• Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Supreme Court Decision
    I would like to start a state by state movement to vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United supreme court decision.
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    Created by Betty Chewning
  • Corporations are not persons
    Corporations should not enjoy the same rights as human beings. The power of corporations to influence our political life must end. The U.S. Constitution must be amended to end the existence of this legal fiction.
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    Created by Kurt Olsen
  • Illinois Congressional Representatives: Support Schakowsky's Progressive Solutions
    Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is proposing two bills that will go far in helping the middle class and poor get jobs. The "Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act" would create 2.2 million jobs needed in our communities. It would be paid for by Schakowsky's proposed "Fairness in Taxation Act," which creates higher tax brackets for millionaires and billionaires and eliminates subsidies for Big Oil and tax loopholes for corporations that send American jobs overseas. We can get on the right track starting in Illinois--support the "Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act" and the "Fairness in Taxation Act."
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    Created by Nancy Wade
  • Gamingunity
    Microsoft need to hear me out so many kids on the street so little areas for them to play games. Why not help rey start his business and change the gaming community for the better gather around all lets make a gaming diffrence.
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    Created by Joseph Oyola
  • Our Future
    Our future, Our children. One and the same.
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    Created by Justin snow
  • Campaign Finance Reform
    To Combat "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission" ruling of The Supreme Court" that opened the door to unlimited donations to political candidates, we must reform our campaign laws to allow only government funds for all political offices.
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    Created by Mike Pouran
    If you care about your government, get HEARD! The media ignores all progressive actions. We can target tea party functions, bringing loud noisemaking equipment under our trenchcoats. At a prearranged signal we can make NOISE! Our T-shirts can read American Dream. ANYONE can do this. It costs little money, little energy and little risk. LET'S MAKE NOISE!
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    Created by Caryn
  • Stop the slaughter of 5,000 black bears in Wisconsin
    Black bears are peaceful, shy beings who live in harmony with nature, but the state agencies are killing brokerages. Wholesale destruction of the natural world and other species is the really important issue now. The slaughter, over packs of dogs and bait, and 20,000 hounders and their dogs, starts Sept. 5 - Oct. 9, 2012. The DNR is promoting running packs of dogs on bears starting July 1 through the kill - for 15 weeks of disruption of all ecosystems. Bears need to put on fat for winter hibernation to take care of their babies. We must ORGANIZE for change now.
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    Created by Patricia Randolph
  • Hold healthcare executives responsible
    Hold healthcare executives responsible for the damage they have done to people. In my case these people need to be charged with attempted murder, nothing more nothing less.
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    Created by Jo Joshua Godfrey
  • Save military pensions
    Right now the Department of Defense and Congress are targeting military pensions as a cost saving effort. Military members who have been in less than 20 years but planning on retiring would have their entire retirement wiped away in a pen stroke, replaced with a 401(K) system. As a military spouse I am calling on President Obama, Congress and the Department of Defense to find spending cuts elsewhere and provide our military families the safety of a pension so they can be sure they have enough to live on later in life.
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    Created by Nicole Poore
  • Forgive Hopeless Student Loan Debt
    There is a cancer growing on the students of America. This cancer is so malicious and resolute that it keeps millions of Americans impoverished for the rest of their lives. The cancer, of which we speak, is the aggressive collection practices used by student loan lenders (mostly the US Department of Education) against borrowers incapable of repaying their loans.
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    Created by Charles Lundquist
  • Just Say No To The Return Of Jim Crow
    Republicans and members of the Tea Party are determined to destroy this nation and blaming it on President Obama. We have not recovered from the policies of President Bush and the attacks we are taking from these conservatives should be considered nothing less than Home-Grown Terrorism! We are calling on President Obama to be diligent in protecting us from these Republican Tea Party attacks.
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    Created by Eric R. McCarroll