when we haven’t been given a candidate who deserves of our votes. We will vote our conscience for a candidate who represents the honesty and respectability that we want our country’s name to evoke. We will not settle for less. The DNC must not make Joe Biden our nominee. There are alternatives. Please show us that we can still be proud to vote blue, and that the Democratic Party is still a party with integrity. There’s no limit to what we can do with a united party, but we may not be able win in November if we don’t get everyone on board with a candidate we can trust! We know our voices matter: if you want to count on our votes, first be a party we can count on.
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    Created by Amanda Miller
  • 3 More Democratic Debates
    Our nation is in crisis on several fronts, foreign and domestic, economic and military, social and governmental. This is important for voters to be able to compare their stances in issues, their proposals for policy, and their attitudes and judgment that will affect the nation if one becomes President. Voters have heard little of these two in previous debates where many other voices were heard, limiting the responses from these two leading candidates.
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    Created by Henry Lamb
  • Expanding Free Menstrual Product Access at the University of South Florida
    We are working to expand access to free menstrual products (pads, tampons, liners, etc.) for all students who need them, including trans and non-binary students. We plan to work with on-campus resources to allow community members (students and faculty) free access to these necessities. Menstrual product access is a basic necessity for more than half of our student body. Currently, free menstrual products are provided in the Student Health Services building where you can only take two at a time, but nowhere else on our campus. Our campus lacks menstrual product dispensers in all bathrooms, therefore the only place to access these essential products is in the Student Health Services building. This does not assist anyone in need of these products during an emergency. Expanded access to these products is necessary to ensure the safety of students and faculty because this is an issue of hygiene.
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    Created by Planned Parenthood Generation Action USF