• Let AOC speak longer at the Democratic National Convention
    The younger and more progressive Democrats are the future of the party. If there is a true desire to grow and build for the future then we need to have the younger voices heard. The Democrats of the past have so much speaking time but why only 60 seconds for one of the most relatable democrats for the younger generation of voters? It's way past due for the DNC to embrace the future. AOC is the future of the party.
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    Created by CARLA CREAMER
  • Primex workers fired for exposing company’s deadly COVID-19 practices
    We've told you about the dire situation happening at Primex Farms, a nut company in Wasco CA. The situation is escalating. According to a July 26 CNBC article, 150 of the 400 workers have now tested positive. In addition, a UFW census shows 49 of their adult family members and 34 children have tested positive for COVID-19. Sadly, one Primex worker has since died. A second worker, who tested positive, was removed from life support and sent home for palliative care; she is not expected to survive. Protesting Primex's flawed response to the virus, employees walked out on strike and formed a picket line. Workers were requesting safety measures, including social distancing procedures, company provision of personal protective equipment such as face masks and payment of sick leave for infected or exposed employees. The company promised improvements, but when they did not happen, workers -- including those in quarantine with the virus -- defied the company and held a virtual press conference. Now the major pistachio and almond processing company is retaliating against key groups of outspoken workers. This company uses several staffing agencies to supplement their direct hire workforce. Many of the workers who spoke out worked through USA Staffing. On July 22, Primex told the dozens of workers employed by USA Staffing that they were terminated because “production had dropped” -- but then they brought in new workers the same day! Brisdey Nieto is one of these fired workers. She tells us, “The company's anti-union consultant told us that due to the union taking the actions it had taken the clients had heard and therefore production had dropped. They were firing us. I could not believe that. I saw that same day they hired new workers and that they had started working. If production had dropped; why hire new workers?” The UFW immediately filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board for the company illegally retaliating against the workers for union activities and joining together to improve conditions. Workers don't want to wait; they want their jobs back now and they want to be protected on the jobsite. They're asking you to sign their petition telling the company to rehire them, with appropriate coronavirus protections in place. Workers are hoping to turn in thousands of signatures in the next few weeks. Will you add your signature today?
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    Created by United Farm Workers UFW
  • Reclaiming Our Time - Let Progressives Speak
    Progressives have been sidelined by the DNC for far too long. The people have spoken and they favor progressive politics. We will not allow our party to be taken over by never Trumpers. We believe in healthcare as a human right, a wealth tax, criminal justice reform, and so does America. We refuse to be pushed aside.
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    Created by Ghost Of The Republic
  • Give AOC more time to speak at the DNC
    It’s important that one of the most influential people in modern day politics, especially a Democrat, to speak at the Democratic National Convention. We all need to hear what she has to say. And giving just 60 seconds is not enough. At the very least give her 2 minutes. Obviously we would love for her to have even more time than that since she is such a champion for fair wages, corporate accountability, environmental justice, and so many other important issues. Please sign and share!
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    Created by Mikey Joseph
  • Impeach William Barr NOW
    AG Barr is doing Trump's bidding and has shown his willingness to violate the Constitution, other laws, and any and all norms and traditions to achieve his goals. His goal now is to destroy Biden to enable Trump to win. He needs to be put on the defensive to disrupt his efforts to announce spurious claims aimed at damaging Joe Biden PRIOR to the election. There is public testimony indicating impeachable actions Barr has taken. There is plenty more available to draw up a solid list. Time is of the essence.
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    Created by David Roy, Ph.D. Picture
  • send trump to jupiter with no space suit
    because trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe , transphobe , rapist and hes an ignorant piece of shit.
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    Created by rowen kai
  • Support essential workers by giving them school options
    As essential workers are demanded to show up to work and support the society's needs in the midst of a pandemic, they will need to arrange for childcare and tutors to enable their children's education and safety (both of which are legal requirements). For single-parent families of essential workers, many of whom are low income, virtual-only instruction is a sentence to oversized debt (if available), poor financial state, and even bankruptcy. For two-parent households, virtual-only instruction forces essential workers’ spouses to drop out of work, lose half of the household’s income and go into significant debt due to unexpected childcare costs. A virtual-only school plan is in effect challenging essential workers to choose between being good citizens and essential members of their communities and meeting the basic needs of shelter and food as well as the educational and emotional needs of their children. It asks essential workers to disproportionately bear the burden of the pandemic, and to do so twice: first, at a personal safety level, by being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice as they enter the workplace, risk being potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus and die, at no fault of their own; second, at a financial level, by making financial and career sacrifices to accommodate a virtual-only instruction and afford their children the learning and safety they deserve. These are unjust, cruel, and un-American options that essential workers, who have carried the society’s healthcare burden on their backs, are presented with to ensure the safety of their children and their educational advancements, as well as provide essential services to their communities. Through this petition, we urge the State of Michigan, the Ann Arbor Public Schools, and the community to support essential workers beyond lip service and front-yard signs at a time when essential workers need it most and the society needs them most.
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    Created by Adina Robinson
    Donald Trump is the antithesis of every value upon which the New York Yankees community is based, and has gone out of his way many times over to offend, dehumanize, and harm the very people upon whom the organization depends, both players and fans. He has no business stepping foot through the stadium doors, let alone onto the mound in a position of honor.
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    Created by Jay Moss
  • Stop Banks and Credit Card Companies from Closing/Limiting Accts During Pandemic
    Citizens may be reliant on available credit in order to stave off eviction or put food on the table.
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    Created by Lucy Ladimir
  • Tell Congress: Censure Rep Ted Yoho now!
    On the steps of the Capitol, Republican Rep. Ted Yoho called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “f**king b*tch.” She had never even met him before.[1] She was defending her over-policing criminalizes the poor and marginalized. And for daring to have an opinion, Rep. Yoho thought it was okay to hurl a sexist, vulgar slur at her. Congress cannot let this stand. Rep. Yoho’s comments were abhorrent and need to be dealt with immediately. Tell Congress: Censure Rep. Yoho for his sexist, vulgar language toward Rep. Ocasio-Cortez! Let’s be honest: men hurl these insults at women to demean them. Men like Rep. Yoho need to use vulgar language toward women because they’re threatened by women who speak up, who stand by their convictions, and who challenge the antiquated notion that only men should hold power. But as much as men like Rep. Yoho wish for the sexist days of Mad Men, that’s not the world we live in. AOC and Ted Yoho have the same job. In other words, on the steps of Congress, they’re equals, no matter what kinds of names Rep. Yoho wants to throw at her. But this isn’t just a DC-spat, Congress has rules governing decorum and codes of ethics. They’re put in place to secure the American people’s trust that our elected officials are professional, lawful, civic-minded servants. Rep. Yoho violated those rules and ethics by cursing at Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. He needs to face consequences, and swiftly. Demand Progress has already filed a complaint against Rep. Yoho, but Congress to take action now by censuring him. Tell Congress: Censure Rep. Yoho for his sexist, vulgar language toward AOC! Source 1. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/508259-ocaasio-cortez-accosted-by-gop-lawmaker-over-remarks-that-kind-of
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Federal officers/agents: Stay away from protesters in Portland and other cities
    United States citizens and residents have the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association. Protesters' civil rights are being trampled on and violated. Putin stops protests in Russia and Xi Jinping hurts protesters in China but this is not acceptable in the United States of America. Photo credit: Skylor Powell
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    Created by Gloria Cisneros Lenoir
  • Impeach Trump in Senate and House Now
    If we value the ability to live and speak freely, this is imperative to every single person living in the United States, as well as those we affect abroad.
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    Created by Meghan Mulkerin