• Reduce the deficit, not the middle class
    We do need to reduce the deficit, but it's important that we cut the fat, not the bone and muscle. We should reduce the deficit by strengthening Social Security, reducing defense spending to 2001 levels, imposing a tax on big corporate polluters, reducing the cost of health care while leaving Medicare benefits intact, and allowing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.
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    Created by Walter LaBiche
  • Campaign Reform
    Until we have campaign reform, we will be exhausting ourselves chasing down every injustice one by one without ever rebuilding the foundation of democracy: our representatives.
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    Created by Callie Lockwood
  • Equality For All
    It's about an idea for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and for Congressional Reform, proposed in an email that's been making the rounds; it's not my idea, but it is one that I embrace fully. Congress needs to be reformed to be more in line with how the American people live.
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    Created by William McCaughey III
    Northeast Greensboro, NC residents face the imminent re-opening of a nearby landfill that is within a one-mile radius of almost 8,000 residents. Despite the persistent pleas of residents, and despite not having done the due diligence of the health, environmental and long-term economic impact assessments, the City Council by a narrow 4-3 vote on Tuesday, July 19, 2011, set in motion the process to re-open the landfill (closed since 2006/7) to stinky municipal solid waste (household trash). See www.theceej.org under "Legal Action" --> "Letter to City Manager" for more details.
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    Created by John Bart-Plange
  • We demand a better President!
    President Obama you made a lot of campaign promises that you've failed to live up to through no ones fault but your own. We expect more from you than you gave us. I did not elect a right leaning centrist. I elected Obama on the promises of hope change and progress for a better future.
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    Created by Michael Krueger
  • No! to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security cuts.
    We pledge not to VOTE for or support Democrats who move to cut our benefits. Please pass this petition on to friends and acquaintances.
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    Created by Andy Liberman
  • Bernie Sanders For President
    We need a President that will stand up for Progressive middle and working class values. A true fighter in the mold of FDR is exactly what we need but unfortunately don't have in the White House right now.
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    Created by Truthteller
  • American Red Cross: Allow Gay Men to Donate Blood
    The Red Cross has banned gay men from donating blood since the emergence of AIDS in the 1980's. When little was known about the disease that policy might have made some sense, but now banning gay men from donating blood achieves no purpose other than to cut off a group of potential donors as well as to send a message of bigotry. All donated blood is tested for HIV regardless of who donates it. The Red Cross should encourage gay men to donate blood.
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    Created by Thomas Avery
  • HELP THE 99ers
    The 99ers are the 6 million unemployed people living in the United States who are no longer able to receive any further unemployment assistance since national and state governments allow a maximum of 99 weeks. This is at a time when we have 2.5 million job openings for over 15 million unemployed and there are no signs of these numbers improving. Not only would further unemployment extensions beyond 99 weeks be a sympathetic policy for millions of us long term unemployed, but it would also be a massive economic stimulator as for every $1 of unemployment assistance $1.61 is put back into our struggling economy.
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    Created by Edward Barcas III
  • If President Obama Offers Cuts on the Big 3, We Find Another Nominee in 2012
    In the battle for the Debt Ceiling vote, President Obama is offering to put Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid on the table for cuts. He campaigned and received support from the American people for his stance to protect the Big 3 at all costs. If he waivers in this battle and sides with Republicans, then Democrats should find another nominee in 2012. We need a Democrat in the White House who acts like a Democrat. The poor and the vanishing middle class in America have taken the brunt of this bad economy started by George W. Bush while the top 2% enjoy their lowest tax rates in 50 years. Shared sacrifice means shared by all, not just a few. The poor, elderly and disabled can no longer afford any more cuts. It is time for President Obama to draw a line in the sand and stand firm.
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    Created by David Bleiler
  • Medical Marijuana
    Montana Medical Marijuana laws were put into place in 2004, with an overwhelming majority vote. Over the past seven years, the caregiving industry has grown and many businesses had finally found themselves established. This past year, the Federal Government has vandalized these establishments and the materials therein, leaving the businesses unable to continue operation and on top of that, now numerous owners are being Federally indited. Families are going to be torn apart and good people put into prison, if we do not take a stand; President Obama himself announced that in regards to Medical Marijuana, State Law precedes Federal Law - time to speak up for our civil rights.
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    Created by sarah
  • No Benefit Cuts to Social Security or Medicare
    There is no legitimate reason for the "Greatest Country in the World" to cut or reduce the cost of living increase rate of benefits or services in the Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid programs, either for the current generation or the ones to follow. These programs are essential to the strength of the country and the price we'll pay as a nation for diminishing them would exceed the short term savings by several orders of magnitude. Greatness can't be done "on the cheap"!
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    Created by Stephen Jones