• Indiana Tattoo Artists. Let us open our doors safely.
    Tattoo and body art professionals are trying to survive. These entrepreneurs are trained and skilled professionals who adhere to strict guidelines provided by the Board of Health and should be afforded the right to generate income. Our state is an anchor for many entrepreneurs to provide a home, safety, and nutritious food for their families, which is now being threatened by regulations that disproportionality impact tattoo artists and body art professionals. Poverty is a well known contributor to raise violence, addiction, homelessness, mental illness, and suicide. Continuing to restrict tattoo artists and body art professionals from generating income threatens the foundation of our community that has made great strides in reducing poverty, homelessness, and mental illness. Tattoo artists and body art professionals need to safely reopen their doors for business to allow Indiana to continue to make strides. Eric Holcomb proudly said "Indiana is ushering in an era of record job commitments, record infrastructure investments, and new career training opportunities, all while tackling our biggest issues head-on." Putting people first means allowing small shops and entrepreneurs to exercise their right to practice safely, which keeps Indiana as a leader in community growth.
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    Created by Corinthian Borden
  • Open Salons and Spas in PA for one client at a time
    We are able to safely implement precautionary procedures to allow our clients to see us as they’re requesting. This will allow us to save our businesses. With zero income and expenses still coming in most of us can not survive another month.
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    Created by Kelly Ethier
  • Hair Salons/One Client At A Time (Soft Opening May 1st)
    The survival of the independent beauty professionals is at risk. We are facing a grave financial hardship.
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    Created by Fernando Garza
  • Hair/Nail salon ONE client at a time.
    Beauty professionals can not preform their services via the internet or any other way except hands on. They need to be in reasonable contact to preform this safe and Necessary service to maintain their livelihood.
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    Created by Lysa Brown
  • Hair and Nail salons (open for one client at a time)
    Most salons are owner operated and do not qualify for unemployment or any type of income assistance. Hair and Nail salons already practice extreme sanitation and cleanliness practices.
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    Created by Melonie Wilshaw - Lamb
  • one client at a time beauty appointment.(soft opening)May 1st.
    For the livelihood of the licensed hairstylist.
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    Created by Diana Ciocan Picture
  • One Client at a time Rhode Island
    Independent Beauty Professionals rely on the income from clients. They cannot perform a haircut online. While the “beauty industry is deemed “Non essential”, the ability to practice their craft is very ESSENTIAL to their livelihood. They are facing a grave financial hardship.
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    Created by Carolyn Bassett
  • Hair Salons/One Client at a time
    The survival of small business such as Hair Salons, Barbershops, Nail technician and ALL licensed beauty professionals is at risk. We are facing a grave financial hardship
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    Created by Keshia Bowen
  • Essential Workers Have Essential Rights
    Here in New York City every night at 7PM EST, we show our thanks and appreciation by applauding from our windows to honor the essential workers who are making sure we are safe and healthy, we have the food we need, our lights are on, and our water is running. That undoubtedly makes an impact night after night. What would make an even bigger impact is ensuring that their rights are protected and that essential workers all across America are going to work each day with proper protective gear, hazard pay, and guaranteed sick pay and medical and family leave. This, in addition to the other rights that we are fighting for, will make a real difference in the lives of essential workers all across America. On a personal note: I, like so many Americans, have lost work due to the coronavirus crisis. As someone who would typically be disqualified from receiving UI, I have immense gratitude for Democrats insisting that unemployment benefits be expanded to include gig workers and freelancers. Now, I am asking you to help petition expanding the care even further. Let's get our essential workers protected in the next stimulus package. I'm signing this for my father and my family members who are essential workers. This petition is for you, your loved ones, your friends -- it's a no-brainer. Let's stand in solidarity with our workers on the front lines. Call your representatives. Sign the petition TODAY.
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  • Hair Salons/One Client At A Time (Soft Opening April 27th) In North Carolina
    The survival of the independent beauty professionals is at risk. We are facing a grave financial hardship. Most of our licensed individuals are considered 1099 and are being denied unemployment and are not qualifying for SBA loans in NC.
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    Created by Donna Edwards Hix
  • Nail Salons 1 client at a time
    Licensed Nail Technicians are independent; self employed as well as small businesses owners going unrecognized by the state and city officials. Some of us also are medically certified and our clients going without care are risking at home injuries and cross contamination.
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    Created by Amber Spellious
  • Soft opening for beauty salons
    Health and hygiene is important the general public. We have clients who aren’t able to wash their hair for various reasons. The long term effects of bad hygiene can become worse issues. Also mental health is important. So many people see their stylist to not just look good but feel good about themselves inside and out especially during hard times in a persons life. Our industry is facing a massive financial crisis that will be devastating to many men, women and families if we don’t do something about it now. Our industry is more than beauty. We are professionals, counselors, confidants, educators, friends and family. WE ARE ESSENTIAL!
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    Created by Beauty professionals Of California