• The Credit Score: Contradictory, Harmful, Inane: Get Rid of This Illogical "Tool"
    Sign this petition if you have Pride for your level of Common Sense: have you realized that the credit score rewards you for debt & penalizes you if you are not in debt? However, if you are in debt in a way that is not pleasing to "them", then you are penalized, but you will be possibly rewarded you if you maintain debt in a way that makes enough interest for billionaire companies. Have you been denied a JOB because of your low credit score? Do you think it's FAIR to be denied employment for bad credit? Because I don't. There are so many flaws in logic, rationale & fairness I refuse to allow this economic tool to put me in harm's way: preventing me from progressing in life to secure food, shelter and stability. I refuse to further participate in this economic system designed to make us fail. There are more of us negatively impacted by low credit than not. We are the Majority. Let's gather our numbers, let's share our stories, let's present our solutions and let's end the day with ELIMINATING THIS INSULT TO INTELLIGENCE AND COMMON SENSE EVERYWHERE!!!!!
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    Created by CharLizzle
  • Examine Oaths and Pledges to get Party Funding by the Congressional Ethics Committee
    95% of Republican Congressmen have signed an oath not to raise taxes, which is a virtual prerequisite to get Republican National Committe funding, and have also had to sign, in many cases, the right-wing purity oath for same. It is our view that, not only does this impair the excercise of the integrity of personal independent judgement in the exercise of their duties as congressmen, it can be in violation of their sworn oath to defend and protect the Constitution. We move that this and all oaths that hamper individual judgement to be exercised in the performance of public office be examined by the Congressional Ethics Committees in hearings to determine whether this be a breach of ethics that conflicts with the exercise of their sworn duties as Congressmen.
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    Created by John T Haupt
  • Golf Cart Safety
    On July 25th 2010 my 14 year. old daughter was operating a golf cart when, on an incline, she slammed on the brakes causing it to go into a skid and overturn. Her friend, Jordan Jackson, a 15 year old girl was killed. For years golf cart manufacturers have been aware of the need for front and back brakes on these vehicles, as well as other saftey measures that would only amount to a couple hundred dollars per vehicle to install, that would make them much safer to operate. There are laws in place that make it illegal for kids to operate these vehicles on the roadways, but these are rarely enforced. Most of the time these vehicles are used around lake area's with very little adult supervision, as was the case with the accident involving my daughter. Law Enforcement "looks the other way" because this is how "everyone gets around." Many people think because they are a slow moving vehicle, they are "safe." Jordan was killed on a golf cart whose top speed was apprx. 15 miles per/hr. My daughter sustained injuries physically & emotionally that we will deal with for many years. These safety measures need to be made mandatory; no matter what the cost. The target group for these vehicles are teenage childen and seniors. The benefits far outweigh the cost here. Once a life is lost, like 15 year. old Jordan Jackson; there is no remedy. Please put safety first and help to prevent this from ever happening to another kid again.
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    Created by Brenda Kyle
  • vote 4 education
    This petition is for saving education. We keep getting cuts every year. Here is a way to save our education. Every person in America who makes one million a year or more must pay 5% of their profit to save education even if they live outside the US. If we do not save America's education, other countries will be ahead of us. Some probobly are. So let us vote for this petition and send it to our congress. This way no more cuts and no more kicking out teachers. This is our contribution to the future generation and we owe it to them.
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    Created by rita
  • Saving our Country from Ruin
    With the early August deadline for raising the U.S. debt limit fast approaching, we must do something to forestall the looming catastrophe. Please demand that your congressperson negotiate in earnest to raise the U.S. debt limit, agreeing to both cuts and taxes. Our country is on the brink of ruin..
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    Created by Hope Raymond
  • "Bring the Troops Home, War Dollars Home"
    The U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Baltimore, June 20, unanimously approved a resolution urging a speedy end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, safe return of U.S. troops and use of the $126 billion spent on those wars to meet domestic needs like job creation, aid to our cities, and infrastructure rebuilding. Our petition is addressed to our local mayors urging them to endorse the USCM resolution and call for a discussion of the issues it raises during a regular City Council meeting
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    Created by timothy Wheeler
  • Don't Default on the American Dream in Arizona!
    Arizona Senator Jon Kyl seems to be willing to bring the American economy to the brink of economic collapse for the sake of his millionaire friends. Sen. Kyl walked out of debt talks when an end to oil subsidies was discussed. Don't Let Kyl and his Rebublican Colleagues Default on the American Dream! Please sign the below petition and if you're able, please join Arizona MoveOn members in dropping by Sen. Kyl's Tucson or Phoenix offices to deliver the message in person. Even as we create a long-term plan to rebuild the American Dream, we need to keep the foundation from being ripped out from under us. In this moment of crisis, we need to speak out as one voice in opposition to the immoral and damaging priorities in Washington. Our economy and much of what progressives have fought for over the last 60 years is at risk this week.
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    Created by Julie Jennings Patterson
  • Proclaim September Campus Fire Safety Month in Your State
    On April 14, 2011, Jasmine Jahanshahi lost her life in an apartment fire while studying abroad; at least 6 college students affiliated with American universities have perished in fires this academic year. Join J.U.S.T.I.C.E. and Campus Firewatch in requesting that governors across the U.S. proclaim September as Campus Fire Safety Month in his or her home state in order to "raise awareness and encourage schools to provide fire prevention and safety education". If we can inspire university officials to make fire safety a part of the curriculum at freshmen orientations and at study abroad orientations, we can help young adults learn to protect themselves. Please visit firesafetyfoundation.org for fire safety tips and for more information about J.U.S.T.I.C.E., the foundation we have established in Jasmine's memory.
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    Created by Megan Clement
  • Justice For Harrisburg
    Harrisburg is in fiscal collapse, Monies were borrowed for projects that had no hope of repaying the debt. Public officials and well paid professionals told the world that the bonds -- now almost $300 million on one project alone -- were self-liquidating, when they had to know that was impossible. To date, no one has been held to account. We demand accountability, fairness and justice. We ask the U.S. Justice Department to fully investigate these dealings, charge those who ignored the law and report to the world what really happened.
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    Created by Debt Watch Harrisburg
  • Stop Gov. Walker's Redistricting Power Grab
    Instead of doing their job and listening to their constituents, Scott Walker’s GOP lemmings are changing the game and rigging the rules so they can’t be held accountable for their own actions. They are doing this by drawing undemocratic, hyper-partisan districts that kick many Democratic legislators out of their own districts! Stop the power grab. Raise your voice. Sign our petition for a fair and balanced approach to redistricting.
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    Created by Stephanie Bloomingdale
  • Petition for Major Media Outlets to Report Global CO2 Levels
    I would like to help start a petition campaign for AP News, NPR, FOX, and all major networks, to begin carrying the Global CO2 level on a daily or weekly basis. This report should include variations and changes that occur over a daily, weekly, monthly, and / or, yearly basis.
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    Created by Shawn Porter
    Petition sponsored by: The Beer Party South Carolina Chapter South Carolina has been under Republican rule far too long. Now the "Tea Party" is influencing Governor Nikki Haley and Senator Jim DeMint. If this continues, they will most certainly destroy our beautiful state. Lt. Governor (Ken Ard) is charged with 107 ethics violations. SC Superintendent (Mick Zais) has refused to obtain federal grants for our children's education. Our Recall Petition will be presented alongside Reps. James Smith, Bakari Sellers & Boyd Brown's proposed Recall Bill to the SC House and SC Senate. Let our elected officials know that their constituents support this bill for passage.
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    Created by Charlie A Waters