• It's time for the first African American woman VP
    Our country is in a state of disarray and disfunction. We have the wedge of racism again splitting our republic and the wounds from centuries of injustice and inequality for people of African. We desperately need a woman from the community to help bring closure on what continues to hinder this country from moving on as a united people of America. The racial divide when it comes to education, health care, police violence, justice system, employment, quality of life and so much more needs a true champion. Having a Black woman at the helm, who can make it her responsibility to right the wrongs of America and give people of colour a true advocate in the White house. Also fitting is the UN declared decade of people of Africa Decent. Having the first Black Vice President in the same decade as the first Black President will prove to the world that America truly is a beacon of hope and a land of opportunity. It is historical fact that the Democrats were the one who supported the institution of slavery and after all of that, the Black community has continued to support you and it is time to thank us for our unrelenting loyalty to the party. We also believe that the youth of this generation are waiting for something to back and believe in again. Having a Black woman on the ballot is the change that millions of potential voters have been waiting on. The energy will be there to work tirelessly towards claiming the greatest political victory of our lifetime not because of who wins but because who loses.
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    Created by Sistah Lee
  • Invoke the 25th Amendment
    The future of our country and American Democracy where reason prevails and there are not supposed to be autocratic dictators (if it's not already too late) is at stake.
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    Created by Jan Mason
  • Governors must respond to panic gun buying!
    Being safe at home has never been more important. Unfortunately, fear has motivated the panic buying of firearms, particularly by first-time gun owners. But research shows that bringing a gun into a home makes the home less safe, and this is particularly true in the current moment when domestic violence is increasing. Social distancing is intensifying feelings of isolation and patterns of abuse among people trapped in place. Sharply rising call volumes to mental health and domestic violence hotlines indicate that we are poised for an outbreak of suicide and domestic violence injuries and deaths as a side-effect of the COVID-19 health emergency. There are clear steps that governors can take to reduce the risk of gun injury or death. Urge your governor to address panic gun buying and reduce the risk of gun violence as part of their efforts to secure the health and safety of everyone during the current COVID-19 health crisis.
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    Created by Gloria, MomsRising.org Picture
  • Tell the FDA and State Leaders: Lift abortion restrictions!
    More and more healthcare providers are turning to telemedicine to ensure continued access to health care for patients while reducing the need for patients to travel to receive medical care, risking exposure to coronavirus. Both patients and doctors win in this scenario. Medication abortion, when a pregnant person takes two types of pills that induce an abortion before 10-12 weeks, can also be conducted under the supervision of a physician via telemedicine. It is a safe and effective way to broaden access to abortion care for pregnant people. And yet, 18 states force patients to travel to a clinician's office for medication abortion, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), despite the recommendations of medical experts including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, refuses to lift restrictions on mifepristone, one of the medications needed for medication abortion, that would enable providers to mail it to patients or prescribe it for pickup at a pharmacy. These restrictions are nothing more than ideological, anti-woman excuses to restrict access to abortion. The impact of these restrictions fall disproportionately on women of color, indigenous people, disabled people, and low-income folks. But if enough of us raise our voices and demand the FDA lift restrictions on mifepristone and that state lawmakers expand access to telemedicine for abortion, we can raise enough pressure to force the FDA and state lawmakers to expand access to abortion care and allow telemedicine!
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    Created by SONJA SPOO
  • Stacey Abrams for VP 2020
    It is important for women and families all over America to have a voice in Washington. Stacey Abrams will be that voice to move forth good policies and advocate for initiatives to improve the quality of life for all Americans. She is our uniter. We need smart, strong and intentional leadership to bring us together more than ever to heal are bleeding nation.🇺🇸
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    Created by Melissa Robbins
  • Indiana Tattoo Artists. Let us open our doors safely.
    Tattoo and body art professionals are trying to survive. These entrepreneurs are trained and skilled professionals who adhere to strict guidelines provided by the Board of Health and should be afforded the right to generate income. Our state is an anchor for many entrepreneurs to provide a home, safety, and nutritious food for their families, which is now being threatened by regulations that disproportionality impact tattoo artists and body art professionals. Poverty is a well known contributor to raise violence, addiction, homelessness, mental illness, and suicide. Continuing to restrict tattoo artists and body art professionals from generating income threatens the foundation of our community that has made great strides in reducing poverty, homelessness, and mental illness. Tattoo artists and body art professionals need to safely reopen their doors for business to allow Indiana to continue to make strides. Eric Holcomb proudly said "Indiana is ushering in an era of record job commitments, record infrastructure investments, and new career training opportunities, all while tackling our biggest issues head-on." Putting people first means allowing small shops and entrepreneurs to exercise their right to practice safely, which keeps Indiana as a leader in community growth.
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    Created by Corinthian Borden
  • Open Salons and Spas in PA for one client at a time
    We are able to safely implement precautionary procedures to allow our clients to see us as they’re requesting. This will allow us to save our businesses. With zero income and expenses still coming in most of us can not survive another month.
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    Created by Kelly Ethier
  • Hair Salons/One Client At A Time (Soft Opening May 1st)
    The survival of the independent beauty professionals is at risk. We are facing a grave financial hardship.
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    Created by Fernando Garza
  • Hair/Nail salon ONE client at a time.
    Beauty professionals can not preform their services via the internet or any other way except hands on. They need to be in reasonable contact to preform this safe and Necessary service to maintain their livelihood.
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    Created by Lysa Brown
  • Hair and Nail salons (open for one client at a time)
    Most salons are owner operated and do not qualify for unemployment or any type of income assistance. Hair and Nail salons already practice extreme sanitation and cleanliness practices.
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    Created by Melonie Wilshaw - Lamb
  • one client at a time beauty appointment.(soft opening)May 1st.
    For the livelihood of the licensed hairstylist.
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    Created by Diana Ciocan Picture
  • One Client at a time Rhode Island
    Independent Beauty Professionals rely on the income from clients. They cannot perform a haircut online. While the “beauty industry is deemed “Non essential”, the ability to practice their craft is very ESSENTIAL to their livelihood. They are facing a grave financial hardship.
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    Created by Carolyn Bassett